Japanese cat names: The best 300 names from Japan for your darling

Cat love in the land of cherry blossoms

“>Whether Hello Kitty, the waving Lucky Cat, in Manga or animes – You’ve probably come across cat figurines from Japan before. That’s not surprising, because cats are particularly popular in Japan. Although the Japanese often cannot keep cats due to the small apartments, the velvet paws can be found everywhere.

Cats have always played an important role in Japanese folk beliefs. The best known in this country is the waving Maneki Neko, which is considered a lucky charm. The mystical four-legged friends embody both good and evil spirits and demons. They also appear in cartoons such as Anime Films as various characters in appearance.

Cats are not only to be found in films and entertainment in Japan. So that cat lovers can get their money’s worth, they can Cat cafes petting and spending time with them. There is even a Cat Island in Japan, where hundreds of cats live in freedom. Countless tourists come there to pet the animals and take photos.

The love for furry friends is also expressed in Japanese cat names that are carefully selected. Japanese cat names often have a special, characteristic meaning . If you are looking for an exotic name for your pet, then you will surely find what you are looking for in our following collection of Japanese cat names. Whether your cat is fun, calm, playful, or confident, find inspiration for male and female feline personalities here!

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Japanese Cat Names – Most Popular

Cats are very popular in Japan – this is where the “cat cafes” were invented “>Some cat names are particularly popular in Japan because they are euphonious and suit most kitties. The favorite Japanese cat names are ideal as call names for velvet paws and have an endearing meaning.

Azuki – Red beans Chibi – tiny, small Fuku – Happiness Fuwafuwa – fluffy Hana – Flower Haru – Spring Haruki – Spring Child Quay – ocean, shell Kenzo – white Coco – short Kuro – black Kurumi – Walnut Leo – Lion Maroon – Chestnut Maru – Circle Mei – nice Mikan – Tangerine, Orange Minto – Mint Miruku – Milk Moka – Mocha Momo – Peach Nyan – Meow Sakura – Cherry Blossom Shiro – white Sora – Heaven Sota – tall, fat Tadeo – faithful Tama – Ball Torah – Tiger Yoshi – the lucky guy Yuki – Lucky Charm, Snow Yuuma – cozy Kawaii Cat Names: The Cutest Japanese names for cats and tomcats

“>In Japan, everyone loves everything that looks particularly cute and childlike – this cult becomes Kawaii named. What could be more kawaii than little kittens with their big eyes, snub noses and soft paws? If you find your cat particularly cute, then this list of names is right for you. The hearty names with the cute sound are suitable for both cats as well as tomcats.

Ai – Love Aiko – little love Akachan – Infant Akina – Spring Flower Chibi – small child Chiisai – small Chika – scattered flowers Chisai tori – little bird Cho – Butterfly Chotto – small Doki doki – upset Etsu – Joy Fuji – unique Hanako – flower child Hare – sunny Hashi – Chopsticks Himari – Sunflower Ichigo – Strawberry Kanmi – Sweetness Caricature – crispy Kegawa – Fur Keiko – Worshiper Kin – golden Kioko – happy Kirei – pretty Koneko – Kitten Koro – colorful Maru – around Mouse – Mouse Mei – offspring Minako – Apple Tree Mochi – Rice cake Oishi – yummy Pinku – pink Rini – small rabbit Rozu – Rose Saki – Blossom Satu – Sugar Sayuri – small lily Shai – shy Shizuka – quiet Shuga – Sugar Suitopi – Sweet Pea Flower Suki – Lover Sushi – Sushi Suzume – Sparrow Udon – thick wheat noodle Ume – Plum Blossom Yamu – yummy Yosei – Fairy or Ghost Japanese Cat Names: The Most Beautiful Names for (Female) Cats

“>Are you looking for a suitable name for your kitten? Japanese cat names are an extraordinary and adorable choice for your new pet. In our list we have the most beautiful Japanese names for female cats put together.

“>Whether cuddly tiger, diva or supple huntress – these female Japanese cat names underline the character and the outward appearance of your kitty and sound like music to her ears!

Aiko – Love Child Airi – lovely jasmine Akari – Light Akemi – bright beautiful Akiko – shining child Amaya – Night Rain Anri – dark jasmine Arisu – Noble Asami – Morning Beauty Asuka – Scent Ayame – Irises Bashira – joyful Chika – scattering flowers Emi – beautiful blessing Emiko – beautiful and blessed child Haia – nimble Hana – Flower Hanako – Flower Child Haru – Spring Haruko – Spring Child Hikari – Shine Himari – Light and Love Hime – Princess Hina – Sun Hoshi – Star Hoshiko – Star Child Chika – Gift Katsumi – victorious beauty Kayda – Little Dragon Kazuko – Child of Harmony Kichi – Happiness Kiko – Hope Kimi – classy Kimiko – Child of the Empress Kioko – happy Kiyo – pure Kiyomi – pure beauty May – Dance Maiko – dancing child Mana – Sea of ​​Love Manami – love, beauty Wed – adorable Midori – green Mika – lovely scent Miki – beautiful princess Miku – Eternity, beautiful sky Mimi – Beam of Light Mio – beautiful cherry blossom Misaki – beautiful flower Mitsuko – Light Miyako – beautiful Child of the night Miyu – soft Miyuki – beautiful blessing Momoka – Peach Blossom Moriko – Child of the Forest Nakano – Warrior Naoko – obedient child Naomi – honest beauty Riki – Strength Rina – Jasmine Rio – Talc Cherry Blossom Saki – Blossoms of Hope Sakura – Cherry Blossom Sara – living flower Satomi – beautiful and wise Shai – shy Shika – Deer Shinju – Pearl Suki – Lover Sumi – black ink Suzume – Sparrow Takara – Treasure Tomiko – happy child Tomomi – beautiful girlfriend Toshiko – smart child Tsuki – Moon Yasuko – Child of Peace Yoru – Night Yoru – Night Japanese Cat Names: The Best Names for Tomcats

