10 cats for allergy sufferers

Are you a cat lover and passionate cat owner who struggles with allergies? Don’t worry, there are certain cats that are also allergy friendly – we have all the details on which breeds are allergy friendly and therefore best for you.

What is a cat allergy?

Contrary to popular belief, cat hair allergy is not caused by the fur itself, but by certain proteins known as allergens.

The most common allergen is Fel d 1 that effortlessly settles on both cat fur and house dust and spreads throughout your home in a matter of seconds.

And not only that, the allergens also stay on the clothes ng of cat owners adhere and spread to other environments. Suddenly your car, bus or office can be contaminated with allergens, even a small dose of which can trigger an allergic reaction in a sensitive person.

The protein Fel d 1 is found in many areas of cats, such as their saliva, sebaceous glands and skin cells, and urine.

What are symptoms of a cat allergy?

Essentially, a cat dander allergy is a problem with the immune system – the sufferer’s body overreacts to certain allergens found in cats’ saliva, which are harmless to many other people.The signs and symptoms This hypersensitivity is often expressed in burning eyes and tears. Those with allergies can experience persistent coughing or sneezing, an itchy throat and runny nose, and skin rashes that appear where the cat’s fur came in contact with the body. If left untreated for too long, these symptoms can develop into more serious asthma attacks.

Typical symptoms of a cat allergy:

Typical symptoms of a cat allergy: Sniffles Coughing and sneezing Sore throat Allergic reaction on the skin (swelling, itching, redness) Sleep and conc ration disorders Shortness of breath Asthma attack How is a cat dander allergy treated?

If you suffer from a cat allergy, the symptoms can vary in severity in. A common reaction is an itchy, red rash on the skin, which can usually be treated with medicated creams. Carefully prepared creams and ointments containing active ingredients such as dexpanthenol, urea, or aloe vera can relieve skin irritation.

For those experiencing acute cat allergy symptoms, there are a number of medications and pills that can be taken to obtain relief from a cat allergy. Although these treatments cannot eliminate the allergy, they can demonstrably alleviate the symptoms considerably.

For allergic rhinitis with inflamed mucous membrane and breathing difficulties, doctors recommend inhalation solutions with beta2 sympathomimetics to open the bronchi and make breathing easier. In addition, decongestant nasal sprays can be helpful. However, it is important not to use these for more than a week as your body may become dependent on them if you use them too often.

Desensitization for cat dander allergy

For those who work with cats or for allergy sufferers whose symptoms persist despite taking medication, desensitization – also known as hyposensitization – is highly recommended.

With desensitization, allergy sufferers can reduce their sensitivity to allergens and experience lesser reactionswhen they are in contact. In this process, the person is exposed to gradually increasing doses of the allergen over several months. By completing this program, allergy sufferers will get rid of uncomfortable symptoms caused by allergens in their environment.

Which cats are the worst for allergy sufferers?

A study was conducted to determine which cats produce the highest levels of allergens and produce strong reactions. The result: male cats have a greater amount of allergens than females, while intact animals produce more (especially tomcats). Here it is of course questionable whether it really helps the cat allergy sufferer or whether the veterinarian bill is too high.

Allergy sufferers can react differently even with cats of the same breed , as each animal has its own allergen load and is therefore more or less allergy-friendly. Nevertheless, there are some cat breeds that experience has shown to be less problematic for allergy sufferers.

00 Cat breeds that may be suitable for allergy sufferers

If you suffer from allergies and are still thinking about keeping a cat, so to speak you would like to share your home with a cat, these could ten breeds of cats may be the answer.

Although it has not yet been scientifically confirmed, many believe that due to their low release of the protein “Fel d 1” known as Allergy triggers are known to be hypoallergenic. Preliminary data suggests that if you are allergic, one of these cats may cause you little discomfort and are very allergy friendly!

Image: Dizfoto / Shutterstock.com The Russian Blue is a cat of true elegance and beauty. Her long, dark cat hair harmonises perfectly with her bright green, almond-shaped eyes, giving her a look that will take your breath away as she gracefully strolls through the house.

This graceful cat is originally from northern Russia and Scandinavia; in fact, it was once so popular at the Tsar’s court! These cats are known for their intelligence, friendliness, and laid-back attitude. They are incredibly affectionate pets who can be quite shy around strangers. Although they sometimes prefer to be left alone, these cats are gentle and affectionate with those they trust.It has been proven that the Russian Blue is a is an ideal cat for allergy sufferers as it produces lower levels of the allergen Fel d 1 and its double coat traps the allergens closer to the skin.

Image: New Africa / Shutterstock.com

Although there is no scientific evidence for this, the Balinese is said to be one of the cat species that is less cause allergies than other breeds. Their active and playful nature makes them excellent cuddly cats and absolute velvet paws that demand the attention of their people with their idiosyncratic dominance.

This species of cat also communicates vocally so you’ll know when they need or want something from you!

Oriental cure zhaarkatze

Image: VittoriaChe/Shutterstock. com If you are allergic, it could the Oriental Shorthair cat will be perfect for you – although there are no guarantees. These cats crave attention and show affection through various forms of communication such as meowing, chattering, singing or cooing. They love to cuddle and play with anyone who takes their time and will put their hands on them!

