Cat food with a high meat content: Our 5 recommendations

“>The topic of healthy cat nutrition is particularly important to us at Katzenkram. We want every cat to get species-appropriate food in its bowl – which unfortunately is not always the case. That’s why we would like to present 5 cat foods with a high meat content to you here , with which your cat is optimally cared for!

“>It is not uncommon for cat owners not to concern themselves with what kind of cat food their darlings get to eat. And the manufacturers also make it anything but easy for their customers, working with tricks and confusing information in the declaration of the ingredients.

In our cat food test, we have already taken a close look at some brands and types of food and had them tested by our 5 cats. In this guide, we would like to give you 5 Introduce cat food that attracted attention due to its high meat content.

Our 5 tips: cat food with a high meat content and without grain

1. Our test winner: ANIfit cat food (112 % meat content )

4.9 out of 5 stars in the cat food test

 4.9/5

“> Our undisputed cat food test winner ANIfit comes from Sweden. 95% meat content speaks for itself, the highest value in the test.Part of the muscle meat was ground together with the carcass, which is a natural source of minerals.

A unique feature of ANIfit is the Swedish food quality of the ingredients. Sweden has particularly strict legal requirements for animal husbandry that go beyond the normal organic standard: “> In addition, the manufacturer is absolutely transparent in the declaration. Our comparison winner also does not contain any chemicals in the form of additives, and sugar or grain are not included in the can.

Advantages of ANIfit wet food

Cat food with a high meat content: 100% (!) Swedish food quality: no antibiotic residues, no growth hormones, no genetic engineering High animal welfare standards Muscle meat and high-quality offal such as liver, hearts or stomach Fresh meat instead of animal meal 112% transparent declaration of ingredients 6 different flavors No artificial additives (no preservatives, coloring or flavorings, flavor enhancers or other chemicals) Without Grain Sugar-free Complete feed: Contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins your cat needs Gentle processing Not tested on animals The company ANIfit shows a lot of commitment to animal welfare

Conclusion: We can fully recommend ANIfit and have already had many positive experiences with the feed. Our cats have been fed ANIfit for years, unless you’re doing a cat food test.

It has it all what we want from cat food: a high meat content of the best quality, no additives, no grain, no sugar. And because the food in the big cans (810g) currently costs just under 6 € per kilo, ANIfit is also our Price-performance winner!

If you want to do something good for your cat and switch to ANIfit, then the food conversion package is our tip. Even cats that are used to inferior food due to attractants can be easily introduced to the healthy food.

We can get new customers with this exclusive voucher 08% Discount Offer:

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2. Lucky Kitty (89% meat content)

4.6 out of 5 stars in the cat food test

“>Lucky Kitty is also very much based on the cat’s natural prey. The food offers proud 95% Meat Content in food quality.In addition to muscle meat, offal such as heart, liver and stomach are in the can, the offer your cat valuable nutrients. The wet food is rounded off with vegetables such as zucchini or carrots, although in our opinion the proportion of 5% is a bit too high.

We think the declaration of the cat food is great, the customer finds out exactly what his darling gets to eat. In addition, the product is grain-free, has no added sugar and comes without any artificial additives toffe out.

There are 4 different variants of the premium feed, whereby the price is also really “premium”: Over 14 Euro per kilo costs Lucky Kitty wet food.

95% meat content Premium Food Grade Ingredients Very transparent declaration Complete food for cats No artificial additives No sugar No Grain Mono-protein feed No animal testing A little too much vegetables Very high price 3. ZooPlus Organic (90% meat content)

4.5 out of 5 stars in the cat food test

“> ZooPlus’ own organic brand was a big surprise in our cat food comparison. Here you get wet cat food with full at a fair price % meat content, in addition, all raw materials are of organic quality.

“>As we would expect from a good cat food, there are also no chemical additives, grain or sugar in the food.

In a savings package The cat food with a high meat content costs around 6 euros per kilo, and shipping at ZooPlus is already from 29 Euro order value free of charge.

The ZooPlus organic wet food was good ratings in our cat food test en, we really only had small things to complain about, for example the rather mediocre acceptance in our practical test.

90% meat content Premium feed in organic quality Good value for money -Relationship No artificial colors or preservatives Sugar free Grain Free No animal testing Moderate acceptance in practical test Imbalanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus

4. Catz Finefood Bio (up to approx. 83% Meat Content)

4.5 out of 5 stars in the cat food test

“> And another organic cat food with a high meat content: Catz Finefood Bio brings it up 84% meat and offal. Here, too, cat owners do not have to fear any artificial additives that can lead to intolerance in cats, among other things.

