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Advertising – Relaxation and really come down. yoga and mediation. Leisurely walks and delicious food. And your dog can be with you everywhere! There is not any? But! This is exactly what is possible at Hotel Okelmann’s in Warpe, Lower Saxony. Charly and I tried it out and were thrilled.

Deceleration on the journey to somewhere in the middle of nowhereFor the end of April, the Hotel Okelmann’s invited to a relaxing break with the dog in Warpe – mindfulness, yoga and meditation and dog biscuits baking were on the agenda. In addition to Charly and I, Dina and Border Collie dog Holly from the Borderherz outdoor blog as well as Johanna and Nova Scotia Duck Rolling Retriever Nubi from Bellzaubernd were also part of the party.

Mindful time out at Hotel Okelmann’s with Charly, Nubi and Holly

But where exactly is Warpe? Warpe is a small town in the Mittelweser region. To be precise: The village is in the district of Nienburg/Weser, belongs to the joint municipality of Grafschaft Hoya and is almost exactly in the middle between Hanover and Bremen.

The deceleration begins as soon as you exit the A2 motorway. The route leads from Porta Westfalica to a little more than 80 kilometers above Country and county roads to Warpe. The further I got away from the Autobahn, the more I had the feeling that I was on a journey somewhere to nowhere.

Anyway: I felt like it at first slowly forward, I was able to relax after a while and drove quite comfortably in front of me – through small towns that lie peacefully in the sun. Past endless fields and beautiful farms. And past many paddocks, because this is horse country.

Sometime the town sign of Warpe appears in front of me and a little later I reach Hotel Okelmann’s. It’s quiet here – no street noise, no rushing of a nearby motorway or ICE line. Only the chirping of the birds.

Sustainability is a top priorityOkelmann’s consists of several building complexes and was once a farm with an inn. It has been in the family for five generations and was transformed into a beautiful 4-star boutique hotel by the siblings Maren Geisler-Okelmann and Kristin Okelmann with a total of 16 Converted and expanded double rooms.

The philosophy of the two hotel owners is:

“Our commitment is part of social and ecological responsibility and our passion is to bring man and nature together.”

Charly and I live in room no. 2 in Okelmann’s

Apart from the fact that most of the energy that the hotel needs is generated by its own combined heat and power plant and a photovoltaic system, products from regional suppliers and farmers are mainly served here – largely even in organic quality.

Towels and bed linen are made from organic cotton and fair production, which are only changed on request during the guest’s stay. Shower gel and soap (in dispensers) are high-quality natural cosmetics (and smell wonderful).

I felt very comfortable, very welcome and very relaxed at Hotel Okelmann’s from the very first moment felt. Somehow not only do Maren and all the employees in the hotel radiate calm, but also satisfaction. And that is exactly what is passed on to the guests. A great feeling ❤️.

Room 2 at Okelmann’sWhen I arrive, I am warmly greeted by Maren, who is mainly responsible for the program and support of this petfluencer trip. And since Okelmann’s is a dog-friendly hotel, she first devoted herself to Charly and spoiled him with treats before giving me a brief overview of the hotel.

Then it’s okay for Charly and me to the room – arrive and unpack. Room 2 is located with five other rooms in a separate house just a few steps from the main house. It is on the ground floor and has a small terrace.

The first thing that strikes me: the room has no carpet and the advertised guest dog bed is very high quality and, above all, sufficient large, so that a Rhodesian Ridgeback can also make itself comfortable there. In addition, two very high-quality and pretty food and water bowls are waiting to be “possessed” by Charly. All thumbs up for that!

The room is spacious – even with Raban and the lovely husband it would still have been comfortable, especially since the closet offers enough storage space (and a hotel safe). . Natural and brown tones dominate the room. A colored accent was created with the light blue painted desk. Very nice.

Although when I tried it out for the first time I thought that the mattress in the bed might be a bit too soft for me, I slept excellently. Even in the long-term test (unfortunately I didn’t feel so well on Saturday and I stayed in bed the whole day with nausea and vomiting) the bed performed excellently 🙈.

I particularly liked the large bathroom with its spacious shower.

The room is equipped with a small fridge, TV and WiFi (free of charge). The WiFi is so good that you can use it to stream movies if you want.

Charly is easily stayed alone in the room

For Charly it was his first blogger trip and I didn’t really know if he would have any problem staying alone in a hotel room (without Raban). But Charlie did a great job. He always stayed in the room at breakfast in the morning (although he would have been welcome in the café) and never bit anything, whined or barked. Class!

To eat and drinkGood food not only keeps body and soul together, but is also important for well-being. And there is plenty of that at Hotel Okelmann’s – prepared with lots of love and regional products …

Café & Concept StoreIn the café there is a delicious breakfast buffet every morning – during the week from 7 a.m. and at the weekend from 8 a.m. And the beauty? The dogs are allowed to be there.

Of course, a break at Okelmann’s also includes breakfast, coffee and cake.

I like to have breakfast. And especially in hotels. Fresh coffee, good rolls and things that I don’t usually eat at home every day. Sitting at a beautifully set table, thinking about whatever and having the time to enjoy in peace. That’s fun for me and has something to do with mindfulness and well-being.

In one sentence: The breakfast at Okelmann’s is delicious: eggs, butter, yoghurt, cheese , sausage and much more – everything is there. All from local producers. And if you prefer tea, you can of course get that too. And Johanna drank hot chocolate with marshmallows every morning… 😉 …

By the way: the homemade fruit salad is amazing! And: Vegans don’t miss out here either – everything is labeled accordingly. Of course, I also had a great coffee party with Maren, Dina and Johanna in the café. The homemade cakes are extremely delicious.