Image: Anatoliy Evankov / Shutterstock.com From the distinctive head shape and the impressively large eyes and ears, the Devon Rex stands out from other cat breeds with its rare short-haired coat and slim build.With its friendly and spirited personality, the Devon Rex is brimming with curiosity . Not only that, she also stays active all the time – her agility helps her explore every corner of her surroundings!

She also loves the warmth of her owner’s hug. She is a loving and devoted companion to those who care for her. Living with other animals or children is rarely a problem – it usually brings out the best in both parties!

Picture : BY-_-BY / Shutterstock.com The Cornish Rex, a cat breed from Cornwall in Britain, is valued by cat lovers for its particularly curly fur and its lovable, affectionate nature. This unique coat is caused by nothing but a specific genetic mutation that sets them apart from other cats – making them particularly desirable to cat lovers!

The Cornish Rex is known for their lively temperament and their joy of movement. She has unlimited jumping potential and is an excellent climber.

The Cornish Rex is not only intelligent, but also a very curious creature. She loves spending time with her human roommates and even has you teach her a trick or two! Lots of stroking is also something she really appreciates.

The Cornish Rex tends to form a strong bond with her owner and usually shows an easygoing demeanor Temperament when confronted with other animals.

Image: fantom_rd / Shutterstock.com The Siberian cat is perfect for allergy sufferers as it produces less Fel d 1 than other cat breeds. Hailing from the vast wilderness areas of Siberia and Russia, these cats are known for their thick fur, which makes them appear taller despite their comparatively short legs.

They have a well built body with impressive musculature that makes them truly majestic creatures to behold. Her “snowshoes” are particularly cute: those furry tufts between the pads of her paws allow her to move effortlessly through the snow, which is her natural habitat. The Siberian cat is known for its warm and friendly personality. Therefore, it is recommended that owners keep two of these cats together. This is true for all cats though – they need ample opportunity to run around and climb if you want them to stay physically healthy and emotionally happy!

She is gentle with people and has an unusual fondness for water – a trait that sets her apart from other cats. Her favorite pastime is playing in the shower or with dripping faucets, which keeps her busy for hours!

Image: Coco Ratta / Shutterstock.com As well as being hypoallergenic, Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate, curious and sociable. It’s no surprise that their cuddly demeanor and playful personality have earned them the title of one of the most desirable cat breeds!

Siamese cats are known for their lively conversations and versatile vocal range known. If you try to have a dialogue with your cat, don’t be surprised if she answers you! This makes them one of the most unique breeds out there.

Image: Shvaygert Ekaterina / Shutterstock.com The exotic Bengal cat may be less likely to cause allergic reactions due to their very sparse hair. However, there is no guarantee that this particular breed will be suitable for all allergy sufferers.Bengal cats possess an abundance of curiosity, energy and joy. They are naturally skilled hunters, not intimidated by water. While they still share some similarities with their wild relatives, these cats need plenty of space to explore and exercise.

Image: Seregraff / Shutterstock.com The Burmese cat with its captivating golden yellow eyes that often have another color in the background, it’s no wonder legends have it that Burmese cats are descendants of the short-haired cats so revered in temples across Burma. This breed of cat is exceptionally compact and muscular, although slightly heavier than it looks. Their medium-sized, pointed ears are particularly pronounced, while their coat is short and glossy – it lies close to the body with little undercoat.

The Burmese is a very social breed that thrives in the company of humans, is energetic and often possesses an assertive personality. It is an ideal pet for allergy sufferers as it sheds almost no hair due to its smooth, short coat. This also makes them a good choice for people who are allergic to cats!

Image: evrymmnt / Shutterstock.com No one can ignore the Sphynx. She is unique and stands out from all other cats because of her lack of fur. Her skin may be bare, but it is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch!

In addition, she has an elegant figure and bright, lemon-yellow eyes that will captivate you pull, as well as pointy ears that make a statement. The Sphynx cat is one of the most popular breeds due to its unique appearance.

Not only do they have a distinctive appearance, but these cats also crave human attention and will often incredibly affectionate. They love to be close to their parents, which makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a loyal companion!Also, she’s an amazing one intelligent cat that needs constant challenge. Since Sphynx cats do not have fur and tend to enjoy warmth more than other cat breeds, it is important that they are kept at a constant temperature.

Although Fel d 1 levels in this breed are not significantly lower than others, making them a much better choice for people with cat dander allergies specifically caused by cat dander.

Conclusion – cats for allergy sufferers

Unfortunately there is no completely allergy-free cat that would be suitable for all allergy sufferers. However, hypoallergenic cats produce fewer allergens in their saliva, which means they can help reduce the risk of an allergic reaction in certain circumstances.

If you are allergic and still want to own a cat, you should definitely spend some time with the animal beforehand and observe whether any allergic reactions occur.

You should also follow regular hygiene measures to limit exposure to potential allergens when you are around live in close proximity to your new furry companion. This way you can be sure that both the human and feline housemates stay happy and healthy!

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