Christmas with a dog

Which Christmas tree for Bello? With these tips, your dog’s party will be stress-free and safe. Read the best tips now!

Finally Christmas! Traditionally, peace and joy should return during the contemplative season. Unfortunately, pre-Christmas deadline stress, last-minute gift shopping and wild decoration projects often make reality look different. This often means a lot of stress not only for two-legged friends, but also for their faithful four-legged companions. Because in the Advent season, everyday dog ​​life can get quite out of joint. Dog owners should also consider a few additional aspects when preparing for the big party so that the Christmas season is a success for doggo and owner.

Which Christmas tree is suitable for Bello? What does dog-friendly Christmas decoration look like? How do I make the holidays for my darling as stress-free and safe as possible? How does Christmas with a dog work? Annimally enlightens!

Avoid stress for dogs during the Christmas season Who doesn’t know it – one appointment follows the next: Christmas parties and Christmas holidays are coming up, friends invite you to a trip to the Christmas market and time is running out for gift shopping. Even if many pre-Christmas events are associated with anticipation, for some they also mean one thing: stress!

This also applies to your dog. Because when masters or mistresses are suddenly hardly at home or there are always visitors at the door, Bello is also amazed. Suddenly there is no trace of normal dog life anymore.

If you pay attention to a few things, however, you can easily ensure that the stress and dangers – at least on the part of your favorite four-legged friend – are noticeably reduced.

Avoid crowded places Off with the Doggo for gift shopping or on the Christmas Market? Stop – that’s not a good idea! Dogs are highly sensitive animals that not only hear much better than humans, but also have a much finer sense of smell. Loud Christmas music, crowded shopping streets, densely packed crowds and the many different smells at Christmas markets can easily overwhelm your darling. The long wait at mulled wine stands in possibly cold and wet weather stresses your dog. But not only that: He can also easily catch a cold. So better spare your darling trips like these to the Christmas markets in your city.

Ensure sufficient utilization No matter how full your pre-Christmas schedule is: Your dog needs exercise and activity to stay healthy. Therefore, don’t forget to keep to the usual amount of games and walks from everyday life during the Advent season.

Quiet zones in the apartment set up Important for Christmas stress: Is your apartment teeming with pre-Christmas visitors? This can be stressful for your dog. Therefore, make sure that you set up an additional relaxation zone for your darling in your apartment.

This can, for example, be an extra dog bed in a quiet room to which visitors have no direct access . If you want to make it easier for your loved one to relax, our relaxation products in liquid or tablet form will help. With the Relax liquid Rescue Liquid and the Relax tablets from Annimally, your fur nose will calm down faster thanks to herbal ingredients.

Christmas with the dog: The Christmas tree as a danger What very few dog owners know: The wonderfully fragrant fir tree needles are poisonous for their darlings. Eating the twigs can quickly become dangerous for four-legged friends. Care should also be taken with fir tree branches placed decoratively in water. Because if your darling slurps the water on the branch, that can also cause poisoning. This is mainly due to the essential oils contained in the branches, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems or even damage to the kidneys and liver. So if you notice symptoms of poisoning in your darling, such as nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, it means: Don’t waste any time and go to the vet!

We’ll tell you how to minimize the Christmas tree danger and which plants should definitely not make it into your apartment:

This Christmas tree has no place in a dog household Although no Christmas tree is completely non-toxic for dogs, there is one type of tree that can be particularly dangerous for your four-legged friend: the pine! The robust fir is one of the most widespread tree species in Germany. Accordingly, it can often be found in local living rooms at Christmas time. Their poisonous properties protect them from predators in the wild. At Christmas time, this peculiarity can also be fatal for dogs.

This Christmas tree is less poisonous If you don’t want to do without a real fir tree despite the existing dangers for your pet, it is best to put up an unsprayed Nordmann fir. Although the tree species is not entirely harmless to dogs, it is significantly less poisonous than pine and other coniferous species. Without chemicals, the risk of poisoning for your dog is significantly reduced. The best way to buy unsprayed Nordmann firs is from an organic Christmas tree dealer. When setting it up in your apartment, make sure it is stable and fasten it in a solid, well-covered base.

These Christmas trees are dog friendly The most dog-friendly Christmas tree is: not a Christmas tree! If the fir tree is part of the Christmas tradition for you and putting it up is a must, there are great alternatives that reduce the risk of injury for your dog:

Artificial Christmas tree:

Even if there is always a risk with artificial Christmas trees that curious dogs will nibble on the plastic branches, this risk is lower. Because unlike natural Christmas trees, the artificial counterpart does not lose any needles and does not have any toxic properties.

· Alternative Christmas tree made of wood:

A wooden Christmas tree is even better than the artificial tree alternative. Not only does it look chic, it is also the least dangerous for your four-legged friend. Nevertheless, when buying, you should make sure that the replacement Christmas tree is made of untreated natural wood if possible.

Gnawing on the wooden Christmas tree should also be taboo for your darling. Splinters from chewing can also be a hazard. There are many different variations of wooden Christmas trees: set up in the room or attached to the wall, they radiate Christmas magic without becoming a danger to Bello.

Christmas with a dog: You should also pay attention to this

In addition to choosing the right Christmas tree, there are a few other aspects that need to be considered for dog-friendly Christmas days. Dangers lurk, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations and banquets. We explain what is important:

The right Christmas decorations No question: The right decoration is simply part of the festive season and provides that extra portion of Christmas spirit. But be careful: Because some decorative elements can quickly become a danger for your four-legged friend:

Christmas tree balls: Christmas baubles pose a serious risk of injury if your dog smacks them off the tree with a tail swipe and they smash on the ground. Cuts in the mouth or on a dog’s paw are not only painful, but can also easily become inflamed.

· Candles: As a responsible dog owner, you should avoid lighting candles due to the risk of fire and injury. Electric LED candles are more suitable. They ensure maximum comfort with minimum risk.

Tinsel: Traditional Christmas (tree) decorations often still contain dangerous lead. If your four-legged friend swallows the fine metal threads, they can also cause a dangerous intestinal blockage in the digestive tract. For the sake of your dog, you should therefore do without the glittering threads.

· Fairy lights: Young dogs and puppies in particular love to chew on things. Electric fairy lights are a hit with them: if the fairy lights land in the dog’s mouth, they can cause a life-threatening electric shock. If you don’t want to do without the festive lights, you should always hang them up out of the reach of your four-legged friend.

Paws away from sweets and Holiday dinner for two-legged friends What means a treat for two-legged friends at the festive season can become a real danger for dogs. In general, food or treats prepared for humans have no place in the dog’s mouth. Even if it is meant lovingly, the leftovers of a heavily seasoned holiday roast should never end up in the dog bowl. It gets really dangerous for Bello with Christmas sweets: sugar and chocolate are real poison for dogs. Chocolate contains the active ingredient theobromine, which can be fatal to your dearest companion.

Because love goes through the stomach, as is well known, you don’t have to do without spoiling your darling even at Christmas time. How about homemade dog biscuits, for example? In our blog article on the subject of baking cookies with your dog you will find delicious recipes and tips for animal-based Christmas baking.

Merry Christmas! When you are well utilized and confronted with as few sources of danger as possible, it is also more pleasant for your dearest companion to celebrate. Because what could be nicer than looking into the shining eyes of a dog at Christmas time? If you follow our tips and advice carefully, you will give your four-legged friend peaceful and safe holidays, which will definitely remain in good dog memories.

We at Annimally wish all dogs and their families a happy holiday and relaxed Christmas with numerous Christmas treats.


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