Portrait of the Maine Coon cat

“>Main Coons are large and stately cats with long, thick fur. They are people-oriented, affectionate and often feel at home in families with children. You can find out everything you need to know about the graceful cat breed here!

Appearance: Gentle giants with lynx ears

“>The Maine Coon can best be described with two terms: large and fluffy. Their fur, consisting of undercoat and shiny top coat, is extra long on the back, sides and tail. On the belly and hind leg area it is full and shaggy That and that typical lynx brushes leave them like one Wildcat appear.The paws are plump and strong.

Since Maine Coon cats are up to 120 centimeters, they are rightly considered the Largest domesticated cat breed in the world. While females often weigh four and a half to six kilograms, males usually weigh five and a half to nine.

Regardless of gender these cats have a athletically shaped body with a long and angular torso and a broad chest. Their legs are well muscled and of medium length compared to other cat breeds.

“>The coat of a Maine Coon can various colors and coat patterns.The basic colors are white, black, blue, red and cream. Organized cat breeders only undesirable are “gold” and “ticked” (marking by multicolored hair) as well as chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, Fawn and Point markings.

The Maine Coons can be solid in these shades.

A colorful bunch of Maine Coon kittens ❤️ “>A Maine Coon cat can also exhibit many different patterns and shades, including smoke shaded, tabby, bicolored, or multicolored.

“>The eyes of the Maine Coon can be golden, green or copper. White Maine Coon cats usually have blue or even different colored eyes.

Profile of the Maine Coon cat

Breed name and other designations: Maine Coon, Maine Cat Origin: UNITED STATES Size: Very large, up to 98 cm length and 40 cm shoulder height, weight between 4.5 (females) and 12 Kilo (hangover). The Maine Coon is fully grown after 3 to 4 years. Fur: Semi Longhair Colors: Almost all colors; Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn are not allowed in combination with other colors or as badges Pattern: Smoke shaded, tabby, two or more colors Look: Muscular, tall and very robust, elongated Particularities: size and majestic hair Character: Affectionate, balanced, intelligent, loving, cuddly

“>Maine Coon cats are considered even-tempered, affectionate and intelligent, but also sociable They appreciate the presence of their humans very much. Similarities to dogs on.

“>So they let themselves be led on a leash, don’t like to be left alone and love to go for walks with their master or mistress. The Maine Coon can therefore also be kept well with dogs, provided it finds a sufficient familiarization with each other instead.

Maine Coons like to play and are also of advanced age open to new things. So you can tell them one or the other teach trick Despite her pronounced attachment the Maine Coon is not a cat, who wants to be cuddled and hugged all the time.

If there are children in your household, you should convey this to them at an early age.The Maine Coon draws characterized by a high degree of independence and a strong urge for freedom out.

The big cats meow relatively often and seem to want to talk to their owners that way . They also communicate with conspecifics in this way, among other things.

The Maine Coon is Very well suited as a family cat , because it is usually friendly and open to people and animals.

The medium-length coat requires regular care, especially for outdoor cats “>Since the Maine Coon can get very large, you should have enough living space are available. In principle, the cats can only be kept in the apartment, but they should then at least have access to a secured balcony or can roam through the garden .

“>Generally, cats love elevated vantage points, from where they can let their gaze wander and explore the surroundings.

Maine Coon cats are generally total elige cats and need the attention of their people as well as that of other cats. This is also the reason why you don’t get a Maine Coon as a single cat should hold. They also need coat care ), although not as much as some other longhaired cats.

You should even send kittens to used to regular brushing to avoid problems later in life. Outdoor cats in particular need support with grooming as parasites and dirt can get caught in their fur.

Most Maine Coons once outside the home or of the house would like to do so again. The sensory impressions they can benefit from in the fresh air seem too beautiful.

If you want to take your cat on walks, you should try to get him used to being on a leash. It makes sense to try this out in the garden or on the balcony first. Some cats don’t like leashes and even panic.

How much activity does the Maine Coon need?

“>Most cats can sleep or doze for many hours a day and this also applies to the Maine Coon. Nevertheless, animals of this breed also want to be occupied. Otherwise they could become over time feel underwhelmed and begin to attack household items and upholstered furniture.

“>Check your pet store for toys like cat rods or little stuffed mice Your Maine Coon will love it when you play with her extensively using the toy.

Do you not have the time to spend enough time with your Maine Coon? That doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem either if you instead Get intelligence games or other devices that the cat can play with itself. In this case Fodballs, in whose Inside you can hide delicious treats.

When the cat plays with it, a few of them will fall out of the openings from time to time. This has a Reward Effect and the cat is encouraged to continue playing.

Instead, let it be a toy where the cat does not have access to food, you can you for example a Raschel tunnel ) buy. However, make sure that this is big enough for the Maine Coon.

Sufficient employment is a must, especially when keeping the Maine Coon in an apartment! “>Once the Maine Coon was a handsome and robust breed The cats were mainly kept outside, where they pursued the task of catching mice.The thick fur was ideally suited for the harsh winter months – Maine Coon cats still don’t tolerate heat very well to this day .

