Raban and Energy Medicine for Animals

Unpaid advertising – When I was with Raban at the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Arlberg at the end of October, we or Raban got acquainted with Priya Maria Ender’s energy medicine for animals. She is a shaman and Indian healing worker.

Why Animal Energy Medicine for Raban? But what made me book this type of treatment for my Raban? When the lovely husband and I met our boy, he was already seven months old, still living with his breeder and had not been sold to his new owners at the usual nine weeks.

We put his extreme reserve and timidity down to the fact that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is actually a more reserved and reserved dog. We were quite wrong – and we found that out relatively quickly.

Raban with us in his new home

Unfortunately, Raban’s reticence and anxiety didn’t go away even after he had settled in with us. I have a good relationship with him and he seems to trust me too. But that’s it. He hasn’t let his lovely husband near him for a long time and strangers are anathema to him.

Of course we have also been to various dog trainers, including a vet who specializes in behavioral therapy for dogs is. The successes were only moderate. It was repeatedly emphasized that we should be patient.

Basically, I have a positive attitude towards alternative treatment methods. That’s how I learned know, for example, the animal energetics specialist Michaela in Almdorf Seinerzeit, who used her methods to solve blockages in the back area of ​​Dayo and Suri.

Long story short – when I was preparing my trip to Vorarlberg, I also came across the offer from Priya Maria Ender on the hotel website.

What is energy medicine anyway? I have a clear, simple and above all universal definition of what energy medicine actually is I not found. Basically, it is about balancing the energy flow of body, mind and soul. If this energy flow is in order, it should lead to emotional, mental and sometimes physical health.

According to Wikipedia, there are different forms: There is energy medicine that focuses on the aura layers (Occident), the chakra system (India) or the meridian system (China). In addition, this so-called healing work implies approaches to spiritual healing from religious traditions (e.g. a shamanic background) or new spiritual directions (e.g. Reiki).

Priya Maria Enders Energy Medicine for Animals Priya applies shamanic and Indian healing techniques not only to humans but also to animals.

Raban meets Priya and her energy medicine for animals

This is how the Austrian with Indian roots presents herself on the website of the Hotel Goldener Berg as follows:

People and pets are almost always a unit. The animal reflects us and wants to support us in our development. But it also warns us of dangers. Of course, every animal also has its own soul, which is weakened by trauma.

Further it says:

Everything is energy, everything is connected. We are equally connected to people, animals, plants and our environment. That’s why it is just as easy – even easier than with humans – to erase and heal trauma from animals.

Priya also refers to her energy work with animals on her own website. I quote:

Sometimes our four-legged friends also show behavioral problems or have problems. Their cause can sometimes lie in traumatic or stressful events in the past. Using various energetic techniques, we will look together at what it takes to bring the flow of energy back into balance and strengthen it.

These statements spoke to me straight away. Of course, it all sounds a bit aloof or esoteric. But be that as it may – after all, there is a lot between heaven and earth that cannot be explained.

And who knows, maybe energy medicine for animals can also help my Raban. So I called the hotel and asked for an appointment with Priya for my boy.

Energy medicine for animals – this is how Raban’s treatment went I thought long and hard about how to describe Raban’s energetic treatment without preparing everything in epic proportions. In the end I decided to prepare the individual phases briefly and hopefully clearly:

Phase 1 – Preparation Priya called me before my trip. She briefly explained to me what her energy medicine for animals is all about and how she works. She also explained that she would not do the energetic treatment with me and Raban directly at the Hotel Goldener Berg, but from a distance.

Priya and I got along well on the phone right away. I really liked her right from the start. And what she told me made sense.

Then it was my turn and I was supposed to report about Raban – about the challenges he already brought with him when he came to us, and those that may have arisen while living with us.

At first I didn’t see it (or maybe I didn’t want to see it), but Raban clearly experienced something in the first few months of his life that upset his peace of mind. Basically, he doesn’t particularly appreciate strangers. But men are even worse for him than women. However, I don’t want to publish any guesses as to what the causes of this could be at this point, but I spoke at length with Priya about it.

