Autumn Cats – Are They Really the “Bad” Cats?

“>The myth that autumn cats are frail and more susceptible to disease persists. But where does this belief come from, and is there any truth to it? Let’s look at how the season of birth affects the development of kittens.

“>”Autumn cats” are those cats that are born in the fall, namely between September and November Another common term is “stubble cats.” This term is derived from the stubble fields harvested in autumn, where the mother cats went hunting to care for their offspring .

Cats can two to three times give birth to offspring per year. They get 4 to 6 kittens per litter, the gestation time is only 63 until 66 Days. The period from April to June.The cats born in the spring are also known as “May cats”.

In the past, kitten births were very concentrated in autumn and especially in spring. Due to the close coexistence with humans, cats now have kittens all year round.

Why should autumn kittens be worse than spring cats?

“>There is a myth that autumn cats are susceptible to diseases. And that has a very real origin: from a time when cats were kept at most as farm animals in the country. Velvet paws lived close to humans, but were mostly on their own.

The cat’s job was catching mice, which also enabled her to secure her food.

A pregnant or nursing cat requires a lot of energy.Up to 15 Mice they have to catch and eat each day to be able to take in enough nutrients. Due to the better hunting conditions, this works much better in spring than in autumn.

And spring cats have it easier in other respects: They have the whole spring and summer to Reserves for the winter to eat and learn to hunt yourself. Newly born kittens are not yet able to keep their heat balance stable. Autumn cats were of course more susceptible due to the harsher weather conditions . for illnesses.

In fact, many kittens born in autumn used to become ill due to the poorer supply of food and the low temperatures that they had to face very early exposed.. They had significantly worse chances of survival in their first winter as kittens.

In the past, cat mothers had a hard time caring for their kittens in autumn Is the myth about autumn cats really true?

“>Nowadays, cats mostly live as a beloved family member with you in a warm and safe house. The cat owner always ensures that there is enough food for the animals. Hunting mice is mostly just a “hobby”, so free cats satisfy their hunting instinct.

Regular health checks and vaccinations from illnesses at the vet, when the weather is bad you just curl up with relish on the heated lounger.A small cold is usually the worst thing cats can expect in winter.

“>Today, your cat’s health is more likely to be “Diseases of Civilization” such as kidney disease, urinary crystals or diabetes – caused by wrong diet, for example with dry food Do you want healthy cat food for your darling? Then take a look at our cat food test now!

“> Above all, little balls of fur that have just been born are not only cared for by the mother, but also by the cat owner. A difference between spring kittens and autumn kittens are no longer found in domestic cats , provided that they are cared for by humans.

Only with stray cats that are completely on their own do autumn cats have a worse hand than May cats

Important: Autumn cats are a popular “gift” at Christmas – and then often end up at the animal shelter. Please note: The purchase of a cat always requires careful consideration. They are creatures that need attention and cost time and money.

More myths about the autumn cat

“>The statement that “stubbly cats” are more ill only applies in exceptional cases today. That autumn cats are worse than May kittens can therefore be denied with confidence.

One also hears these prejudices about the autumn cat particularly often:

becoming autumn kittens not housetrained

“>The time of year has absolutely nothing to do with whether a kitten is housebroken or not. So this myth is absolute nonsense.

Are Autumn cats particularly wild?

“>Autumn cats also have the reputation of being particularly wild and independent .The explanation for this also lies in the past: If a kitten born in autumn survived the winter, it had to be particularly tough. So these animals were said to be particularly wild, compared to may kittens.

The answer as to whether this myth is true: A connection between the season of birth and the character of the cat makes no sense be labeled as superstition.

stubble cats are smaller

“> That may also partly be the case . If cats started life with a poor food supply, this of course also had a negative impact on their growth. Nowadays, this doesn’t matter anymore when there is food from the “can opener” human.

“>Cat lovers don’t have to worry about adopting an autumn cat. The myth that they are more ailing than spring cats has an understandable origin.But because we keep our house cats very differently today than in the past, there is nothing against a “stubble cat”. would speak.

“>Autumn cats wrongly have a bad reputation, similar to black cats, which are said to bring bad luck to a superstition…

“>Here we give short answers to frequently asked questions about autumn cats:

Which is better: May or Autumn cats? “>When a cat was born has no influence on the health or temperament of the animals. Only cats that are outdoors and not cared for by humans could have problems getting their kittens through the winter.

Are autumn cats more sensitive? “>Nowadays, such statements are no longer true. With adequate food and care, it does not matter in terms of their health whether kittens are born in spring, summer or autumn. In the past, cats born in autumn were actually more susceptible in their first months of life because they It was often harder for them to be fed by their mother and they were not yet well prepared for the bad weather conditions that were approaching winter.

Are maycats really better? “> No, this old prejudice about cats has an understandable origin, but it is absolutely not true anymore today. Among other things, autumn cats are often described as sickly. But this was only true at times when cats were still left to their own devices and not cared for by their “staff”.

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