As the cat became more and more popular, through Overbreeding gradually more and more hereditary diseases.If you want to keep a Maine Coon, you should you have them checked by a veterinarian at regular intervals to ensure that she is free of any of the following:

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM): Heart disease in which there is thickening of the heart muscle. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system: Hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patella. Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Disease of the nerves, resulting in muscle wasting and paralysis. Polycystic Kidney Disease: Bubbles filled with liquid form in the kidneys, which limit the function of the organs. Nutrition of the Maine Coon cat

“>When it comes to diet, Maine Coon cats have no breed specific preferences It is important, as with any other cat, that it has sufficient nutrients throughout the day, including Vitamins, minerals and proteins, received.

“>Like all other cat breeds, the Maine Coon is a carnivore. When choosing cat food, a high meat content is extremely important!

In commercial cat food, which is marked as a complete feed, there are usually already all the important nutrients that a cat needs to live a healthy life. We recommend feeding high-quality wet food without additives, where fresh meat is processed. Wet food also contains much more liquid than any dry food – this is extremely important for cat health and life expectancy.

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“>Of course, the cat should according to its weight and size be fed.It is obvious that large cats need more food than small, lighter ones.

In addition, activity level and disposition play a huge role in how much food a Maine Coon needs.Approximate recommendations can be found on the packaging of the chosen food, and a cat should be weighed regularly and the food ration adjusted accordingly.

“>The Maine Coon originally comes from the USA, specifically from the state of Maine.

“>It got there by seafarers in the 1850 In Maine there were already shorthair cats with which the ancestors of the Maine Coon bred.

“>The result was offspring with a large, strong build, semi-long fur and tails that resembled those of raccoons This is how the breed got its name, because raccoon means translated “raccoon”.

In Maine the winters were very harsh and extreme and the cats living there had to adapt to these conditions.Over time their fur became denser and thicker , they developed a good insulating undercoat.

The first exhibitions in which the noble Maine Coons were presented were already in the 1860he- years ago In addition, many people started to keep cats as pets.

Maine Coon continues to gain popularity

“>The Maine Coon has grown in popularity over the years. In 1950 she was rediscovered for the first time and so the “Central Maine Cat Club” was born , founded by lovers of the breed.1950 the Maine Coon was recognized as an independent breed by the American Cat Clubs.

Unfortunately, Main Coons are susceptible to hereditary diseases. However, this does not change anything in terms of their popularity, which is growing more and more. The pedigree cats became really well known in Europe after the International Federation of Cat Breeding Associations had officially recognized them.

What should be considered when buying a Maine Coon?

From the age of 12 until 16 Maine Coon kittens can move into their new home for weeks “>Do you want your Maine Coon cat to be purebred you must have her from a registered breeder This also ensures that the parents have been tested for all of the typical hereditary diseases that are common in Main Coons already vaccinated, chipped and dewormed .

If you buy a Maine Coon from a reputable breeder, you should expect prices that until 750,00 Euro. For Maine Coons with breeding license one is already quickly at over 1024 Euro.

Of course you can also have a Maine Coon adopt at animal welfare . You are doing something good with this, as cats that are there usually need a new home seek. However, it may then be that it is not a purebred Maine Coon, but a crossbreed.

Interesting and worth knowing

“>There are a few things you should definitely know about Maine Coon cats. The following facts speak for themselves:

“>Maine Coon in Harry Potter film adaptation: The cat of the unpopular caretaker Argus Filch is a red Maine Coon in the film.

Maine Coon almost landed in the Senate of Virginia: At first it was just a joke as part of an animal protection campaign , but then Kater received “Hank the Cat” 2012 actually 7.300 votes, which put him in third place in the Choice.

Largest cat in the world: For a long time, Maine Coon tomcat Stewie from Oregon held with proud 120 centimeters in length set the record. Aged 13 years ago he passed away and Melbourne native Omar has been at the helm ever since. This is at least 1,20 meters long and weighs 14 Kilos on the scales.

“>The Main Coon is a particularly large cat with an athletic build and large paws.

“>Furthermore, she has long fur and brushes in her ears – as known from lynxes. There are a few things to consider when keeping the affectionate and well-balanced cats. They should not be kept alone or without sufficient employment opportunities. If If you don’t have enough time for your Main Coon, she can keep herself busy with intelligence toys.

Purebred Main Coons are only available from reputable breeders and there in different fur colors and markings.The costs are about 473-1000 Euro Main Coons make good family cats .

“>If you want to offer a Maine Coon a nice home, you should be very familiar with this popular cat breed. In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about the Maine Coon.

Are Main Coon cuddles ecats? “>The Maine Coon is considered to be an affectionate cat species, but it is not just a cuddly cat. They prefer to live out their independence in the great outdoors. But these magnificent animals can also be kept as apartment cats. In the latter case, however, they need a lot of space, to be able to move sufficiently.

Can you keep a Maine Coon alone? “>A Maine Coon should ideally not be kept alone, but together with one or more other cats. Many Maine Coons also get along well with dogs if both are used to each other well.

Are Maine Coons quiet cats? “>Each animal has its own character, this also applies to Maine Coon cats. They are generally described as affectionate and friendly animals that like to talk to their owners or conspecifics.

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