6 self-cleaning litter boxes – these fancy litter boxes make your life easier!

Less work thanks to self-cleaning litter boxes

As necessary as regularly shoveling out the litter box is, it is also annoying and exhausting:

You have to bend down or kneel in front of it and use a sieve Scoop out the individual piles and sift them out. Something likes to fall off the mark, so that you also have to swing the broom. It’s just not a job you like to do as a cat owner.

But of course you always have to keep the litter boxes clean, otherwise the apartment will soon smell very bad.

And cats have even better noses than humans. A dirty litter box is the most common reason why cats become unclean.

In addition, poor litter box hygiene threatens illnesses, such as a urinary tract infection.

A self-cleaning litter box is therefore a really worthwhile investment. Here is an overview of the 6 best models:

Self-cleaning litter boxes: These 6 models have convinced us

If you are looking for electric litter boxes that clean themselves, you will find some pretty unusual designs. We looked at a number of models and compared the most important features. These 6 models inspired us:

1. Petkit Pura Max – Our recommendation

With the Pura Max the entire interior of the self-cleaning cat toilet rotates after use, whereby the litter is sifted through. The cat waste then ends up in an absolutely odour-tight waste drawer.

We were most impressed by this electric litter box with automatic cleaning, because it offers unique features and functions:

The self-cleaning litter box works up to for days completely self-sufficient , then the waste drawer must be emptied. In addition, as with any other litter box, you should completely change the cat litter about every two weeks. The interior is specially coated, so that no soft feces stick to it can Works with all types of cat litter Low access, so also suitable for older cats Stop weight and infrared sensors Optionally, bad smell can be automatically removed with the Pura Air Smart Spray as soon as the cat Settings can be made via a simple smartphone app In the app, data on weight, frequency and duration of toilet use also provide information about the health of the cat Optionally, a wonderful dust control mat is included in the scope of delivery, which prevents the cat from spreading cat litter everywhere when leaving The Petkit Pura Max has the best functions and is not even the most expensive automatic litter box in this comparison.

2. Litter Robot 3 – The most futuristic litter box in comparison

The Litter Robot 3 is ideal if you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning the litter box.

A few minutes (adjustable so that the litter has time to clump) after the cat has done its business, the complete chamber of the litter box. The cat litter is sifted, the rubbish ends up in an odour-proof compartment.

In the Litter Robot 3 Connect variant, the litter box offers even more functions, because it comes with WiFi and its own mobile app. Not only can you check how full the waste drawer is, you can also track the frequency of visits to the toilet and the weight of the cat. It is easy to spot if the cat is ill, eg cystitis, diarrhea or severe weight loss as a result of the illness.

Practical for both versions: The self-cleaning litter box works with any clumping cat litter. Also, any small garbage bags can be used for the garbage compartment – no need to buy expensive special bags.

3. PetSafe ScoopFree – the self-cleaning litter box with rake

This high-tech litter box really does almost all the work for you: After your cat has used the ScoopFree, an electric rake runs through the litter and stows feces in a waste box. This keeps odors locked away.

The ScoopFree is filled with silicate litter, which absorbs urine quickly, hygienically and odour-binding. Manure is quickly dried out and can thus be removed from the rake.

The Petsafe ScoopFree offers a setting option above the rake for 5, or 11 minutes to start after your cat has gone to the toilet. The self-cleaning cat toilet is also available in the “Ultra” version with Health Tracker that counts your cat’s toilet visits. This way you can be sure if your cat has diarrhea or a bladder infection.

4. ELS PET Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Actually, this automatic litter box also offers pretty much everything you could wish for: excrement and clumped Urine is automatically sieved out and kept odor-proof. The surfaces of the sieve are coated to prevent manure from sticking to it. And the litter box is even disinfected with UV light.

The associated app also offers the most important setting options and provides data on use.

Our cats didn’t think the lid of the toilet was that great – and that’s likely to be the case for many other cats as well. The problem: You can’t just remove the flap because it’s part of the safety mechanism that stops the litter box from automatically cleaning if the cat wants to enter it. This is solved better with other self-cleaning litter boxes.

5. Omega Paw Roll’n Clean – rolls itself clean

This litter box may not be electric and not fully automatic, but it’s still awesome: If you use the toilet If you want to clean it, you simply have to roll it – a rake inside filters out the “wads”. These then end up in a drawer and can be disposed of easily and hygienically.

It works great, especially of course with clumping litter, also with clumping ecological cat litter.

The processing struck us as somewhat negative, there were sharp ridges on some edges. This can be quickly removed with a file, but at a price of 27 to 56 euros (depending on the size) but this should not happen share the self-cleaning litter box from Omega in the middle.

You get the Omega Paw Roll’n Clean litter box in the sizes “Regular” and “Large”, whereby the larger version is recommended – the part looks huge, but the space that your cat can use effectively w is reduced quite a bit by the sieve mechanism.

6. Catit Smart Sift – Simply pull the lever

The Smart Sift from Catit also uses a rake, this is done manually moved with a lever attached to the side of the litter box.

When you pull the lever, the rake filters feces and clumps out of the litter and moves them into an odour-proof drawer, which is located under the litter box.

Of course, this is not a fully automatic litter box, but it is still a much easier cleaning than with the litter box shovel.

Into the drawer a special plastic bag should be used, which can then be removed and the excrement disposed of. The manufacturer sells these bags for around 7 euros for piece – with a little trial and error you will definitely find suitable garbage bags, which are then a lot cheaper.

Other features of the Catit Smart Sift: Removable transparent flap, window to check the litter, opening for refilling cat litter.

With round 123 Euro, this litter box is not exactly cheap, but the intelligent principle and the very good workmanship justify the price.

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) Which self-cleaning litter box is the best? In our comparison, the Petkit Pura Max automatic litter box was the best. It offers more functions than other models and is super processed. In addition, this litter box not only cleans itself, it also fights bad smells most effectively.

6650350 6650350 How does a self-cleaning litter box work? With most models, either a rake runs through the cat litter or the litter is guided through the rake by turning and thus cleaned. The excrement usually ends up in an airtight container so that odors cannot spread.

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