Is your cat winking or blinking at you? That's the meaning

“>Cats transmit messages to fellow animals, other animals or people in different ways: The position of the ears, the position of the body and tail, as well as noises such as growling or meowing.

Blinking the eyes of velvet paws has the function of a friendly gesture, it is also known as “cat smile”.

As with many other animal species, direct staring applies in cats it is naturally unpleasant and a sign of aggressiveness and hostility.

While dogs therefore largely avoid direct eye contact with their own kind, cats have developed a different strategy: they blink other cats to appease them when their eyes meet.It is a sign of appeasement that cats learn from their mothers from a very young age.They reinforce this behavior with their siblings and later with cats they don’t know .

In cat language, winking is supposed to express peacefulness. Among cat friends it could even be seen as a nice greeting, maybe even as an expression of friendship.

Depending on the situation, cats will blink one eye or very slowly close and open both eyelids. The slower cats blink, the greater their trust in their counterpart.

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