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I also think that chipping has many advantages. Alone if you look at the options for cat flaps. And as for the costs: the 50 euros are negligible in a cat’s life. I also believe that chipping and tattooing should be done – better safe than sorry.

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I can do that I warmly recommend chipping animals from our own fresh experience to every pet owner!

One of our cats went missing for three days in December. Despite the most intensive search measures (flyers in mailboxes and notices in prominent places, searching through the surrounding garages and cellars, various search campaigns, online missing person reports, etc.), we were unable to locate the little one.

In her curiosity, she must have gotten lost in a craftsman’s van on a neighboring construction site, locked in there and driven “home” at the end of the day. Because of a holiday, the cat was stuck in the van for two nights and a day without a chance to get out. The next working day she was apparently able to free herself from her “prison” and wandered around in a strange place all day until, fortunately, thirsty and hungry, she ran to an experienced pet owner in the evening. He took her to his vet the next morning, where the chip was read. We could be traced through the registration in the animal database.

Without a chip nobody would have known where it belonged and we would never have seen our mouse again.

I probably wouldn’t have chipped my cat myself, but I got her from the animal shelter. On her second release she moved a little further away and I have to say I was relieved that my very trusting little one has the chip in case she gets lost. I also added the data immediately after I got the notification of the re-registration and uploaded a photo. It’s really easy. It’s also like this: You can’t necessarily tell from photos whether a cat that has walked in / ended up in an animal shelter is really your own. I also checked Facebook and thought to myself: “Why is she uploading my photo again?” and then I found out: Oh, that’s not my photo at all. The couch looks similar to mine, but it’s not mine. And the cat on it, well, the cat – I had to look five times, mine looks like that. The Facebook friend posted the photo to me because she could hardly believe the resemblance herself. Her children looked over her shoulder and said it was a cute photo of their cat… 😉 To cut a long story short: You save yourself a few trips if a cat escapes, because you don’t have to turn out to every similar cat on suspicion. Especially when it’s so far away that it’s more likely that she might have taken a ride somewhere. (But ultimately, the farther away, the less likely it becomes.) And if in doubt, if someone claims it’s theirs, you can also prove you’re entitled to the animal. — Despite all the advantages: I still find it a little creepy. I myself would not have liked to have a microchip implanted. I’m glad that the decision was made for me and the cat was already microchipped…

Hello cat lovers !

Me I will also have a cat flap with chip recognition installed. My 3 cats are only tattooed and registered, but as I can read, a chip makes additional sense. Just because of the KK. After all, you don’t want to have all the neighborhood cats sitting on the sofa. But now a question for you and Dominik: What about the booty? Mice, birds, etc. Cats love to bring their prey home with them, so they go unnoticed through the cat flap. Do you have experience with that? How to prevent? Or do you just have to put up with finding loot in the house more often. ?

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Yes, you will probably have the loot in the house more often. It’s bad if it escapes and dies somewhere behind the closet. How many times have we followed our noses and moved furniture around! Recently we had to disassemble the dishwasher because a mouse lay on its deathbed in the housing. But the human nose is very reliable there… Yes, you have to go through that. Nevertheless we love our cats!

The registration of the chip is not done by the vet!!!! Every animal owner has to take care of this himself… even when moving, the owner has to have the data changed by Tasso and Co. Also change of ownership!!

Registration is free…

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