“Can cats see colors?” – 5 fun facts about cat eyes

“>Cats are highly specialized predators. Nature has optimally equipped the cat’s body to be able to find prey with ease. The cat’s eyes are also designed for hunting. It is well known that cats can see well in the dark – but they can see Cat colors? We explain how cats see their world.

The cat’s eye is unique

“>Many a cat owner is fascinated by the beautiful eyes of their cat. They look wild and exotic, whether yellow, green or blue.

There are major differences in the anatomy of the cat’s eye, both in comparison to humans and to other domestic animals such as dogs.

The elliptical pupil in particular is immediately noticeable. It can narrow it to a narrow slit. In addition, the cat’s eye reflects light in the dark, as is the case with many other animals.

As mysterious as the eyes of cats seem, one naturally wonders: “How do cats see the world?”

“>Cats can see colors – but not all of them! So they don’t see their surroundings completely in black and white. But what colors do cats see in?

“>The color perception of cats can be compared to that of people with red-green deficiency. Red and green look like yellow to cats. What color do cats see best? To them, their world appears in blue, yellow, and Gray tones.

The reason for this: There are three different cones on the retina in humans.These receptors are responsible for color perception.Cats have only two different cones and therefore cannot see all colors.

So what colors do cats see?They see in yellow, blue and Shades of gray.

In the following pictures you can see how cats see colors:

This is how people see the picture (if you don’t have red-green color blindness)… What colors do cats see? The same picture from a cat’s point of view: red becomes grey, purple becomes blue and green becomes yellow. Seeing color is not important for cats. Your color vision is therefore less developed. But cat eyes are highly specialized to be able to recognize high-contrast details even with little light.

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Cat eyes have a built-in “night vision device”

“>Cats hunt in the dark. Because their favorite prey, the mouse, is nocturnal. In order to be successful as a prey hunter even in difficult lighting conditions at dusk or in the dark, cat eyes are specialized in light-dark perception.

Even in deep darkness, the cat’s eye can see much more than humans. This is mainly due to the special structure of the cat’s eye:

On The retina in the cat’s eye contains a particularly large number of Light Receptors, the so-called “sticks”. These rods are also so numerous because cats only have two types of cones. However, it is also much more important for them to see well in difficult lighting conditions than color vision. You’ve probably seen before, like a cat’s eyes brightly reflecting light when illuminated in the dark. For that the Tapetum Lucidum , i.e. the “luminous carpet” is responsible. This is a layer in the back of the cat’s eye that reflects and amplifies incoming light. By the way, the cat is by no means the only animal with tapetum lucidum, dogs and many wild animals also have this special characteristic. The sight of cats in the dark is also through the elliptical pupils and the large cornea of ​​the eyes improved. “>Cat’s eyes aren’t made to see into the distance. Because cats are pretty short-sighted!

Especially compared to the eyes of humans, cats can do things Distant View not keep up:

What can cats see? Cats can only see their surroundings sharply up to a distance of 6 meters. Our vision, on the other hand, is for up to 60 Details that are meters away are suitable.

In contrast to us humans, our house tigers don’t necessarily have to be able to see far. Except perhaps to better recognize approaching cars…

When hunting, it is mainly the ears that do the searching and tracking down of prey from others Distance. When the hunter gets closer to his prey, the whiskers help to detect the finest vibrations in the air that are triggered by the movements of the animals.

The cat’s eyes are only important over the last few meters in order to catch the prey in a targeted manner. The anatomy of their eyes is therefore perfectly adapted to the needs of the cat.

Cats see in Slow Motion

“>Cats must hunt quick movements can recognize and process in fractions of a second. That’s why their nerves can transmit a lot of information to the brain at breakneck speed.

People can do that in comparison, perceive slow movements better than cats and other animals.

A good example is always the television: Cats find the running television absolutely uninteresting The reason: The refresh rate is far too low for them. Instead of seeing a smooth video like we do, our four-legged friends only see a series of still images.

“>The cat’s visual field is marked with 99 degrees greater than that of humans (160 degrees) This allows your eyes to see more without having to turn your head. This is of course particularly useful when hunting for prey!

“>Cats are simply the ultimate hunters. Nature has optimized their bodies perfectly. Their eyes are also highly specialized:

Cats see well even in low light – Ideal for hunting at dusk or in the dark. Retina, pupil and light carpet of the cat’s eye intensify the residual light. For the cat, the world is not black and white – but it k can’t see every color. Because of the lack of third type cones (color sensors on the retina) the world sees blue, and yellow for them grey. Cats are short-sighted, they don’t need to see far away when hunting. But her field of vision is larger than that of People, so she has a broader view. You will also be interested in this

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