Red cats – 10 secrets of the red house tiger

What makes red cats so special?

Red cats have one very special charisma, which has an irresistible effect on many cat lovers.

This shows that it is usually the four-legged friends with red fur , which are picked first in a litter. The glowing fur catches the eye and magically attracts animal fans.

This can be seen very easily in the celebrity world. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill couldn’t get enough of red cats and spent his twilight years with his beloved Jock.

Pope Benedict XVI also loved idolatrous his red cat Chico and stars like Kate Walsh, Jerry O’Connell, Derek Hough or Jonathan van Ness can no longer imagine a life without a red companion.

Why are they red?

The coat of the female and tomcat is significantly influenced by the genes. While eumelanin produces black and brown tones, the yellow-red pigment pheomelanin is responsible for this unique coloring of the animals.

The extraordinary color in so-called tabby cats. They have spotted or tabby fur that can shine in different shades. Whether caramel brown, copper red or strong orange – there are no limits to the variations.

But also domestic cats, which can be assigned to the British Shorthair, and other breeds often have the red coat. For this reason, it occurs in countless variations: with short and long fur, different patterns and eye colors.


“>The red coat color is not usually related to a specific breed. However, the nuance “amber” is only found in the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Things you should know about red cats Do you already live with a red Zora or are you thinking about getting such a house tiger soon? Then the following facts are particularly exciting for you:

1. More than 3/4 of the red cats are actually red tomcats

A study has shown that around 80 Percentage of red cats are male.

This phenomenon can be explained by Y and X chromosomes. While the she-cat has two X chromosomes, the tom-cat has a mixture of a Y chromosome and an X chromosome.

The probability The male’s chance of being born red is four times higher than that of a cat. Because the tomcat only needs the mother’s genes.

In contrast, the females need the genes from both the mother and the father in order to to get red coloring.

The queens have another special feature: They can be tricolored. From red-white-black spotted to red-white-grey mackerel to red-black-grey – everything is possible.

2. Each red cat has a pattern

In addition, there are hardly any red cats that are one color. The fur noses always have one of the following drawings:

Tiger Spotted Brindled Ticked 3. Red cats get freckles

From the first year of life, the majority of orange cats undergo an interesting metamorphosis.

Dark spots gradually develop on the lips and nose of house tigers. They resemble freckles and are characteristic of redheads. Cats of a different color rarely show this peculiarity.

4. Red cats are not a separate breed

There are red cats from almost every breed of cat. Here a Maine Coon cat Again and again the question arises as to whether red cats are an independent breed. The answer is no.

It is a coloring that can appear in different breeds:

Maine CoonPersian CatsHouse catsScottish Fold Devon Rex and much more. 5. The Eyes of Red Cats

Like humans, cats have very different eye colors . However, the red house tiger is best known for its amber eyes. In combination with the striking fur, these four-legged friends are a real eye-catcher.

Furthermore, it often happens that the redheads have blue eyes. This is due to the partial albino gene found in light colored cats.

6. Red cats like to be the center of attention

When comparing different colored cats, it was also noticeable that that the red animals are very sociable. They like to be the center of attention and enjoy having people’s attention focused on them.

7. Red cats have a particularly strong appetite

Of the The most famous cat in the world is undoubtedly Garfield. The comic book character was created by artist Jim Davis and is known for her big appetite. One of his favorite foods is lasagne, which is probably also responsible for his chubby figure.

Pet owners worldwide confirm the similarity of their own red cat with Garfield and often point out that their appetites are just as great. So this cliché seems to be true.

8th. Red cats find a new home particularly quickly

According to research red cats are particularly popular with animal lovers. They can be placed quickly at the shelter and spend less time in the care facilities on average.

9. Red cats and their myths and legends

The “M” on the forehead of a red cat The cats with the beautiful red coat color are also found in religious cats Tales again.

This is how the Blessed Mother Mary is said to have blessed red cats and left one mark in their drawing: a visible M on the forehead. Mary wanted to express her thanks because a red cat warmed the baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem.

There are similar stories in Islam . A red cat is said to have saved the Prophet Mohamed from a poisonous snake. Before the reptile could attack, the cat bit off its head.

10. Red cats are little stars

Thanks to their charming character and concise appearance, red cats managed to conquer the world of stars and starlets. The redheads have gotten film roles in countless films and series and inspire young and old alike:

Garfield Crookshanks from Harry Potter Spot from Star Trek – The Next GenerationButtercup from The Hunger GamesThomas O’Mallex from Aristocats and much more.

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