Cornish Rex cat: character, peculiarities and attitude

“>The Cornish Rex may occur in all color variants. The color white is also permitted, so that different coat colors can be combined with the light tone. These are particularly popular Colors Blue, Chocolate and Black.

“>All common coat patterns are allowed for the cute Cornish Rex. Whether wrinkled, spotted or tabby specimens: The cute fur friends come in many variations.

“>The oval eyes of the Cornish Rex cat shine in yellow, hazelnut brown, blue or green. In principle, there are hardly any restrictions with regard to the color of the eyes, similar to the coat. The color of the cat’s eyes should always harmonize with the color of the coat. 31809″>High-quality wet food provides the Cornish Rex with all the important nutrients that their athletic body needs. It is important to high meat content. On the other hand, dry food should be avoided and food with additives is also not recommended. This is the only way for cat owners to ensure that their house tiger benefits from good nutrition and stays healthy for a long time.

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