Crude ash in cat food – what is it?

Crude ash in cat food? What’s it all about? First of all: “crude ash” is not an ingredient in cat food, so no ash is added to the food as a filler. We explain what raw ash in cat food is all about.

Cats cannot read what is in their food. That’s why it’s the job of the human (“can opener”) to ensure that something healthy gets into the food bowl.

Our cat food test isn’t the only thing that helps here – It is also helpful if you are familiar with declaration, analytical components and ingredients. Let’s see what the raw ash is all about.

What is raw ash in Cat food?

Crude ash is not found on the can or the packaging under the ingredients, but with the Analytical Constituents. So it is not the case that ash is added to the cat food to save costs or the like.

Raw ash is a collective term for the in Inorganic substances contained in feed.

Inorganic substances in cat food are the Minerals – both bulk elements (e.g. calcium, magnesium, phosphorus) and trace elements (e.g. iron, iodine , copper, selenium).

But what does that have to do with ash?

The determination of raw ash is a discipline of feed analysis, see “Extended Weender feed analysis”. In addition, the lining is actually at 550°C burned in a so-called muffle furnace.

All organic substances are burned, i.e. fat, protein, carbohydrates and raw fibre. The remains, i.e. the ash, is the proportion of inorganic substances.

It must also be mentioned that raw ash cannot be equated with the total amount of minerals. Because sand or clay also increase the amount of raw ash and can definitely get into the feed. Of course, unlike minerals, sand offers cats no benefit.

Parameters in the analysis of cat food. Crude ash refers to the inorganic substances that remain after burning. Is raw ash in cat food harmful?

No. Since raw ash as mentioned is not an ingredient but an analysis value, it is not per sé good or bad for the cat.

There is no cat food without raw ash, since each Food has a certain proportion of minerals.

At the same time, it is difficult to say what raw ash content is optimal for cat food.

Because on the one hand, the value is not meaningful as to whether it is important minerals and trace elements or contamination by sand.

On the other hand, it is of course important WHICH minerals are contained in WHICH amount and in WHICH ratio to each other. This can also be determined via the crude ash content in cat food not read.

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How much raw ash should be in cat food?

Of the In addition to crude fat, crude protein, crude fiber and liquid, the raw ash content is one of the analytical components. These must be specified by the manufacturer on the packaging of the cat food.

Typical or recommended values ​​for the raw ash content of cat food are:

Wet food: 1.5 – 2% Dry food: Less than 5.4%The raw ash content is, taken by itself, very little meaningful when it comes to the quality of a cat food are. Because here we do not find out whether the right minerals are contained in the right composition or not.

It is therefore important to provide further information on minerals and trace elements note.

Especially important for cats:

A calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1.1 to 1.3 to 1Specifying the minerals and trace elements contained is, however, voluntary. However, you can get them from many manufacturers on request.

The mouse, the cat’s natural prey, has a crude ash content of 10-%, depending on their age and diet.

Crude ash in cat food is not a bad thing. It is an analysis value that gives an impression of how many minerals are contained. However, the raw ash content is not very meaningful as to whether a cat food is good or not.

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