Abyssinian cat: nature, appearance and posture

“>Abyssinian cats, affectionately called “Little Puma”, are active, clever and playful four-legged friends. The cats with the huge ears and the slim, muscular body need a lot of activity, which is why an additional playmate is often a good decision. What the cat breed especially and why the origin is disputed, you can find out from us.

Appearance: Small Puma Cats

“>The graceful but sporty appearance of the Abyssinian cat sets it apart from other cat breeds: They are often referred to as little cougars The mid-grey cats typically have a short coat and a muscular, slender, athletic silhouette, the contours often appearing supple and gentle.

In addition there are long legs and the characteristic ears: broad, pointed and quite large compared to the rest of the body Thanks to the long legs, the breed becomes a graceful one Said to have an elegant gait.

A tomcat of the Abyssinian race often weighs 3.5 to 5 kilograms.The female Abyssinians are lighter. They weigh between 2.5 and 4 kilograms.

“> When breeding the Abyssinian cat breed, different colors occur. These include the following four classic coat colors :

Sorrel : In the Sorrel color, which is used in Abyssinian breeding in the 1960 years ago, a cinnamon red tone (“cinnamon”) is considered basic shade of the coat color, which together with the characteristic ticking also reminds of a strong, radiant copper tone.The color for the ticking is either a red or a chocolate brown.Sorrel belongs – next to the wild colors- to the most common colors in the sporty mini- Cougars. Savage: Many Abyssinians are savage, since it is the original sound of these cats. The ticking is black, while the base tone often moves between orange, apricot and brunette. Typical Abyssinian wild colorations are referred to as tawny, ruddy, lièvre and usual. Fawn: Fawn, also beige fawn, is derived from the basic color Sorrel. The coloring in a delicate cream-pink comes with a brown ticking. Blue: When reference is made to Blue, it is actually a description of a blue-grey hue or shade in an Abyssinian cat that results from a dilution of the wild colors. What is meant is therefore not pure blue. The hair band is often steel to gray. “> Silver variants also occur. These result from the combination of the basic colors mentioned and a silver-white undercoat. If you read, for example, “Blue-Silver”, the silver-white can be found in the undercoat, while the basic color of the coat is blue-grey.

Abyssinian cats are absolute beauties!The big ears and the ticking of the coat is typical for this breed “>The special feature of the appearance of the Abyssinian cat is the so-called Ticking: The double to triple banding of the Abyssinian fur shows a coat that is built up according to the scheme “alternating light and dark.” This means that there is one basic color and another, usually lighter color that makes up the typical ticking in Abyssinian cats.

The ticking of the coat hairs makes the coat of the Abyssinian special high-contrast and often shiny or shimmering This ticking, which is so characteristic, usually spreads over the head and back, extends to the tail and can also be seen on the outer sides of the legs.

By the way: The coat pattern that results from the ticking is also known as by the Abyssinians. agouti effect”. This effect also occurs, for example, in wild rabbits.

Otherwise, the Abyssinian is often free of coat markings that can be characteristic of other cat breeds. So ideally there is no spotting or tiger markings. A brindle does not usually occur in Abyssinian cats.

“>Abyssinians have inquisitive, almond-shaped eyes. Typical colors are Hazel and amber They may also often be in the color Green It is often common for the rims of the eyes to be the ticking color of the hair band.

Profile of the Abyssinian cat

Name of breed and other designations: Abyssinian, Abyssinian cat Origin: Southeast Asia (also suspected: Abyssinia, former empire, today Ethiopia) Size: medium Coat: Shorthair Colours: Sorrel, Wild colors, Blue, Fawn, Silver variants Pattern: Agouti Effect, Ticking Appearance: Muscular, lean Special features: Large, wide and pointed ears, special coat color Character: lCurious, affectionate, playful, active Character of Abyssinian Cat

“>Unlike a puma, with which the Abyssinian cat is often compared, at least visually, the velvet paws are not particularly shy On the contrary: Abyssinians are considered to be bright animals that often seek the company of others. They are playful and curious about their environment.

Because Abyssinians are also affectionate require a lot of exercise and attention, so cat owners are often advised to have a playmate to keep the feisty house cats from being alone feel and be able to pursue their urge to move.

Abyssinians are also considered a Intelligent cat breed who likes to explore new things.They are open to many kinds of games and like closeness their caregiver whom they enjoy observing and learning from. D he Abyssinian cat, independence is still important.

Husbandry and care: You should pay attention to these points with the Abyssinian

“>Despite their spirited, bright nature, Abyssinians are generally not aggressive, which is why they make good friends with children, are particularly adaptable to new environments, and therefore describe themselves as Family cat As a social creature, they also like to have someone around, which is why the adventurous cats especially in the Large families get their money’s worth.