Another point was that I, in particular In the first few months with Raban I was constantly thinking about Dayo and often cried while walking in the forest because I wished the bear back. That probably didn’t go unnoticed by Raban either.

Priya listened to everything and in between asked one or the other question. At the end she asked me to send her a photo of Raban, where you can also see his eyes.

At the end of the phone call we have the date for your first session coordinated with Raban for Friday morning (that was my second day in Oberlech). All communication with Priya – apart from our face-to-face meeting – was via cellphone and WhatsApp.

Phase 2 – First Session “Cleaning Raban’s Energy Field” Priya sent me a message shortly after 7 a.m. on Friday morning that she is now contacting Raban and will get back to me later. I should observe whether Raban behaves differently during this time or not. It could be that nothing will happen to him. But it could also be that he’s extremely relaxed, yawning, or exhibiting other behaviors that he doesn’t normally have.

Raban is usually more likely to curl up when he sleeps.

It is of course very difficult to assess now whether I actually noticed a change in Raban for the time of Priya’s session. He walked around the room a little at first, actually yawned several times (which he actually rarely does) and then stretched out on his pillow.

And that’s maybe the only rather unusual behavior, because as a rule he is always curled up in his place. He usually only stretches out when he’s alone.

The Energy Medicine session for animals lasted about an hour, then Priya sent me a voice message, in explaining to me her feelings about Raban:

Concentration was on the Cleansing of Raban’s Energy Field. She perceived this as “heavy energy” that she “took away” from him. Raban’s themes (see above) are related to the first chakra. The first chakra means basic trust and security. Things that we (including Raban, of course) carry within us from the start. She usually perceives this as a bright red color. With Raban, however, that was a dark color that doesn’t move clockwise either, but exactly in the opposite direction. That cleaned her. In addition, other “foreign energies” have also been noticed. This can happen again and again due to external influences. At Raban she noticed the energy of a dog that died. This may be due to the fact that emotionally I couldn’t really let Dayo go. Priya said that Dayo (whereby she didn’t give his name, just talked about “another dog”) that he only ever wanted to protect me. And part of this protective function was probably taken over by Raban. You have to see how that develops in the future. This was Priya’s first contact with Raban. As a rule, changes would not appear immediately. It usually takes a few days for concrete changes to become apparent. The energy field has to be reset, so to speak. If this has happened, this can be reflected in the behavior.

Phase 3 – second session “What does Raban need?” We had arranged a second meeting for Raban on Saturday morning. Like the day before, Priya sent me a message that she’s starting. Today should be about what Raban needs to gain confidence and power. The following came out:

Raban was due for a soul retrieval. Due to a traumatic experience, a part of his soul has probably split off, which he now lacks in order to regain his balance or “strength”. Priya brought that part of his soul back and integrated it. However, this integration will not work immediately. It takes time before Raban can allow love and trust and open up. It has also been shown that Raban is an extremely intelligent dog who could use a little more activity for his head. In addition, it would be helpful if both the lovely husband and I Raban at the “Place of the Golden Buddhas” (I will explain that in more detail later). It would also be helpful for Raban if I put on a lavender bag lay his sleeping place (this is for his relaxation). Also this session of Priya’s Energy Medicine for Animals has took about an hour. After that she sent me another long voice message.

Phase 4 – final meeting Since Priya had an appointment at the Hotel Goldener Berg on Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet her personally to get to know each other and to have a kind of final talk.

Raban was also very cautious towards Priya, but surprisingly “dared” to approach her much more quickly than is usually his way.

As already mentioned, she is an Austrian with Indian roots. She was born in Bombay and grew up in Vorarlberg. She says about herself that through her professional activities she has always been lucky enough to get to know people, countries and the world. Through her story, her personal experiences and her interests, she found the way to energy work and thus also to energy medicine for animals.

Apart from the fact that she once again shared her perceptions about Raban explained, she gave me three more rituals:

fire ritual

The fire ritual is about finally saying goodbye to the old in order to be able to welcome the new.

A tea light and a so-called ” Fire Stick” (this can be a toothpick or something similar) is necessary. The “Fire Stick” is ignited with the tealight. Then I should not only take all my thoughts about Dayo and put them into the “Fire Stick” so to speak, but also my guilt towards Raban and my pain I felt when Raban came to us.

