Autumn break at the Hotel Goldener Berg

Advertisement – At the end of October Raban and I went to the Arlberg for an autumn break. There we were invited to the dog-friendly Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech for two days. Since the arrival of just 600 kilometers for such a one short time is not worth it in itself, I extended it by two more days at my own expense.

Autumn break on 1.700 Meters Altitude I admit it: I love luxurious hotels that are not only located in beautiful regions, but are also characterized by special concepts and of course by being dog-friendly. One such example was Almdorf Seinerzeit in the Carinthian Nockberge. I promised myself something similar from the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Arlberg.

To anticipate: In the 4-star superior hotel, dogs are wholeheartedly welcome and are available at the reception always a treat (just stupid that Raban was a bit bitchy and spat it out again…).

But first things first: The Hotel Goldener Berg is located at about 1 .700 meters in the mountain sports resort of Oberlech. From Lech, which is at an altitude of 1.80 meters, a pass road with many turns leads up to the top. When I arrive, the sun is laughing from the bright blue sky and I just stop my car at some hairpin bends and enjoy the view.

During the journey I didn’t take any pictures because of my amazement. When the time finally came, the weather was a bit worse …

Shortly before the goal is through a tunnel. This is a supply tunnel for the hotels above, because Oberlech is car-free in winter and vacationers travel by cable car. Now in October I’m driving through the tunnel and screwing myself up further and further.

When I arrive at the Hotel Goldener Berg, I’m a bit at a loss for words: the hotel is located slightly above the village and offers great views of the mountains and the valley. The wonderful weather does the rest, so that I get into relaxation mode almost immediately.

Hotel Goldener Berg – nature and sustainability Nature in Oberlech is still beautiful at the end of October, even though everything is already preparing for winter. I will report on this in more detail soon, because I have made two great hikes with Raban. Although I didn’t see any wild animals, there were still plenty of them, because Raban often ran with his nose held high. But we didn’t see any marmots or other wild animals.

Autumn break at Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Vorarlberg

Many hotels advertise that they act sustainably and focus on resource conservation. At the Hotel Goldener Berg, this philosophy is lived every day. I liked that when I found out about the 4-star superior hotel before I arrived.

This is how the house 2018 rebuilt and, for example, completely thermally renovated. This means that almost no energy is released to the outside. Particular value is placed on an environmentally friendly energy concept: Bioelectricity from renewable resources is used and heating is provided by district heating from our own wood chip power plant. In addition, only local and natural building materials such as wood and stone were used.

These are just a few examples of how the Hotel Goldener Berg implements its sustainability strategy. If you are interested in the topic, you can read everything in detail on the website.

Room with a view But now back to my stay: Raban and I are warmly welcomed by the team at the reception. The nice receptionist has time for a chat and helps me to take all my luggage including Raban to the room 22 bring to. Great!

Room 17 is a spacious studio with balcony and a size of about 32 square meters. It is on the second floor, can be reached via an elevator (or the stairs) and offers a wonderful view over Oberlech and Lech.

Room 22 on the second floor is a studio with a size of around 22 square meters

Water and food bowls as well as Dog blanket, towel and treats. He calmly inspects everything, ignores the treats and makes himself comfortable on the fluffy carpet runner while I calmly look at my home for the next few days.

And what I see, I like: wooden floor, box spring bed, a comfortable couch with colorful pillows and lots of space for luggage in the cupboards. A special attention to detail ensures an extra portion of well-being – from the pine pillow and the lavender sachet on the bed to the fresh spring water and lavender room fragrance on the desk to the high-quality (and fragrant) amenities in the bathroom. And what I haven’t seen anywhere else for a long time is still available in the Hotel Goldener Berg: a small range of sewing items, as was common in any good hotel in the past. Thumbs up for that!

Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel and of course also in the rooms. It works perfectly. Streaming videos etc. is also possible without any problems.

The room temperatures were very high throughout the house and especially in the hotel corridors (I’m more the “cold” type) – Also in the room, although the heating was not switched on. I was able to regulate this in the room because I simply left the balcony door open.

Raban had no problem at all with staying alone in the room. Thanks to a correspondingly suitable door sign, it was always ensured that an employee did not unexpectedly enter the room.

