Holiday with your dog: you should take this with you

Those who travel with a dog often pack more for “one person”. But when it comes to the question: How much dog luggage is really necessary, opinions differ. Some get by with the bare essentials, others pack a whole travel bag alone for the four-legged friend. And that’s perfectly fine, because not every dog ​​is the same. Some just need a little more to feel comfortable at the holiday destination. You know best which group your dog belongs to. But what in any case we have compiled a list with should. We will also go into the most important topics separately. Have fun reading and have a wonderful holiday with your dog!


Pet Passports Dog Tags City line Tow line First aid kit Transport box or dog seat Blanket or Basket Lining toy poop bag Dog towel If required: life jacket, sun protection or jacket Possibly dog ​​jacket LINING AND CUPS In any case, you should take enough food with you for the trip. Simply calculate the days you are out and multiply the daily amount of food and multiply everything by 1.2. This way you have food with you for about two days more. Why? Most of us are more active on vacation than usual – and so are our four-legged friends. And those who are active also burn more. Sleep is also important on vacation. In any case, take a blanket or a basket for your dog with you. Some dogs find it difficult to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings. Then a travel box is suitable – provided the dog knows the transportable “cave”. Depending on how long you are on the road, you should also pack (a) spare blanket(s).


Never forget your dog’s pet ID card! For some countries outside the EU, you also need proof of a titer from the veterinarian. This is proof of a rabies vaccination that can be noted in the pet ID card. If you cannot provide proof of current vaccinations, this can lead to unpleasant penalties such as quarantine for the dog at border crossings, etc. Nobody needs that! In many countries, there is also a nationwide leash requirement. A drag leash is suitable so that the furry friend still gets their money’s worth. A muzzle requirement on public transport is just as common It is best to tell your four-legged friend to wear the unloved thing early get used to early. No matter where you go on holiday with your dog: Before you travel, find out about the regulations in your destination country online or at the veterinarian’s office. Otherwise, there can be real problems or high fines. Not to mention the penalties for leaving legacies, but every dog ​​owner should have a poop bag with them anyway.

FIRST AID KIT FOR HOLIDAYS WITH DOGS Even on vacation, something unforeseen can always happen, or Bello gets sick. As in any good first-aid kit for yourself, painkillers, something against diarrhea, a clinical thermometer, bandages (including scissors), disinfectant and eye drops also belong in the one for the dog. Tweezers, forceps, or a card to remove ticks should also be packed. It may also make sense to take nail clippers and a dog shampoo with you. For some dogs, it can also help to have an anti-nausea remedy with you when you travel, or something to relax you with. Have a look in our shop, there you will find e.g. B. our Relax tablets.

THE JOURNEY ITSELF: CAR SEAT, BOX AND CO. In any case, you should secure your dog well when travelling. If you drive, think about a suitable car seat or a dog belt. For large dogs, a box in the trunk is helpful. Especially in warm months you should always keep an eye on the temperature in the car. Then a longer stay in the car without air conditioning is extremely dangerous.

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