And anyone who thinks that you can’t go shopping in the middle of nowhere in the flat countryside of Lower Saxony is wrong… 😉 … the concept store integrated in the café offers many beautiful products – from homemade sausage and fair trade coffee to organic chocolate and ceramic products to beautiful accessories and delicious treats for the dog.

Restaurant Okelmann’sI am always amazed that small hotels in particular that are off the beaten track and have incredibly great cuisine. So also the restaurant Okelmann’s. In accordance with the entire hotel concept, the focus here is on regional cuisine, in which food is processed in organic quality as far as possible.

If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice – 3-course -Menu or à la carte?

Offered is a 3- Course menu that includes old classics such as beef roulades or seasonal favorites such as fresh Warper asparagus. But vegans and vegetarians also get their money’s worth, as always.

Alternatively, there is an à la carte menu to choose from . The service is great – very personal and attentive. Maren’s brother-in-law took care of us and entertained us with a lot of knowledge about (Austrian) wines and spirits. It was delicious!

Dogs are also welcome in the Okelmann’s restaurant. And Charly also made himself popular with a few other guests with two small dogs because he was very nonchalant about the “bleating” of the two dogs.

Activities with dog – yoga, meditation, nature walksI titled this blog post “mindful time out with a dog”. Mindfulness means directing your attention to the current moment and not digressing, instead concentrating on the here and now and also consciously reflecting on the fact that you can be thankful for the positive little things in life.

Yoga with a dog is possible at Okelmann’s

That’s something that works pretty well at Hotel Okelmann’s – at least if you get involved. Apart from the fact that the nature, the silence and the wonderful expanse of the region alone contribute to this, the hotel is known across borders for its yoga retreats.

Yoga and singing bowl meditation are also possible with a dog in Warpe. Maren leads these hours, and of course we did that too. It impressed me so much that I will report on it in a separate article…

If you don’t get along so well with yoga and meditation, you can do it in peace and quiet relax with a sauna session in the Schäferwagen and a leisurely bath in the hot tub and reflect on the moment. I’m not the sauna type, but Dina von Borderherz tried it out and absolutely loved it.

The shepherd’s wagon with private sauna can be reserved at reception

Our Petfluencer program on Saturday said “Baking dog biscuits with Maren”. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that because of my nausea join. But it must have been really fun. Two recipes were baked – one with rolled oats, cream cheese and liverwurst and one with carrots, sweet potatoes and turmeric. Charly was kind enough to get a bag of these homemade treats and not only did he like them, but also Raban.

By the way: Baking dog biscuits at Okelmann’s is possible with a minimum of 4 participants persons can be booked (price on request).

Baking dog biscuits at Okelmann’s – Charly was kind enough to get a delicious bag, although I couldn’t be there

And then of course there are the walks across the fields and through the Warper Forest. They are wonderfully comfortable, because there are almost no inclines, and the sandy soil in the forest is very comfortable to walk on. But beware: The region is very rich in game and the obligation to keep a leash should be taken very seriously, because roe deer and fallow deer dive only a few meters next to the forest and field paths even in broad daylight.

If you feel like it, you can hike the Warpe Sculpture Trail. This is a 16 kilometers long circular route, where there are a total of eight sculptures by different artists, each of which is explained with an information board. Directly in front of the hotel is the sculpture “Nest Observer”. Since I was unfortunately absent on Saturday, I can’t provide any pictures here.

How much does a stay at Okelmann’s cost? Depending on availability, a double room with terrace is available from 135 Euro per night bookable. The overnight price includes the breakfast buffet as well as WiFi, free parking and – also subject to availability – the use of the sauna, hot tub and yoga room. If you want, you can book half-board at the same time.

The overnight stay for the dog suggests 04 Euro per night and dog to book. There are bowls, dog blankets or cushions and treats waiting for the four-legged friends. The terrace rooms have access to the garden. Up to two dogs are welcome per room.

The Hotel Okelmann’s offers a special dog arrangement called “Hundeleeve”. 4 nights with a dog in a double room with terrace cost – depending on the season and availability – from 320 euros per person. The offer includes the following services:

4 nights in a double room with terrace4 Happy Breakfast1 x Landlust spritzer and organic chocolate to welcome you in the room Dog blanket or pillow and bowls to borrowWelcome Treats (100% naturally)Tips for the most beautiful walksUse of the yoga and meditation room (subject to availability)Use of sauna and outdoor whirlpool (hot tub) (subject to availability)Dogs are both in the cafe & Concept Store as well as in Okelmann’s Restaurant

Charly wasn’t quite sure about the hot tub, even though it was covered…

Conclusion – rediscover mindfulness for yourself In our fast-moving times, appearances are often more important than reality. Each of us is chasing some supposedly important goal. In doing so, we often lose sight of ourselves – at least I think so. Okelmann’s offers the opportunity to just relax, reflect on yourself, forget about everyday life and do things (such as singing bowl meditation) that you wouldn’t normally do makes.

Charly and I really liked Warpe – not only because dogs are also welcome in the restaurant. If you like the mixture of friendly and truly sustainable hotels in connection with excellent service and even better food, Hotel Okelmann’s is just the thing for you. Yoga and meditation (with a dog) are not a “must”, but maybe an idea to try something new.

DisclosureCharly and I were invited to the weekend as part of a petfluencer trip. Many thanks to Maren and Kristin from Okelmann’s and to Primo PR in Frankfurt.

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