Autumn break in the Hotel Goldener Berg also meant relaxation for Raban

Eating and drinking at Hotel Goldener Berg Basically, dogs can be taken to eat. They may not be taken into the panorama restaurant or the other restaurants, but four-legged friends are always welcome in the lounge area and on the sun terrace.

At the Hotel Goldener Berg, dogs are welcome guests in the club restaurant, the lounge and on the sun terrace

Of course I tried it with Raban too. Because I didn’t want to leave him tied to the table alone, the friendly service employee even brought me a selection of salad and starters from the starter buffet. Top! Of course, I can’t say whether such a service is also possible when the Hotel Goldener Berg is fully booked.

I’ll admit, however, that I prefer the food itself go without a dog (even with Dayo and Suri). It’s just more relaxed – for me and for Raban.

The breakfast buffet is included in the room price. In addition, a 3/4 luxury board can be booked, which in addition to breakfast in the summer season includes a snack in the afternoon between 11 and 17 includes (cake and a soup) as well as a 5-course menu of choice in the evening. You can choose between a pampering menu, basic natural cuisine, a vegan or vegetarian or a ketogenic “low carb” menu.

Breakfast At breakfast I particularly liked that I like egg dishes For example, you could order fried and scrambled eggs or an omelette freshly prepared. If the Hotel Goldener Berg is fully booked, a selection is offered on the buffet.

I also liked the presentation of the cheese and sausage selection in a drawer that was covered with glass from above was, in itself, very good. However, the cheese slices were always a bit dry around the edges.

The selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies is large and, above all, very tasty. The same applies to the freshly cut fruit. thumbs up for that. I’m not necessarily a fan of grain rolls, but the ones from the Hotel Goldener Berg are delicious.

Gourmet kitchen in the evening There are four restaurants in Hotel Goldener Berg:

the panorama restaurant already mentioned (breakfast, gourmet board) the Dirndl-Stüberl (Austrian cuisine, interpreted in a modern way) the Johannesstübli (pampering board, vegan and vegetarian cuisine) the restaurant “Alter Goldener Berg” (open for events and in winter)

In the Dirndl-Stüberl, a modern interpretation of Austrian cuisine is usually offered. When I was at the Hotel Goldener Berg, the guests here were spoiled with the pampering board.

Under chef de cuisine Oliver Fleisch, who has been awarded two toques, the 4-star superior hotel in Oberlech offers excellent gourmet cuisine. And to be honest, it’s not for people who don’t care much about food and for the fries and a well-done steak are the culinary Olympus… 🙄 …

Plant-based cuisine with a focus on regional products is offered in the restaurants at the Hotel Goldener Berg. I now see some of my readers flinching and probably thinking, “Oh no, this is only for vegetarians and vegans.”

Totally of course it’s not like that. The focus is on the most sustainable possible (= products from the region) and conscious use of the available resources. And that not only applies to herbs, vegetables or fruit, but also to meat and fish, which mainly come from the Alps.

But of course “plant-based” also means that the food is vegetarian and vegan. As already mentioned, every guest at the Hotel Goldener Berg is spoiled for choice. Depending on your philosophy of life or diet, you can not only eat purely vegetarian or vegan, but also enjoy basic natural cuisine, ketogenic low-carb menus or a 5-course gourmet menu.

I usually opted for the indulgence menu… 😉 …, although I always had the option of choosing the main course from a different nutritional area. The vegan vegetable strudel on the first evening was very, very tasty.

Long story short: the food at the Hotel Goldener Berg is simply great and the service is just as great . Once again, I didn’t write down any names, but the gentlemen in the evening took excellent care of me. I really enjoyed the wonderful “fine dining” every evening.

“Mountain Selfcare”, relaxation and Wellness

Autumn time at the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech with Mountain Selfcare

“In nature you can feel the pure energy of the mountains – the golden one Berg is a place where you can truly take it in, as the measured vibration is particularly high.”

(Daniela Pfefferkorn, owner of Hotel Goldener Berg)

Apart from the dog friendly It was the special “Mountain Selfcare” concept that made me particularly curious and led me to Oberlech am Arlberg.