“>A little cat will be moving in with you soon and you’re still missing that one right name? Get inspired by our selection of male Japanese cat names. The name should reflect a defining characteristic such as coat color, eye color or the character of your pet. For your little daredevil, here you will find easy to pronounce, sonorous and cool Japanese cat names

Akemi – beautiful dawn Aki – Autumn, light Akihiro – great shine Akio – Hero Akira – awakened Dai – large Haruki – shining sun Haruto – flying toward the sun Hikaru – Broadcast Hinata – facing the sun, Sunflower Hiro – generous Hiroshi – generous Ichiro – the firstborn Isamu – brave Kai – Ocean, Shell Kaito – Supporter Kaoru – Scent Kasai – Fire Katoro – little boy Katsu – Triumph Katsuro – winning son Kegawa – Fur Kenshin – humble Kenta – strong and big Kento – Happiness Kichiro – happy son Kimi – noble Kiyoshi – Purity Koneko – Kitten Kosho – Pepper Kouki – Light or Hope Kurumi – Walnut Madoka – circle, round Makkuro – pitch black Masa – just Masaru – Victory Masumi – perfect clarity Minoru – Truth Mitsuo – radiant hero Nao – honest Ninja – Ninjutsu Master Nobu – Believe Ren – Lotus flower, love Riku – earth, land Rini – small rabbit Ryo – cool, refreshing Ryu – Dragon Samurai – Japanese warrior Satoru – Breaking Dawn Shouta – fly far Sora – Heaven Tadashi – faithful, loyal Taeko – brave Taiki – great brilliance Takahiro – classy Takashi – wealthy Takeo – War Hero Takumi – Artist Tama – turtle, perfect, ball Tamotsu – Keeper Tanuki – Badger Taro – big son Tatsuki – Honor Tomi – wealthy Toro – Tiger Toshi – way Toshio – genius ruler Yamato – great harmony Yasu – Peace Yori – Trust Yoshi – happy, fair Yoshio – joyful Life Yukio – blessed hero Anime Names for Character Cats

“>If you are an anime fan, then the choice is probably not difficult for you. Among the multitude of characters of the anime series and movies you will surely find one Cat character to match your cat’s personality. Or do you just name your cat after your favorite anime cat character? We’ve picked some of the most famous anime cats and the movies they’re from.

Anpu – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Artemis – Sailor Moon Asami – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Asuna – Sword Art Online Baron – Kingdom of Cats Beerus – Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods Bolin – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Buy – Inuyasha Carla – Fairy Tail Charmmy – Hello Kitty Cheshire – Pandora Hearts Chi – Little Cat Chi Chito – Flying Witch Chomusuke – Konosuba Diana – Sailor Moon Doraemon – Doraemon Garnet – Jewelpet Gohan – Dragon Ball –Z. Goku – Dragon Ball –Z. Happy – Fairy Tail Hideki – Angel Beats Hinata – Naruto Ichigo – Bleach Jibanyan – YouKai Watch Jiji – Kiki’s little delivery service Canada – Angel Beats Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender Kaya – Ghost Stories Kerberos – Cardcaptor Sakura Kirara – Inuyasha Kirito – Sword Art Online Kora – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Korin – Dragon Ball Z Kuro – Blue Exorcist

Kyo – Fruit’s Basket Luna – Sailor Moon Mako – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Mao – Darker than Black Matatabi – Naruto Meowth – Pokemon Maya – Azumanga Daioh Milo – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Mimi – Journey to Agartha Morgana – Persona 5: The Animation Naruto – Naruto Neko–sensei – Princess Tutu Nyan – Nyan Cat Potya – Yuri!!! on ICE Richie – One Piece Rukia – Bleach Ryuk – Death Note Sakamoto – Nichijou Sango – Jewelpet Sasuke – Naruto Shamisen – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Sokka – Avatar: The Last Airbender Suguha – Sword Art Online Takamatsu – Angel Beats Takkun – FLCL Tama – Sazae–San Tarou – To a whisker Tib – Mary and the witch’s flowers Torah – Naruto Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro Vegeta – Dragon Ball – Z. Yuzuru – Angel Beats “>Have you found your favorite for your velvet paw in our overview? Japanese cat names emphasize the unique personality of your cat. Give your cat an extraordinary name from the land of smiles.

FAQ – Japanese Cat Name Frequently Asked Questions

What should you pay attention to cat names? It is best to choose a name that is easy to remember. For cats, two-syllable names involving bright vowels like i and a are easiest, but they adapt well to other names as well.

4231003 How does my cat learn its name? Your cat will learn its name most quickly if it associates something positive with it. Give her a treat and repeat the name and she’ll remember it quickly.

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