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Career is becoming more and more important in Western countries, so many young people prefer work to family. This can also be seen from the latest statistics, in which the average age for marriage and for the first children is increasing.

In addition, life is also shifting in financial terms, so that the prices for life increase but salaries remain the same. As a result, many young people cannot afford to have children. Added to this is the fact that professions require a lot to get started. In the past, only training or professional experience was required and now a master’s degree is required for many professions. The world is changing and that can also be seen in Germany. The latest trend is towards pets. Pets can be found in more and more German households, especially in single households. So many young single people feel lonely but don’t have enough time to be in a relationship, so they get a pet. This gives them the feeling that they are no longer alone and have a certain responsibility.

Recommended pets for singles
The relationship between humans and animals is a good thing. Especially with the current trend as more and more people adopt pets from shelters. Support for breeders has declined so much that many only accept animals in acute need of support or a home. The animal shelters are happy about this and currently have the opportunity to rehome all their animals.

The selection of the pet depends heavily on the single person. Depending on how many commitments there are in everyday life, different pets come into question. For example, cats are easier to keep than dogs. But the same applies to fish, which are even easier to keep compared to cats. In principle, however, the interest of the single also plays a role. There are dog people on the one hand and cat people on the other. Accordingly, a pet should also be implemented in the single life.

The advantage of cats is that cats are very independent. Of course they also have to be fed, but in the end they manage almost everything on their own. However, they should still be provided with a certain luxury, which comes, for example, in the form of a drinking fountain for the cat or a climbing frame.

In contrast, dogs have the advantage that they give back a lot. But they also need a person who takes care of them for at least three to four hours a day. The walks alone take up at least two hours a day, which can be a lot of time for a single person in addition to work and “normal” life.


Which dog fits me best?

What kind of pet fits your personality?

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