Are spider plants poisonous to cats?

“>The spider plant, botanically Chlorophytum comosum, comes from the primeval forests of South and East Africa. From there it is found in living rooms and offices all over the world, because the plant, which belongs to the asparagus family, is a real eye-catcher : with long, green leaves, ever often with white or yellowish vertical stripes depending on the variety.

It has also been proven that the spider plant cleans the air with its leaves, binds formaldehyde and toluene, among other things. And on top of that, the spider plant very easy to care for : It is very undemanding in terms of care and location, an important factor for people with little time.

For many cat owners, as with other indoor plants, one question is particularly important: Is the spider plant Toxic for cats?

Because finally nibbles like that some cats like to touch the plants in the house…

Is spider plant poisonous to cats?

“>The good news first: the vast majority of spider plants contain no toxins . Neither from the leaves nor from the roots a greater risk of poisoning for cats.

Only the Spider plant seeds that form in the flowers are slightly poisonous and should not be eaten by cats. However, it helps to remove the white flowers as soon as they dry out. Then the seeds are no longer a problem.

But although spider plants are not poisonous to cats, there is one more thing to note:

Cats should not nibble on the spider plant

“>As already mentioned, the leaves of the spider plant filter pollutants from the air, especially formaldehyde. This means that eating their leaves in cats gastrointestinal problems to diarrhea and vomiting.

“>To do this, however, a cat has to eat larger quantities of the leaves, which is very unlikely.

One should Nevertheless, do not leave your cat unattended if there is a spider plant in the house – for many cat owners this is of course not possible.

The flowers of the spider plant should be removed, because this is where the seeds are produced, which are slightly poisonous for cats Is spider plant a cat-friendly plant?

“>If you already have a spider plant and you’re worried about your cat, don’t panic. Just place the plant out of reach of the cat.

In addition, your cat should always have cat grass available she loves to nibble anyway and then doesn’t look for any alternatives.

Cats that are outdoors show less interest in indoor plants anyway .

If you keep a few things in mind, spider plant is definitely a plant that cat owners can recommend .

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Indoor plants suitable for cats

“>If you have the choice, for the sake of your cat, you should of course choose cat-friendly houseplants from the start, of which there are Luckily there is plenty to choose from, so you can rest easy even if your cat gnaws at the plants.

These are the best plants for cats: Money Tree Calathea Sword Fern Orchid Banana Plant “>ConclusionOnly the seeds of the spider plant are slightly poisonous for cats, but also the leaves of the plant should not be nibbled, they can lead to gastrointestinal problems.Put an existing spider plant in a place that your cat cannot reach and always offer it cat grass. 534313 Image sources:

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