Anal gland cat: How to prevent inflammation

Like dogs, cats also possess anal glands. They are located to the right and left of the anus and serve to mark out territory with a scent mark by releasing a secretion composed of a mixture of fat, proteins and minerals with each stool expulsion. If the glands become inflamed, this is very painful for the cat, so that the cat owner is recommended to take specific measures.

Cat’s anus is swollen/inflamed: these are the causes

When a cat’s anal glands are swollen, they are usually blocked . The problems arise when the secretion cannot drain off for a long time.

The cause is usually attested to be diarrhea or constipation. Then, as a rule, too little or no pressure is exerted on the anal glands, so that the liquid remains in the anal sacs.

If the anal glands are not emptied regularly, the secretion solidifies. This further impedes the outflow, which ultimately leads to painful inflammation in the area of ​​the anus.

Symptoms of anal gland inflammation in cats

Inflamed anal glands cause severe pain in cats. These are manifested by the following symptoms:

Redness around the anus Pain when passing stool Fever Itching ListItem Swollen anus Refusing to eat Sensitive or aggressive reaction to touch Intensive licking in the anal area The cat “rides a sled” by sliding its hindquarters across the floor In the advanced stage, a fistula forms, from the opening of which a foul-smelling, yellowish secretion leaks Anal gland inflammation cat – treatment

In the case of mild inflammation of the anal glands, the veterinarian empties the anal sacs by manual pressure during a home visit or in the practice.

This treatment is very painful for the cat, so the treatment is carried out under anesthesia. After emptying, the veterinarian flushes the anal sacs with an anti-inflammatory liquid. If there is severe inflammation, this procedure is repeated several times.

If the disease is not treated early, abscesses can develop. In this case, the vet will make a small incision to allow the pus to drain. Treatment is continued with antibiotics in the form of injections or tablets.

If the symptoms recur and swelling occurs at regular intervals, the treating Vet to end anal gland problems by surgically removing glands.

This is how anal gland inflammation in cats can be prevented

A one-time occurrence An anal gland infection in a cat does not necessarily mean that the animal is susceptible to this type of condition. If the condition recurs in the anal area, there may be something wrong with the cat’s food. A balanced and healthy cat diet is the basis for the animals to feel good and be spared from diseases.

It is important that the feces of the cat is neither too hard nor too soft in consistency. While stool that is too soft puts too little pressure on the anal glands to prevent complete emptying, stool that is too hard or a blockage is responsible for constant irritation in the anal area.

This promotes the occurrence of inflammation.
So that the feces get the right consistency, When feeding cats, care should be taken to ensure that the food contains sufficient protein in the form of meat. A high fat content is also good for the cat’s health and ensures that there are no problems with the stool.

A high proportion of carbohydrates, on the other hand, is good for the cat’s health and thus detrimental to the cat’s digestion.

Cats that only eat dry food absorb too little liquid, which inhibits digestion. Wet food is definitely a better choice.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about cat anal glands

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Many people are unaware of the existence of anal glands in cats and are surprised when symptoms appear. Therefore we answer the most frequently asked questions at this point:

When do a cat’s anal glands need to be expressed? In healthy cats, the anal glands do not need to be emptied artificially. If the cat has no problems, such behavior can even be harmful.

Normally, the anal glands empty during defecation. In addition, the cat regularly cleans its anus, which causes the glands to empty themselves. The help of a veterinarian is only required in the case of an inflammation, which is primarily caused by a disturbed flow of the bowel movement. This applies a local anesthetic and expresses the anal glands manually.

How much does it cost to express the anal gland at the vet? The price for a treatment for inflamed anal glands in cats would suggest with about 15 until 30 Euro to book. It remains to be borne in mind that in some cases the treatment must be repeated. It is also possible that expenses for a laboratory test will be incurred. If a home visit by the veterinarian is necessary for the treatment, a surcharge is to be expected.

Is it possible to express an anal gland yourself? In healthy cats if such a procedure is not necessary, the glands empty naturally. An affected cat usually suffers from severe pain, so the anal glands should only be emptied by the vet under anesthesia.

A cat’s anal glands have the function of territorial marking. They give off a foul-smelling secretion every time they defecate. As a rule, the glands empty themselves naturally.

In the case of indigestion, however, it can happen that the drainage of the secretion is inhibited. This can lead to painful inflammation that needs to be treated by a veterinarian.

Healthy cat food causes bowel movements to normalize and the inflammation no longer occurs .

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