Ragdoll: A cat with a very special character

“>A Ragdoll does not like solitude, which is why their social nature and longing for sociability are particularly characteristic of the cute cat breed. They are affectionate, extremely people-oriented and anxious to follow their confidant in various activities. Anyone who owns a Ragdoll, should therefore not be surprised to have a loyal companion and a cute permanent shadow.

That makes the Ragdoll cats one of the most gentle, friendly creatures among the different breed cats They are popular pets and are often described as easy-going cats.

Although the Ragdoll is curious and loves to learn, their urge to be active is only moderate or animal friends are preferred to being outdoors.Although they are social creatures, sociability does not always have to be paired with activity.

These sweet velvet paws are trusting and rather calm. Despite their quiet nature, however, they can take care to express fear, concern or irritation: they meow louder than usual when they are not feeling well and want to be taken care of. Sometimes the loud mewing is also a sign that they need the attention of those around them.

They are also cuddly: they like to snuggle up and enjoy physical closeness as well as regular pampering sessions. Although the large physique does not directly suggest this, the character of the Ragdoll is rather delicate and gentle. It is therefore not surprising that they are referred to as a peaceful giant.

The way ragdoll cats relax when picked up – they like to flop limp into the arms of the owner – the ragdoll has lost its famous name. Because ragdoll comes from English and can be translated as cloth doll.

“>In the 1960s the history of the Ragdoll began in California: A lady named Ann Baker is said to have become aware of Josephine, a light-colored Angora cat with offspring, which was blue had eyes and half-long hair. The mating with a Birman-like tomcat with cats, which come from the litter of the cat Josephine, is said to have led to the first breeding of the Ragdoll. However, it is disputed which cat breeds were also involved.

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