Cat food without sugar and grain – The 16 best products in comparison & offers 2023

Why you buy cat food without sugar and should feed grain

“>By nature, cats are carnivores. And even more so than is the case with dogs: in contrast to dogs, cats lack the enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of carbohydrates.

In our comprehensive guide to cat nutrition, we explain what is important in good cat food and which components are important:

A lot of high-quality meat and selected offal No artificial additives such as preservatives, colorings or flavor enhancers No more than 1-3% selected vegetable ingredients as a source of dietary fiber No grain No grain “>Unfortunately, cereals are often used as a cheap source of protein. Cats can’t do much with vegetable proteins, their digestive system can’t digest them well.

Why, unfortunately At first glance, it is difficult to understand how often sugar ends up in cat food: After all, cats are not capable of tasting “sweet”. However, sugar in pet food acts as a kind of “flavor enhancer”, which can make cats downright addicted. In addition, sugar in the form of caramel or caramel can make the color of food more attractive to humans.

Hazards from grains and sugars in cat food

Cats are carnivores resser, you lack the enzymes to break down carbohydrates. Cereals are therefore difficult for cats to digest. Digestive disorders such as flatulence or mild diarrhea may occur. Both grains and sugar increase blood sugar levels. Sugar and grains in cat food are real fatteners. Diabetes can be the result . Sugar puts a strain on the pancreas of the animals. Sugar and other carbohydrates lead to plaque and tooth decay. Cats can be allergic to Cereals or gluten in the feed react. Itching is a common symptom of this. “> According to recognized experts, cat food without sugar and without grain is definitely the better choice for your cat!

1. Our cat food recommendation

“> Our comparison winner ANIfit is a natural wet food from Sweden. It has a meat content of 99%, and that in the best food quality.Of course, neither grain nor sugar are in the can.

With Sweden’s strict livestock laws, you don’t have to worry about antibiotics, growth hormones, genetic engineering, or residues from crop protection products or fertilizers decisive advantage of ANIfit cat food and has made the product the clear test winner in our cat food test.

List: 06 other cat food without sugar and grain

“>In our cat food test, we compared many brands and types of cat food. We made a thorough pre-selection of the products because we only want to present our readers with high-quality food for cats.

Below you will find a list of product recommendations for cat food without sugar and grains. For each food you will find advantages and disadvantages as well as the ratings from the test. The prices of the products vary, of course, via the respective link you current offers.

The list only contains wet cat food – we will inform you about dry food afterwards.

“> This cat food without sugar and grain comes from Bavaria and is manufactured in the best organic quality. It also contains no additives that could affect the digestive tract.

“>To the test report

“>A lot of meat in the best organic quality and a very transparent declaration convinced in the test. Unfortunately, the food is only available in small 200 g cans, the price is quite steep.

“>To the test report

“>The manufacturer from Bavaria relies on meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry and is one of the pioneers in the field of organic animal feed. Unfortunately, the acceptance of the product in the test was not exactly great.

“>To the test report

“>The variety “Juicy chicken with delicious carrots” is one of our cats’ favorite varieties. In the test, however, we also had small points of criticism.

“>To the test report

“>A rather cheap manufacturer of good cat food without sugar or grain. A good declaration and the convincing price-performance ratio were well received in the test.

“>To the test report

“> Species-appropriate food for cats – in comparison to our test winner, of course, inferior in almost all test criteria. Nevertheless, recommended for cat owners with a smaller budget.

“>To the test report

“>Another wet food that meets the nutritional needs of cats well. The food has recently been revised by the manufacturer, especially the declaration has improved.

“>To the test report

“>Fressnapf’s own brand was well received by our cats, contains no grain, no sugar and neither coloring nor preservatives.

“>To the test report

“>The basic food from Leonardo was not well received in our comparison. However, the premium products from the brand are of good quality – and of course without sugar or grain. The price of the food is quite high.

“>To the test report

“>Josera is better known for dry food, but now also produces good wet food without sugar. However, the small bags are quite expensive!

“>To the test report

“> With ZooPlus’ own organic brand you get great organic cat food without grain and without sugar for a really fair price. The declaration is also exemplary!

“>To the test report

“>This popular brand has been offering cat food with lots of meat and no sugar or grains for decades. The price is also very attractive if you want to make a few compromises.

“>To the test report

“> A high-quality and quite expensive cat food that scores with high-quality ingredients. Unfortunately, the brand now belongs to the rightly unpopular Nestlé group…

“>To the test report

“>One ​​of the cheaper cat foods without sugar, which did quite well in our comparison. Of course, we also had criticisms.

“>To the test report

Dry food for cats without sugar and grains

“>As loyal readers may know, we strongly recommend feeding cats only high-quality wet food or BARF. However, we do not consider dry food to be suitable or healthy for cats.

But of course dry food for cats also has its advantages, above all it is incredibly practical. This is why people who don’t have much time like to use dry food for their furry friends.

Our list of cat food without sugar and grain should therefore include two product recommendations for dry food.

Orijen dry food – With this popular lining the meat content is relatively high, at least in comparison to other dry food brands. In addition, it contains no grain or sugar. Markus Mühle “Beutenah” – The name “Beutenah” can be doubted, at least we don’t have a cat yet seen drying her caught mouse in nature, grinding it up and pressing it into small croquettes. But the cold-pressed dry food from Markus Mühle actually consists almost exclusively of animal components, i.e. meat and offal. Sugar, grain and additives are completely dispensed with. “>Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize once again: All dry food contains too little liquid. Cats do not compensate for this by drinking, which puts a strain on the animals’ kidneys in the long run. You should therefore feed your cat wet food if possible!

Benefits of dry cat food:

Easy to dose Durable Less packaging waste Can be left in the bowl Often cheaper than wet food

Disadvantages dry food for Cats:

Dry food is not natural and species-appropriate cat food Contains far too little liquid. Cats do not compensate for this deficiency by drinking, which damages the kidneys Preservatives and other artificial additives are usually included that can damage the intestinal flora and cause allergies Even “fresh meat” is used in production dried and heavily processed The meat content is usually much too low for the carnivore cat Natural nutrients are usually lost in conventional production in the extruder

Sugar is especially popular “hidden” in the lining

“>The search for a cat food without sugar and grain is often not that easy – the sugar in particular is often cleverly hidden by the manufacturers in the list of ingredients. Because “sugar” is rarely on the packaging.

Sugar can hide behind many other ingredient names:

Molasses syrup Turnips dry beef Glucose Fructose Maltose Caramel Sucrose Wheat Dextrin Malt Extract “>…just to name a few.

It is therefore worth taking a close look at the ingredients in cat food and, if in doubt, looking up individual terms.

Only the order in which the ingredients are listed can often provide information about the amount of sugar contained in the food: the more of an ingredient it contains, the higher up it is in of the declaration.

Also for cat treats should you pay attention to the ingredients

“>More and more cat owners are now interested in WHAT their cats get to eat – and no longer just the price and that the cat likes to eat the food. This is a great development, after all, species-appropriate nutrition is primarily important for the health of the cat Animals benefit.

But you should also pay attention to the ingredients when it comes to snacks and treats, because here too there are often sugar and cereals in not inconsiderable quantities and a lot contain too little meat.

Instead of highly processed dry treats or chewing sticks, we can recommend freeze-dried treats: These chicken heart treats, for example, consist of just one ingredient: chicken hearts.

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