Dogs and their connection to humans

Dogs are the most lovable animals in the world and are therefore considered to be people’s favorite pets. All dog owners love their loyal companions and have a special connection. The more love shown to the dog, the greater the dog’s love.

This can be seen from the very fact when the master comes home and the dog’s tail is uncontrolled wobbles. Dogs wear their feelings on their faces and especially on their tails, which is why it is relatively easy to see how they are feeling.

Although dogs naturally cannot talk, the owners develop an understanding for their actions. For example, you know exactly when the dog is hungry, wants to go outside or has to do its business. They also notice when the dog is aggressive, dissatisfied or unhappy. The amazing thing is that the dog can do it too.

There has been a recent trend on social platforms for people to pretend to cry in front of their dogs. Of course, you should film the dog’s reaction. Almost all of the dogs, and especially those that have a good connection to humans, came straight up and tried to comfort. Dogs are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world, which is why they should be treated with a lot of care and love.

Sanctuary Dogs

Although more and more people adopt dogs from animal shelters, unfortunately too many people still buy bred dogs. On the one hand, bred dogs are not bad, except when different breeds that do not go together are mated with each other. In addition, there are some over-bred dog species that develop health problems early on.

The problem is that there are more and more breeders. Due to the fact that there is currently high demand, the supply is being increased. But if people bought fewer breed dogs and would rather take the ones from shelters, then there would be fewer of them. In addition, many animal shelters also have the breed of dog that is desired.

Anyone looking for a pet dog should visit an animal shelter. There are different dog breeds with different characteristics. Often the dogs even come up to you and make your heart beat faster. Among them are many half-breeds, which are unknown crossbreeds. But this can be found out with a DNA test for the dog.


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