The declaration of the ingredients is exemplary, the food is also sugar and grain-free.

So far for the positive. In our comparison, we also had a few small points of criticism: On the one hand, our 5 cats didn’t really like Catz Finefood Bio. The consistency takes a lot of getting used to. Am But what annoyed us the most was that the food squirted out of the cans when they were opened, and sometimes even squirted out en caused a lot of mess and dirty fingers.

A special feature: In addition to the typical varieties with chicken or beef, Catz Finefood also offers one Variant with organic pig.

Catz Finefood is one of the most popular brands in the cat food sector because it offers the organic variant only in 208 g large There are cans, we find extremely impractical. In addition, the price per kilo is very high. Around 12 Euro per kilo is the cheapest offer we could find.

Benefits of Catz Finefood Organic

81% meat content Premium organic food -Quality Without artificial additives Sugar-free Without grain Transparent Declaration Mono-protein food Complete feed for all cat breeds Not tested on animals Poor acceptance in our test Only available in small doses The cans cannot be opened cleanly

5. MjAMjAM (until approx. 80% meat content)

4.5 out of 5 stars in Katzenfu tter Test

“>Coming to our fifth and final tip for cat food with a high meat content: MjAMjAM comes up to 78 % meat content, consisting of muscle meat and offal, which is very important and healthy for cats.

This wet food is also grain-free, some varieties contain up to 4% vegetables, such as pumpkin or carrots.

The broth in MjAMjAM wet food reduces the meat content of the product a little, but otherwise the product has everything that we expect from good cat food , and was able to get good ratings. In addition, the price of around 6 euros per kilo is very interesting. Here it is worth keeping an eye on the offers on Amazon!

In the company’s own online shop, some products currently have (end 2022) a very long delivery time.

To 78% Meat Content Complete feed for cats Without Grain Sugar-free Wide range of flavors Good acceptance No animal testing The declaration of the ingredients is good, but not perfect Contains quite a lot of broth That’s why a high meat content in cat food is so important

“>If you want to delve deeper into the subject of cat food, you should first ask yourself the following question:

What constitutes a “species-appropriate” cat food?

“>The answer is actually quite simple. Species-appropriate cat food should come as close as possible to the natural food of the cat. In nature, cats eat small prey, with the mouse being their main food. A natural, good cat food should therefore come quite close to a mouse.

“>Accordingly, cat food should always have a high meat content. Because cats are pure carnivores, their digestive system is perfectly designed for digesting meat, innards and bones. They can only digest proteins from meat.

Cats are even more pronounced carnivores than dogs: unlike dogs, cats lack the appropriate enzymes to break down carbohydrates A greater proportion of plant-based ingredients in cat food therefore makes little sense. Cereals, corn or soy are unsuitable sources of protein for cats. The animals cover their energy requirements exclusively with proteins and fat.

Lots of meat, nutrient-rich innards, a small amount of bones as a source of minerals, plus 1-3% useful plant-based ingredients – that is our recommendation for optimal and natural cat food.

In the following we would like to recommend 5 cat foods with a high meat content, which we have already examined closely in our cat food test. Why we in our comparison ke have in kibble

“> Many readers may now ask themselves: “Why isn’t there any dry food with a high meat content?”

The reason The reason for this is: In our opinion, dry cat food is not species-appropriate food. Of course we can justify this thesis:

Dry food contains far too little liquid. And cats drink n not much by nature, they cover their fluid requirements through food. A comparison of the types of cat food is clear: dry food contains on average 10% Moisture, while wet food 80%. Dry food has a very high energy density. As a result, the cat needs additional liquid for digestion. A permanent fluid deficit in cats can lead to Kidney disease to lead – not without reason the number 1 cause of premature death in domestic cats in Germany… Due to the production itself has a Dry food with a high meat content still much worse values ​​than most wet food. Usually it is not even dried muscle meat, but animal meal, animal fat, protein isolates and other highly processed ingredients. In return, dry food contains far too many herbal components . Even a grain-free dry food often comes with 29% plant-based ingredients, which is way too much for the meat-eater cat. Such a bag of dry food would after Open spoil within a few days. So that this is not the case, usually Preservatives and antioxidants. So that cat dry food at all as recognizing something eatable is displayed with Attractants worked: Artificial aromas, flavor enhancers, hidden sugar, fat and many other tricks ensure that the cat food is well accepted. “> So you see: dry food is not a healthy diet for cats. It’s better to go for a decent wet food, you’ll find plenty of suggestions in our cat food test.

