Autumn Cats – Are They Really the “Bad” Cats?

“>The myth that autumn cats are susceptible to diseases has a very real origin. It dates back to a time when cats were kept at most as farm animals in the country Although velvet paws lived close to humans, they were mostly on their own.

The cat’s job was to catch mice, which made her secured their food at the same time.

A pregnant or nursing cat requires a lot of energy.Up to 15 mice they have to catch and eat them every day in order to be able to take in enough nutrients.Due to the better hunting conditions, this works much better in spring than in autumn.

And also otherwise spring cats have it easier: they have the whole spring and summer time to build up reserves for the winter and to learn how to hunt themselves Newly born kittens can still keep their heat balance. autumn cats were naturally more susceptible to illnesses due to the harsher weather conditions.

In fact, many kittens born in autumn used to fall ill due to the poorer supply of food and the low temperatures they were exposed to very early on.. They had significantly worse chances of survival in their first winter than kittens.

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