The only drawback: Because they love a lot of activity , Abyssinians are better off as a single cat in a house with a garden than in an apartment The Abyssinian cat also likes variety. If you want to keep the energetic and intelligent Abyssinian cat as a pet in an apartment, you should provide play facilities, space, exercise and freedom.

The physical care of an Abyssinian is simple: it is a shorthair cat, which is why no special grooming routine is necessary. Just make sure to remove loose hairs from the fur.

Abyssinian cats are considered intelligent, clingy and nosy. “>Abyssinians are usually in good health: You have a strong body, are athletic and good at jumping.

“>In order to inform yourself about possible genetic predispositions and to rule out inbreeding, it is still important to buy Abyssinians from reputable suppliers. In good health, these cats have a life expectancy of around 12 until 15 years possible.

You should also know that some typical diseases can occur – such as retinal atrophy (PRA), which is an inherited disease that causes vision problems and often leads to blindness later on. Because of the retinal atrophy night blindness can occur first and then to Loss of sight.

Furthermore, pyruvate kinase deficiency (anemia) is known in the Abyssinian breed. In addition, some animals suffer from renal amyloidosis (metabolic disease) in very rare cases, which can lead to kidney failure. Because not all diseases can always be treated, attempts are made to minimize the corresponding risks during breeding.

“>When feeding the sporty Abyssinian, pay attention to high-quality protein and a high meat content. This not only provides valuable building blocks for your cat’s body, for example for muscles and organs, but also increases the feeling of satiety. Good wet food without additives therefore offers your furry friend everything Nutrients that they need for their active everyday life and for their health.

You should refrain from giving dry food, because cats are so not absorb water, the meat is missing and additives in the feed lead to serious health problems.

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“>The origin of the Abyssinian race was controversial for a long time : While some suspected that the cats, as the name initially suggests, came from the former North African Empire Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), others are from a Southeast Asian descent been convinced.

The fact that the Abyssinians originally come from an area between Sri Lanka and Singapore in Southeast Asia allows a glimpse into the history and genetics of the popular breed understand today.

It is assumed that British traders were involved in the spread of the Abyssinians during the colonial period, so that the cat from Asia to Africa . Since the end of 19. The cute cats, which are still very popular today, exist as a breeding breed since the beginning of the 19th century.

Peculiarities of the Abyssinian breed

“>Abyssinians are special fur noses, about which there are some facts worth mentioning for potential cat owners. For example:

“>Abyssinians are real veterans: today belong Abyssinian to the globally oldest pedigree cats The recognition as such took place in the 1413s.

Thanks to a four-year-old Abyssinian was able to genome of the domestic cat are revealed: 2000 American scientists have managed to almost completely decipher the cat genes.The success promises to be able to better investigate hereditary diseases in cats and also in humans.

It doesn’t get boring: Abyssinians are known for their curious nature, which sometimes gets her into tricky situations that lead to clumsy, funny actions.

You either buy an Abyssinian from a reputable, responsible breeder – or you look for it in animal welfare! Buying an Abyssinian cat: You should consider this

“>If you decide to buy, you should be looking at Abyssinian cats with average prices around 700 until 839 Euro Prices vary and can The Abyssinian is definitely one of the more expensive cat breeds.

Future cat owners should also note that Abyssinian cats offer good employment opportunities as well as need a lot of space to let off steam. Therefore, think carefully about whether keeping a cat suits your current life situation or whether, for example, another breed is more suitable.

Important: Pay attention to a reputable provider . This is the only way to ensure that everything is OK and that you get information about the origin and health history of the Abyssinian cat.

We also recommend basically, also in animal welfare to ask. Because in many animal welfare organizations some velvet paws are waiting for a new home.

“>The Abyssinian cat is an adventurous, easy-care and social animal. As a prospective cat owner, you should bear in mind that they are not classic house cats. Because Abyssinians need physical exercise and activity. They are well suited for families, but less for single households. Additional Animals in the household, such as another cat as a play buddy, are welcome.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Abyssinian

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly? “>The cat with the special fur also has a cuddly side. However, it is not as pronounced as with other types of cats. Nevertheless, they seek the closeness of their confidant, but at the same time want to enjoy their freedom.

How much does an Abyssinian cat cost? “>Prices between 564 and 800 Euros are common. Exact costs differ from case to case. Important, only reputable breeders and to contact the seller, even if the price is slightly higher.


How are Abyssinian cats? “>Abyssinians are known for their intelligent, lively and energetic nature. They love to be active and enjoy their independence, but also need the closeness of people (significants) and animals to play with.

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