This is where Daniela Pfefferkorn, the owner of the 4-star hotel, manifests itself -Superior hotels, their four pillars of life:

Sports (hiking and skiing) healthy eating Mindfulness Energetic work to achieve a successful interaction of body and mind That may sound a bit esoteric to some, but in my opinion it’s not at all. Well, when it comes to energy medicine, it is certainly advisable to be more open and perhaps to drop one or the other ingrained opinion …

This is what the Hotel Goldener Berg offers to everyone There is an interesting weekly program depending on the season, which, in addition to yoga sessions in the morning and afternoon, also includes guided hikes, sauna rituals or alpine bathing and meditation.

There are also a number of therapists/ Therapists and coaches are available for (almost) every life situation – from naturopathic therapists to nutritional advice to energy medicine or business coaches. The offer is rounded off by the Alpine Spa with indoor swimming pool, fitness room, various types of sauna and many wellness treatments.

There is a suitable room for every spa treatment

I particularly liked the yoga classes, alpine bathing and one or the other spa treatment. Nothing came of yoga. I was pretty exhausted after my hikes and then always retreated to my bed to meditate … 😉 …

That I had to do alpine bathing (hike with lots of meditation, breathing and yoga in the mountains of Oberlech) is my own fault. On the one hand, I somehow messed up the date and on the other hand, I was a bit scared about doing such a hike in a group (I don’t like being asked that I’m walking so slowly because I have knee problems …). However, I would have been the only participant that day. Well… it’s your own fault.

But I treated myself to the Alpin Spa Detox Combo, which is said to have a harmonizing and relaxing effect on body and mind. First there is a wonderfully warm salt bath, followed by a gentle body peeling and finally a salt body pack. It was lovely!

Also, Raban and I took advantage of Priya Maria Ender’s Animal Energy Medicine. But that’s another story that I’ll tell at a later date.


Raban and I really enjoyed the autumn break at Hotel Goldener Berg

Raban and I really enjoyed the autumn break at the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech. Apart from the fact that the weather was good at the end of October, we felt very well taken care of and cared for there.

We were able to start the hikes in the beautiful mountains of the Arlberg directly from the Start from hotel. That was great. Of course, not only the hiking trails are available right outside the door. There are many great hiking routes for every taste in the Lech-Zürs hiking region (so that means I have to come back again…).

Sustainability, gourmet cuisine, mountain self-care and excellent Services have their price. For example, who on November 8 2022 pays off for 3 nights in a room for single use 638 Euro. The double room for 2 people for this period costs from 1.204 Euro (also 3 nights). This price includes the following services:

3 Overnight stays including breakfast comprehensive 3/4 luxury board an alpine spa – body & soul massage (50 minutes) Participation in the varied program (e.g. yoga classes, guided hikes – sometimes there is a participation fee, but this is reasonable) WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Yoga pillow and mat in the room The overnight stay for the four-legged friend beats with 29 Euro per night to book. This price includes:

Welcome letter for the dog, which also contains information on where the nearest veterinarian is located Dog basket or – pillow Water and food bowl Bath towels to dry off In summer there is a dog bathtub in front of the hotel Organic Dog Treats By the way, dogs are allowed in all rooms, studios and suites, the hotel director Markus Mathis told me. The rooms are cleaned in such a special way that there are no unpleasant dog smells or hair.

On request, we can also cook for the furry friend (for an extra charge) – with organic ingredients!


22304The Hotel Goldener Berg has been open since 1965 owned by the Pfefferkorn family. The house was first mentioned in a document 700 – at that time there was a farm here

A stay at the Hotel Goldener Berg is not a bargain. But if you are looking for a special hotel that focuses on holistic well-being and mindfulness, you have come to the right place. And after all, you have to be able to treat yourself every now and then… 😉 …

What else Raban and I experienced in Oberlech am Arlberg, I will report soon.


I was booked by Hotel Goldener Berg for two nights including 3/4 gourmet board. Thank you very much. I paid for the two other overnight stays as well as the treatments and other costs incurred myself. The post reflects my personal opinion.

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