German Shephy – Charly tests 40 kg of dog food

Advertisement – I’ve been feeding Charly German Shephy dog ​​food for almost 3 months. And since then he hasn’t had any more stomach or intestinal problems, he hasn’t vomited anymore and the itchy rash has completely disappeared.

Charly’s food intoleranceRoughly since the beginning of the year, Charly has had increasing problems with his dog food. Although he never really had diarrhea, his bowel movements were mostly very soft and sometimes mushy.

We always celebrated when he had a normal “sausage from firm consistency”. Then came an itchy rash. In addition, he often vomited his food (but he wanted to eat it up again straight away).

With an elimination diet, we then tried to find out what Charly couldn’t tolerate. At first, we avoided the chicken feed, the chicken chewing sticks and other “unknown” treats. It got better, but not good. Following our vet’s advice, the next thing we tried was grain-free food (without chicken, of course). That made Charlie feel much better. The rash went away. But our vet was not particularly enthusiastic about this food due to the high dosage of various ingredients.

Charly tolerates the feed of German Shephy excellently

And exactly in that At that moment German Shephy asked if I (or Charly and Raban) were interested in testing the dog food. Actually, I don’t want to do any more product tests on the subject of “dog food”. On the one hand, I lack the technical background to actually be able to assess all ingredients etc. On the other hand, it takes a few weeks to determine whether a particular dog food is actually well tolerated or not. And with two Rhodesian Ridgebacks you need quite a bit of food…

Since the request for cooperation took place in the form of a phone call with David, the owner of the company, I didn’t just have can discuss this topic with him, but also the current feeding situation at Charly. He was confident that he could help me with the dry food from German Shephy.

And so it happened that just a few days later three different types of dry food each 10 kilograms were standing in front of my door

Turkey and PotatoSalmonSensitive lamb and rice

The dry food from German Shephy is available in 3 varieties

Who or what is the dog food brand German Shephy?German Shephy is a relatively young dog food brand that has been on the market for a little over three years. It belongs to Premia Petfood OHG from Fürstenwalde in Brandenburg.

The owners Shirin and David Nabiev have set themselves the goal of offering a very well-tolerated feed that contains highly compatible proteins, stomach-friendly carbohydrates, Contains superfoods and prebiotics according to the latest scientific findings.

Apart from providing dog owners with “good” dog food, the company attaches great importance to sustainability and relies on a climate-neutral approach Production. For example, the production facilities are equipped with photovoltaic systems on the roofs. Heat and energy recovery from the machines and production facilities also plays an important role. Thumbs up for that.

That promises German ShephyGerman Shephy advertises that the dry food not only cares for the intestines, but is also highly compatible and therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies suitable is. Split protein chains are used, which simplifies protein absorption. In addition, high-quality fats are used, which are also well tolerated and support the intestinal flora as well as skin and coat care.

The recipes of the three German Shephy varieties include:

highly compatible proteinsconcentrated superfoods (detoxifying antioxidants may help that the dog feels clearer and more active)strong intestinal helpers (prebiotics and probiotics support the intestinal flora and can thus help to fight flatulence, diarrhea and allergies)house synovial fluidThe following ingredients are completely dispensed with in all types of feed:

WheatFlourSoyPork meatCereals containing glutenChicken CornCorn SyrupCharly’s experiences with German ShephyActually, Raban and Charly should test the dry food from German Shephy together. But then I made the calculation again without Mr. Raban – he carefully sorted out the new croquettes when changing the food 🙈.

Raban is not particularly enthusiastic about changes – that applies to Treats and dog food as well as for deviating from your daily (favourite) routines or getting used to new places on vacation. And since Charly is the (food) problem child, I didn’t insist that my boy eat the new food.

The feed changeover to German Shephy was completely problem-free for Charly

Charly is the opposite valley. He loves his food, likes to try new things without prejudice and likes to help himself to his lovely husband’s dinner plate – especially when there is a hard-boiled egg on the plate! In this respect, the feed change was not a problem.

Food type “Turkey & Potato”I started with German Shephy “Turkey & Potato”. This dry food is grain and gluten free. As always, Charly got down to his meals with great enthusiasm. After all the trial and error over the past few months, I was quite surprised that Charly’s bowel movements were nice and firm and well-formed after just a few days 👍.

The “Turkey & Potato” variety is completely grain-free and is made by Charly well tolerated

You can certainly imagine my relief. The rashes also became less and less. I think it took less than two weeks and everything was gone. Charly no longer licked himself above average and Raban also lost interest in working intensively on Charly’s ears.

The stomach and intestinal noises that could often be heard from Charly when he was resting, wasn’t there at all during the day. They only dived in the early morning hours – around 3.30 and 5.00 Clock – and were often accompanied by vomiting. But that actually had nothing to do with the food itself or almost nothing to do – but more on that later. Then it was 06 kilogram sack empty.

