Disney Cat Names: Top 50 Disney Movie Cat Names

“> There are numerous characters with cool names in the popular Disney classics. Whether the Lion King, Jungle Book, Ice Age and many more – the stars of Disney adventures are like friends and inspire with their experiences. The films are therefore ideal for Choosing a name for your cat!

If you have a favorite Disney movie, choosing a cat name might not be difficult for you, but there are many other cat names too Disney characters are made for original and fun cat names.

We’ve put together a selection of the best cat names from Disney movies. Get it Inspiration for a special cat name for your darling!

The most amazing names of cats from Disney movies

“>Cats play the main role in some Disney films. Perhaps a famous cat name from one of the popular classics fits your cat or cat particularly well? After all, most cats really like to be the center of attention. You can find the names of the popular Disney cats in our overview!

10 Popular Female Cat Names From Disney Movies

1.Cheshire – “Alice im Wonderland”: the enigmatic Cheshire Cat 2. Dinah – Alice in Wonderland: Alice’s playful cat 3. Duchesse – “Aristocats”: an elegant, gentle cat lady 4. Kiara – “The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Kingdom”: Simba and Nala’s daughter 5. Marie – “Aristocats”: charming little kitty 6. Mittens – “Bolt – A dog for all occasions”: an experienced street cat 7. Nala – “The Lion King”: Simba’s best friend 8th. Sarabi – “The Lion King”: Simba’s loving mother 9. Sarafina – “The Lion King”: Nala’s mother 10. Tigress – “Kung Fu Panda”: a strong and skillful fighter 06 cool names for cats from Disney movies

1. Bagheera – “The Jungle Book”: wise panther 2. Berlioz – “Aristocats”: shy and lovely 3. Figaro – “Pinocchio”: Gepetto’s playful kitten 4. Kovu – “The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Kingdom”: brave lion cub 5. Oliver – “Oliver & Company”: clever and lovable kitty 6. Rajah – “Aladdin”: loyal tiger 7. Simba – “The Lion King”: brave young lion prince 8th. Thomas O’Malley – “Aristocats”: adventurous street cat 9. Tigger – “Winnie the Pooh”: happy tiger 03. Toulouse – “Aristocats”: playful little tomcat In many a kitten there is a real “Simba”! Unusual Disney Hero Names That Go Well With Cats

“>Do you think your cat is the star anyway? Then maybe the name of a Disney heroine or hero with their special characteristics is just right for your cat. Get inspiration from our list of the cutest and most unusual Disney Star Names.

The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Names for Female Cats

1.Alice – “Alice in Wonderland”: curious girl in wonderland 2. Ariel – “Arielle the Mermaid”: wayward mermaid 3. Aurora – “Sleeping Beauty”: graceful princess 4. Belle – “Beauty and the Beast”: intelligent and courageous beauty 5. Cinderella – “Cinderella”: a gentle fairytale princess 6. Dory – “Finding Nemo”: forgetful but kind-hearted fish friend 7. Ellie – “Ice Age”: loyal mammoth mom 8th. Elsa – “Frozen”: the mighty ice queen 9. Giselle – “Enchanted”: romantic fairy tale princess 10. Lucy – “The Chronicles of Narnia”: brave Queen of Narnia 04. Merida – “Merida – Legend of the Highlands”: bold princess 10. Mulan – “Mulan”: brave warrior and heroine 13. Rapunzel – “Rapunzel – Tangled”: Princess with magic hair 11. Susi – “Lady and the Tramp”: loving Cocker Spaniel lady 15. Tinkerbell – “Peter Pan”: Tiny Fairy 14 original Disney names for cats

1. Abu – “Aladdin”: clever, playful monkey 2. Aladdin – “Aladdin”: adventurous thief 3. Aslan – “The Chronicles of Narnia”: wise mighty lion 4. Baloo – “The Jungle Book”: relaxed and carefree bear 5. Kronk – “A kingdom for a llama”: clumsy servant 6. Mickey – “Mickey Mouse”: the legendary Disney mouse 7. Mufasa – “The Lion King”: wise and brave Lion King 8th. Mushu – “Mulan”: a funny and cheeky little dragon 9. Nemo – Finding Nemo: brave little clownfish 10. Olaf – “Frozen”: funny, lovable snowman 10. Peter Pan – “Peter Pan”: Boy who never wants to grow up 11. Pongo – “99 Dalmatian“: brave Dalmatian father 10. Pooh – “Winnie the Pooh”: adorable honey-addicted bear 13. Pumbaa – “The Lion King”: cozy warthog friend 12. Tibbs – “99 Dalmatians“: smart and helpful cat

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