I did that. Whether it actually helped, I can’t say.

Relaxing breathing exercise

In the course of our conversations I told Priya that I am often extremely stressed when I meet dogs, which of course translates one-to-one to Raban, who then likes to bully on the leash.

To get my stress under control, she recommended the 4 for 4 breathing exercise:

Breathe in for 4 seconds Hold your breath for 4 seconds Exhale for 4 seconds Hold your breath for 4 seconds This exercise is supposed to relax me and make me calmer. I can’t say (yet) if this works for me. I used it once consciously. We walked past the other dog without taunting the leash (but it could also be because Raban didn’t classify the dog as a “danger”).

Unfortunately I’m forgetting that too the breathing exercise again and again.

Golden Buddha

After the second session with Raban, Priya advised me to hold him (in my heart) in the “Place of the Golden Buddha”. This means that I should see Raban as Raban and not compare it to other dogs. He is “my golden dog” who is perfect the way he is – with all his strengths and all his weaknesses. Regardless of whether it is called the “Golden Buddha”, “Golden Dog” or something else – that should of course be a matter of course for every dog ​​owner.

I am However, it only became clear in the conversation with Priya that I had never been able to see Raban like this before. And that’s really bad and I’m sorry. I’m in the process of changing my thinking and feeling accordingly. But not only does energy medicine for animals need time to develop, my thoughts also need time to change. But I’m – at least I hope so – on the right track.

Raban makes contact voluntarily up with Priya – completely without treats …

How much does Priya’s animal energy medicine cost? Priya charges for animal energy medicine treatments based on time. So for the two energetic sessions with Raban (each about 60 minutes) 120 Euro paid. Added to this was around 10 Euro for the phone calls made and the detailed (linguistic) summaries.

There was also a fee for arranging appointments via the Hotel Goldener Berg (that was – I think – also about 25 Euro Unfortunately I have these Invoice no longer found 🙄).

Conclusion – what did it bring? There may now be people who smile at animal energy medicine, call me an esoteric trallala and call me a madman. But I am firmly convinced that there are many things between earth and heaven that cannot be explained rationally and still “work”.

Priya had said at the end of October, it would be two to three weeks before I would (hopefully) notice any changes to Raban. And that’s actually true.

The most important point: The relationship between the lovely husband and Raban has improved significantly. Raban now even actively approaches him, nudges him and begs. He hadn’t done that before. Raban still doesn’t like being touched by the lovely husband. But he is no longer in the escape position. The hasty running away when Thomas unleashes him after the evening walk has stopped completely. That’s just great!

Raban has always been my thing. But I have the feeling that he has become even more approachable. He comes to me more often to pick up long strokes. It wasn’t that intense before. In the evenings, after his dinner, Raban often simply disappeared into my office (this is his retreat) and only came down for the last pee. Now he stays with the pack – even when I go to bed and only the lovely husband and Charly are in the living room. This is a real success for me.

Because of his hunting instinct, Raban was on the leash for most of the year. There was very little thought of freewheeling because he was up and away almost immediately. Since our return from Austria I have been training intensively for freewheeling and the associated recall. That works surprisingly well. Raban is now much more fixated on me outside than he used to be.

Of course that doesn’t mean he’s given up the hunt… 😉 … but communication with me has improved . From a purely rational point of view, I know, of course, that intensive training automatically leads to Raban hearing better. But I’m sure something has changed in our relationship.

I can actually see Raban as ‘my perfect dog’ now. And I think Raban lost a lot of his negative energy. We are certainly far from having reached our goal, but we are on the right track. For me, Priya’s work with her energy medicine for animals was worth it.

And to be honest: I think it’s okay that Raban doesn’t want to be touched by strangers. But I consider it a real gift that he now has confidence in his master!

Additional Information I booked the sessions during my stay in Oberlech am Arlberg at the dog-friendly Hotel Goldener Berg (out of my own interest and at my own expense). Priya Maria Ender offers Life & Soul Coaching with shamanic and Indian healing techniques – for humans and animals. Raban and I brought 2 tips for hikes in Oberlech from the Arlberg.

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