Gray Cats: Here's what you need to know about them

“>Cats with gray fur have an elegant aura that conveys elegance. They are extremely popular with cat lovers because they exude calm and grace. They are often used for advertising images to strengthen the marketing of certain cat products and have characteristics that distinguish them from cats with other fur colors.

But which cat breeds are born with gray fur and what are the myths about that are associated with gray cats? We clarify the matter!

How does the gray coat color in cats come about?

“>Unlike humans, pedigree cats that are silver-gray in color are not characterized by having reached a biblical age. Nor will you succeed in associating the gray coat with special cat food or training.The color of the coat is hereditary due to a pigment change, which is the result of the mixing of melanin pigments and keratin, among which different ones found in the cat’s hair water-insoluble fibrous proteins.

The group of melanins is divided into two main categories: eumelanin is responsible for the darker color tones of the coat, pheomelanin is the Basis for yellowish and reddish colors Gray cat breeds are created by mixing the three components, whereby the respective content of the substances determines the different shades of gray.

Gray breeds of cats – the Symbolism

“>For thousands of years, gray cats have played an important role in history and mythology. They are associated with strong symbolism. In Egypt, cats with gray fur were already 2nd.000 Worshiped years before our era and are still immensely popular today.Generally speaking, Egyptian cats considered to be the oldest domestic animals in the world.

During the time of the pharaohs, the gray cat breed was considered sacred and had the status of gods, it was considered a symbol for fertility and good luck. Regularly associated with the sun god Ra, the supreme deity of ancient Egypt, gray cats were associated with the belief that they could guide their owners to heaven, so it’s no wonder special specimens mummified and buried in their own cat grave et were.

But other cultures also worship gray cats. In China, Russia and Japan, gray cats are considered good luck charms associated with prosperity and wealth. In addition, in ancient and medieval times, cats were an important part of various mythologies and played an important role in folklore.

Gray cats are companions of both the Norse goddess Freyja as well as the Greek god Apollo and the Roman deity Mercury. Greek mythology even has its own cat goddess, Bastet, who was considered a lucky charm and protector of women and children.

This is what your cat’s coat color says about its character

Gray cats are very playful! – Image: Simxa / “>A study by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California came to the conclusion that the coat color could allow conclusions to be drawn about the character of the velvet paws. From this it is concluded that you will find a persistent play partner in a gray cat.

Such a four-legged friend is curious and can be animated quickly. You have to exercise a certain amount of caution, since the playing behavior can quickly turn into an aggressive attitude. On top of that, gray house tigers love their freedom and like to mark off their territory as free roamers.

“>Gray is not gray and in reality there is about 50 Species whose fur shimmers from blue-grey to silver-grey. Some gray breeds also have different patterns and characteristics. Below we give you an overview of the most important breeds in which the gray coat coloration is dominant.

Image: Photo Agency Zoonar GmbH / “>The Russian Blue cat breed is characterized by a silvery, shimmering, blue-grey to dark-grey fur. In connection with the green to emerald-green eye color, this results in a bizarre contrast that gives you a lot of pleasure.

Russian Blue has some special features. It is the only cat breed in the world to have a so-called double coat. The top hair is the same length as the undercoat, which means that the cat hardly sheds any hair distinguish a Russian Blue are seen in their playfulness and their affection.She is extremely calm and sensitive and needs your increased attention.

Image: Michael Hahn / “>A classic among gray cat breeds is the Chartreux, with its velvety, blue-gray fur and peculiar eyes that glow yellow, copper, amber, or orange. Also known as the Carthusian or Maltese cat, the breed is believed to be one of the oldest breeds bred , since it is mentioned in writings from the Middle Ages.

The Carthusian cat loves it when you cuddle it and stroke it extensively shows no aggressive behavior and quickly finds its way in any new environment.Chartreux likes to be out and about as an outdoor cat, but also finds a happy existence as a house cat, provided it has enough exercise within the apartment.

Image: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek / “>House cats in Germany are usually short-haired. This also applies to pedigree cats, but they are more susceptible to diseases. The predominant cat breed in this country with gray fur is the British Shorthair. It has a plush, dark gray fur and golden eyes, which gives it a beautiful contrast.

British shorthairs, which are related to the American shorthairs, have a more independent and calm character, they are not big cats , likes to cuddle extensively and is willingly petted by you. This breed is also satisfied and happy with a life both as a house cat and as an outdoor cat.

The list of cat breeds with coats of gray color variations, lively characters and beguiling looks goes on.

To name would be Scottish Fold, a natural mutation with flat ears The Selkirk Rex is a cross between a British Shorthair and a Persian cat and is characterized by a curly coat The Mist Cat was in the 1970bred in the USA for years, has a fluffy coat and loves to lie on the sofa making it a suitable senior pet FAQ – Common Questions About Gray Cats

“>Gray cats are popular with many cat owners and families, so we get a lot of questions. We answer the most frequently asked ones here.

“>Gray cats are among the most popular of their kind. They are rare and lively dispositions. The gray fur combined with the colorful eyes provides a contrast, who will give you as a cat lover many happy hours.

Featured image (top): Kamil Martinovsky /

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