Special features of the “Turkey & Potato” variety at a glance:

grain freegluten free with prebiotics for the intestinal flora for firm stool and anal problems Food type “Sensitive Lamb & Rice”As soon as the four-legged friend is used to the German Shephy food, the other varieties can be fed without any problems. So Charly got the variety “Sensitive Lamb & Rice” . This dry food is also gluten-free, but not grain-free due to the rice.

The “Sensitive Lamb with Rice” variety from German Shephy is also well tolerated

Special features of “Sensitive Lamb & Rice”:

gluten freefor particularly sensitive stomachs gentle on the stomach and intestines Unfortunately, Charly’s vomiting increased again. However, the bowel movements continued to be good and the rash did not return either. I was a bit desperate – especially considering our holiday on Texel at the end of May. I didn’t find the idea of ​​Charly throwing up in the hotel room that exciting.

Food type “Salmon”After about 4 days I then on the third German Shephy -Type of feed “Salmon” changed, which also contains a proportion of rice in addition to potatoes.

The salmon croquettes taste just as good to my Charly as …

specialties of the “Salmon” variety:

gluten free Concentrated Omega-3can help with itching helpintestinesmakes the coat shinyCharly also tolerated this variety well . The vomiting during the day finally stopped and the defecation was fine. That was of course a relief for me.

At this point I had already written to German Shephy that Charly apparently didn’t get along so well with the lamb feed. So David called me and we went through all the details. He was somewhat confused (so was I) because salmon food also contains rice (if that were the cause of the ailments).

Long story short: He promised me another sack of turkey feed so that Charly would be well looked after on vacation and with as few problems as possible. Thank you again for that ❤️. That was really great.

Simple explanation for the nocturnal vomitingYou may have already realized while reading, wa s the real reason for Charly’s nocturnal vomiting was: At this point he simply has an empty stomach and doesn’t take it very well. Meanwhile he gets between 3.19 and 4.30 o’clock (when hopefully you have to go to the toilet and wake up ) always a small handful of food. Since then we haven’t had any problems at all.

It took me a while to realize that. Charly had no problems with that when he was a puppy or young dog. That only developed in the last few months, and I blamed it on a food intolerance of some kind.

ConclusionI I am very satisfied with the dry food from German Shephy and will continue to feed it to Charly (and maybe Raban will get a taste for it at some point). My favorite kind is turkey with potatoes. I just have the feeling that everything here is Percent fits. The salmon feed will also continue to be on Charly’s menu.

I’m currently not sure about the lamb feed. Yes, Charly also tolerates this variety well. Compared to the other two varieties, the stool is sometimes a little softer. At the moment, of course, this can also be due to the extremely warm and humid weather, which is certainly having an effect on Charly’s well-being. Let’s see how that develops.

Charly loves all 3 types of dry food from German Shephy

Raban and Charly are three times fed daily (and Charly now also gets a bite at night). The feeding recommendation from German Shephy for dogs is between 50 and 60 Kilos between 500 and 600 grams per day (yes, Charly is a small bulldozer and weighs 60 Kilogram).

Here I am lying underneath at the moment – ​​Charly gets about 420 grams per day. And to make sure he’s hydrated, I add water (so that the food is covered, but I don’t soak the food). Of course, fresh water is always available anyway.

Apart from the fact that he no longer has diarrhea, the portions have also become smaller. Where he used to make a heap (or even more) with every walk, there are now days when he only squats twice. I like that.

The feeding bag has a carrying handle and can be closed again with a kind of zipper. That is great. The orders are delivered with DPD. There are no additional delivery costs.

I also like that the food is made by German Shephy in Germany and that the company values ​​sustainability. In addition, customer service is very friendly, helpful and usually responds to emails in a timely manner. I loved that the business owner (David) was able to deal with me personally over the phone and I really hope that other customers who have problems do the same.

How much does German Shephy’s dog food cost?22754The dog food from German Shephy can be conveniently ordered online

Regardless of the variety, a 19 Kilogram Sack 52,99 Euro and can be conveniently ordered in the German Shephy online shop. In addition to the three varieties presented, there is also a turkey dry food for puppies and a vegan dog food. In addition, three feed supplement powders are offered – an intestinal treatment, joint care and a skin and coat powder.

You can also order savings offers. My favorite is the value pack of 3 for the price of 209 Euro (instead of 420,69 Euro). If you first want to try out how the food is received by your four-legged friend, you can do so with a trial package for the price of 19,69 Euro do. There are turkey, lamb and salmon from the German Shephy varieties grams. This packaging size is also great for on the go.

Fun Fact: When ordering, the lovely husband of course also visited other online platforms to order the food. He’s a little bargain hunter. But the food is actually cheapest (at least for the moment) if it is ordered from German Shephy’s online shop!

DisclosureGerman Shephy gave me a total of 19 Kilograms for extensive testing and without further conditions. Thanks a lot for this. The text reflects my personal opinion.

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