My cat lies on top of me: That's why cats snuggle up to people when they sleep

My cat sleeps on me: An award for man

“>Even though cats are known for being cuddly and cuddling, they only exhibit this behavior around people they trust.

If your cat sleeps on your stomach or lap, that’s a great token of love from your kitty. Your cat’s sleeping position shows you that your relationship is good and you have a strong bond Your velvet paw wants to be near you and spend time with you.

“>Before she settles down on you, she may purr or show the so-called “milk kick”. You can also see both as tokens of love!

Kittens snuggle up together

“>Little cats spend the early days of their lives with their siblings, cuddling close together. The group gives protection, Here the kittens experience warmth and security. Being so close together, the little ones can feel the heartbeat of their siblings and their mother, and this closeness calms and relaxes.

At this stage of life, the mother cat is responsible for all of the little cat’s needs, providing her with food and loving care.

Later the cat owner is something like a surrogate mother for the velvet paw. So if your cat has chosen you to cuddle with her and have close body contact like in the nest, that is a great sign of trust.

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Humans as a cozy source of warmth

“>It’s no secret that cats like it warm . A warm spot in the sun is a welcome treat for most cats, who can bask in the sun for hours or soak up heat on the radiator.

This is another reason why your cat likes to lie on you – they want something warm and soft to lie on, they often fall asleep in this position and enjoy your body heat when napping on your stomach or lap.

So napping on humans just helps cats stay warm and conserve energy.

Find protection and security in people

“>Even if cats as pets don’t have to fear attackers – they still instinctively prefer a safe place to sleep If your cat makes itself comfortable on you, then it feels safe and the cat can sleep relaxed and deeply.

If your cat chooses her sleeping position on your stomach or your lap, she sees you as her protector. If she then lays on her back and shows her stomach, that is a sign that she places her absolute trust in you.

“>Tip: Your Cat is sleeping soundly on you and you have to get up? Don’t jump up suddenly, but wake it up lovingly or carefully put it on its side. Because if you frequently wake it up rudely from its sleep, it could change itself in the future Find sleeping position.

A Token of Affection

“>Cats express their love when they choose sleeping positions on their humans . Most cats only exhibit this behavior with those closest to them, whom they trust and know well. Just as they prefer to snuggle up with their favorite companions, they prefer to allow physical closeness with the people they care about most.

The meaning of this feline behavior is quite clear: your cat lying on top of you is a sign that you are one of its favorite people.

The cat wants attention

“>Cats don’t always want to sleep when they lie down on people. If your cat jumps onto your lap or snuggles up against your chest, it may be that they is looking for your attention. Maybe she feels like playing a game or wants to be petted by you.

If you know your cat very well, you can probably tell what she’s in the mood for by her Your cat’s body language and behavior will tell you if she’s out for fun or cuddling.

Lie on people – not popular with all cats

“>As different as the personalities of cats are, their sleeping behavior is also different. Not all cats are comfortable lying on people. For example, they prefer their blanket or their bed, where they can rest undisturbed and relaxed It’s not because they don’t trust their cat owners, some cats find being too close to each other simply because of their personality uncomfortable .

Other cats haven’t learned it unless they’ve been raised around people from an early age.They’re not used to people to be so close to you, even when you’re asleep.

There are many reasons why your kitty would rather not lie on you you her essence, as she is – your cat has many ways to express her love for you, even outside of her sleeping habits.


Your cat likes to sleep on you because she enjoys your closeness. In this sleeping position she feels safe and secure – a strong one Token of your velvet paw’s love for you.

What does it mean if my cat sleeps on me? When your cat assumes its sleeping position on top of you, it is a great token of love. Your cat feels safe with you and shows you her affection. She often shows this in combination with a pleasant purr.

Should I let my cat sleep in my bed? You can of course let your cat sleep in your bed if you don’t mind. The closeness is good for the relationship with your velvet paw and strengthens your bond. Cats usually like to sleep with you in a human bed!

Why is my cat lying on me? Cats have many motivations for laying on people. They are looking for security and enjoy the warmth. Even if they want affection, they like to lie on you. Therefore, it is a common habit for many cats to sleep on a lap or close to the human body.

What sleeping position do cats have when they are comfortable? A deeply relaxed cat likes to lie on its back and show its stomach. If she sleeps stretched out on her side, it’s a sign of well-being. So you can see the state of mind of the animals from the sleeping positions of the cats!

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