Games for cats: 10 great game ideas for your darling

Cat games: That’s why they are so important for house cats

“>Playing is simply part of it for cats. In addition to the fun factor, playing with the cat owner is important for the well-being of the four-legged friends – for many reasons:

Attention and care: By playing together, you show your cat that you enjoy spending time with her. Playing strengthens and promotes your personal bond. Hunting instinct: Cats are small predators that have not lost their prey drive even when living comfortably alongside humans. While playing, they can indulge their prey drive without taking down actual prey. Occupation: Be it prey games, intelligence games or games of skill – house cats in particular need to be sufficiently occupied. Appropriate games for cats ensure that the velvet paw stays balanced and content. Fitness: Running, jumping and stalking – while playing, cats move and get their circulation going. Playing games together strengthens your cat’s muscles and is good for its health and mobility. 09 Ideas for funny cat games “>Would you like to surprise your cat with a new game? We have collected ideas on how you can diversify your playtime and which games are particularly popular with cats are. The best thing about it – you can make a lot of things yourself with little effort from things that are available in most households.

1. Catch games with mice or balls Small balls are optimal for wild ones Hunting Games “>Anything that rolls or jumps is particularly appealing to cats. With a Ball you can tempt most cats to play again and again If hedgehog ball, foam ball or bouncy ball has become boring for your darling, then your cat is just as happy about a crumpled up sheet of paper that she hunt, throw in the air and shred.

“>Play mice are always a hit for house cats. Variety is also required here. A You can make a new toy out of an old sock: Fill the sock with a little cotton wool, felt or another soft material and tie off the end – the new pastime for entertaining cat games is ready.

“>For even more fun, you can add some catnip to the filling, if available, and attach a piece of string as a tail.Many empty packaging will do great as a ball or role for cat games Provided with small holes, a surprise egg quickly becomes a Snackball You can also drill small holes in a cardboard tube with a lid – this creates a snack tube for cat games in no time at all.

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2. String Cat Toy

“>Cats love anything that hangs on strings and dangles in the air. Fasten simply hang a toy on a string and hang it on the table, armchair or door frame – the cat will be busy for a while. irresistible – hardly a cat can say no to a supposedly wildly wriggling mouse.You can also use cardboard discs, pieces of felt or feathers on a cord Several feathers tied together and attached to the door frame with a string are usually a popular toy. The feathers move at the slightest breeze and encourage stalking and hunting. Tip: The toy performs even wilder movements on a elastic band ! “>Danger: Only use toys with strings under supervision – your darling could accidentally become entangled and injured. It is best to put toys away after play – this will keep them interesting for your house cat for longer. 3. DIY fishing rods for cats

Cat fishing rods are easy to make yourself and offer great fun “>Wild action is guaranteed when you keep your house tiger busy with a cat rod. You can pull the toy on the rod in front of your cat slowly or quickly, jump it and jump up or hide behind a corner.

“>Playing fishing rods will make your game together particularly exciting. Make sure that your kitty keeps catching the bait so that there is no frustration.You can easily make a cat rod yourself – all you need is a sturdy staff, one String or an elastic band and a play object. Depending on your cat’s preferences: Does it prefer plush mice, cords or rustling feathers?

As long as the toy is robust and no small parts can come loose, nothing stands in the way of a fun cat game.

4.Water games for cats “>Refreshing change brings an exciting fishing game in the water. However, this game is only suitable for velvet paws who are not afraid of water – not all cats like cool water.

You need a shallow bowl or bowl filled with water , as well as a few light, floating objects, and the fishing game is ready.Table tennis balls, nut shells or small pieces of wood are very suitable your cat with a folded paper boat that is filled with treats and floats in the water To fish the prey from the water surface is not only an exciting challenge for your kitty , but also trains their dexterity.

“>Most cats are magically attracted to boxes. If you have empty boxes at home, you can use them for cat games – your darling will be amazed!

With holes of different sizes to slip through, boxes quickly become exciting hiding places for your cat. The velvet paw can fish for prey out of small holes and slits It is also exciting when the box is filled with rustling material such as crumpled up paper, through which the cat can dig.

So a box with hiding places is also ideal for search games Depending on your mood you hide toys or treats in the box.Your cat will be busy looking for the prey for a while.Several boxes can also be connected and allowed into a real adventure landscape for cats. 6. Game ideas with toilet paper rolls

“>A game of skill for those with a sweet tooth can be easily made from a few rolls of toilet paper and a shoebox . The rolls are placed upright in the box. You can glue them together at the sides for more strength.Then you fill some rolls with the Favorite treats of your fur nose Fishing the snacks out of toilet paper rolls is an exciting occupation for many kitties .Maybe your cat will also like a snake made of toilet paper rolls: To do this, several rolls are simply threaded one after the other on a string and secured with knots. You can also fill the snake with toys or treats – your cat will love it with paw in it to snatch prey. The hunt for digital mice is a solution for in between “> There have long been countless apps and games for tablets and smartphones with which you can entertain your cat. Usually, an object such as a mouse, bird or fish will move quickly across the screen. Cats will be fascinated and try to catch the prey. If you don’t have time for your cat and she feels like playing, you can use a cat app to keep her bored.

Don’t let her play with the app too often though – not catching the bait can be frustrating for the cat, so give her a real toy or a reward.

“>Most cats are fascinated by tunnels. They love to crawl through tunnels, to hide in and lie in wait You don’t need to buy a cat tunnel – a roll of sturdy carpet Serves the same purpose.From old Cardboard boxes a play tunnel can be made with little effort.The boxes are unfolded and rolled up into a tube with the appropriate diameter.Fix the tunnel with a string or tape that cannot be detached.If you attach a hanging bait at the entrance or inside, the play tunnel becomes even more exciting for your cat. Narrow cat tunnels invite you to wild games 9. Cat games with light “>For many cats, rays of light, shadows and reflections are simply irresistible. The fur noses love It’s about chasing points of light, so you can always incorporate light into cat games to get your cat going.The laser pointer is a classic that most cats love.With a glare-free laser pointer you have to do it don’t worry about the safety of your fur nose. A popular hunting object are also light beams from flashlights .Light reflections Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a favorite of many cats, especially when they’re moving. There are also light-up play balls for cats that add extra fun, especially in the dark.

06. Play with catnip or valerian “>Also smells encourage cats to play, especially valerian and catnip (Catnip) Cat toys are often infused with these scents, as even the more leisurely cats can be enticed back into play with the scents of valerian and catnip.

Catnip is available dried or as a spray, as is valerian. Spraying the scent on cat toys will make them more interesting and appealing to your cat. The scent encourages activity and play – but the effect wears off after a while. It is best to use the scents sparingly, then they are a welcome change when playing with your furry friend.

“>ConclusionWhen playing with your cat, the focus is on your time together. You can use simple means to keep your kitty occupied and have fun with your darling have!

What do cats like to play with? “>Most cats love toys that stimulate their hunting instinct. Mice, balls, spring sticks or cat rods are extremely popular with the furry friends.

How can I keep my cat busy ? “>There are different types of games suitable for cats. You can entertain your cat with exciting hunting games, intelligence toys and exciting hidden object games. How do I know if my cat is bored? “> Especially indoor cats can get bored if they don’t have enough to do. Your cat may show that it is bored with constant meowing, uncleanliness, destructiveness or exaggerated attachment. How often should I play with my cat? “>In young, active cats, the urge to play is usually more pronounced than in older and calmer velvet paws. Take a little time for your darling every day and pay attention to when your cat loses interest and whether it asks for more play units.

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