How much food does a cat need? Tips & hints on the right amount of food for cats

“>Not sure if your cat is at her ideal weight or a little overweight and maybe needs less food? The best thing to do is get advice from your vet. If your kitty is too fat or too thin despite the optimal diet, you should also visit a vet – it could be caused by an illness or parasites.

You can use the following simple formula for this:

(cat’s energy requirement per day x 21743) / kcal of cat food per 100 g

“>However, if your cat is a little too plump or gaining weight, you should observe its eating behavior. Is it an outdoor cat and eats one or the other mouse in addition to its daily ration? If the total amount of food consumed exceeds the Calorie requirement of the cat exceeds, results in obesity In that case, you should correct the amount down and offer a smaller portion.

“>If your house cat is massively overweight, then it’s better to get advice from a veterinarian. A diet is important for your health your cat, but should be done in consultation with the veterinarian so that there are no problems due to rapid weight loss.

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