Changing the food for cats – These 6 tips are guaranteed to help

The simplest and at the same time most effective method of changing the food: From one day to the next only offer the new cat food.

In most cases this will initially lead to irritation and protest from the cat. In the worst case she refuses to eat completely. Then the food should be put away after 30 minutes.

A new attempt can then be made at the next meal.

Most cats don’t last long on such a ‘hunger strike’. In terms of health, you don’t have to worry about healthy cats, only cats that are very overweight should not eat anything for too long. Otherwise, their body fat will be digested too quickly, which can overload the liver.

If a cat only eats small amounts of the new food at first and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it, that’s totally fine in order. This will increase over time and she will like it.

Important: The old food should be taken out of the house become. Because cats have very good noses and can smell if the usual food is still in the closet. A cat would refuse the new cat food even more persistently if it noticed that the familiar is still within reach.

Treats should also not be given during this type of change of food, so that the velvet paw helps appetite after meals.

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