A gradual Changing the food helps if a cat doesn’t want to eat wet food, because many cats are downright dependent on dry food and the attractants it contains.

Is BARF a good alternative?

“>With BARF, cat or dog food is prepared from fresh meat, offal and, if necessary, vegetables or fruit.

Of course it is quite an effort if you prepare every meal for your pets yourself.

In addition, when barfing you have to know exactly how to have to put together a meal so that the cat gets all the nutrients. Supplements are always needed to cover all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the amino acid taurine, which is important for cats. You can quickly do something wrong, which over time can lead to a

The short shelf life and the potential risk of infection with fungi, bacteria or parasites also tend to speak against BARF, although this form of feeding – if it is implemented correctly – is undoubtedly very healthy.

It is much easier there, a high-quality wet food to f feed Because a complete feed for cats always contains all the nutrients that the animal needs. The manufacturers have this confirmed regularly by laboratories.

And because the products are heated and cooked with steam during manufacture, here also no risk of infection for your fur nose

When it comes to cat food, it’s not just the meat content that counts!

“> Cat food with a high meat content is not automatically good and healthy cat food. To ensure your pet’s healthy diet, you should also pay attention to the following points when it comes to wet food:

It is particularly important that Declaration. Behind the The term “meat and animal by-products” can hide unsavory offals. Only buy brands that list exactly what meat and offal n were used. Organic Quality or even better Swedish quality are highly recommended. This ensures that no genetic engineering, W growth hormones or antibiotic residues can be found in the meat. It should maximum 1-3% herbal ingredients must be included . This imitates the contents of a mouse’s stomach and, in addition to vitamins and minerals, also provides dietary fiber, which is important for digestion. It should no grain must be included, because this is a cheap filler, cannot be used by cats and can lead to intolerance. Sugar in cat food is bad for your cat’s teeth and increases the risk that it could develop diabetes. Sugar can have many names, manufacturers hide sugar for example behind maltase, dextrose, dried beet pulp, glucose, caramel, syrup… Artificial additives such as preservatives, dyes, gelling agents, thickeners or flavor enhancers have no place in cat food. They are suspected of causing incompatibilities, among other things. Unfortunately, not all substances have to be declared – so make sure that the manufacturer states NOT to use these additives, because that is binding. It should be sufficient Taurine must be included in the feed. Cats cannot produce this amino acid themselves, which is why they have to get taurine from their cat food. However, a complete feed always contains sufficient taurine, and many brands even overdo it with the dosage. “>If your cat’s food meets all of these points, there is nothing standing in the way of a long and healthy life in terms of nutrition!

If you save on feed, you save in the wrong place…

“>Yes, really good cat food costs money. But you should definitely not skimp on your cat’s food!

Den by Velvet paws are like humans: Health starts with nutrition!

Bad cat food can too lead to many different diseases:


Obese liver and other liver diseases

Metabolic diseases (eg Diabetes)

Intolerances and allergies

Kidney disease

Negative impairment of the immune system


You should pay attention to your cat’s diet, not only out of love for your cat – a sick cat is always with high veterinary costs tied together. So you won’t save money in the long run with cheap feed…

“>Here is a brief overview:

Cat food with a high meat content in the form of wet food is the best and healthiest Type of cat nutrition We can warmly recommend the handpicked cat food presented here by us.

Of dry food, however, you should prefer the We have also given you a list of what a good cat food should offer in addition to a high meat content.

For our comparison winner ANIfit, new customers get a discount with the following voucher:

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Hello! My name is Dominik Hollenbach, I am the founder of Katzenkram. I have lived with cats since I was a child and have always been intensively involved with these fascinating creatures.

This is particularly important to me Healthy eating theme for cats. There is just way too much bad and unhealthy cat food on the market.

That’s why I’m testing PonPon with my five cats, Bella, Tequila, Azrael and Lori many different types and rate them by ingredients, declaration, analytical components, acceptance and tolerability.

As a nutritionist for cats, I know exactly what is important when it comes to good cat food. Our cat food test should help everyone to find the best cat food quickly and easily!

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