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Advertisement – Summer is over. With fog, humidity and cool temperatures, the hour has now come for dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware. Once Dayo and Suri were ambassadors for this tailor-made dog clothing, now Raban and Charly are following in their footsteps.

Longstanding cooperation partner RR Dog’s Ware Since 2016 my Rhodesian Ridgebacks wear bodywarmers and dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware. At that time I was looking for the right clothing for Suri and Dayo, because at the beginning of December we drove to the Gastein Valley in the cold and in the snow.

1503 I bought the first bodywarmers from RR Dog’s Ware for Dayo and Suri

My online research led me to Jörg and Carmen Düring, who run a tailoring shop for dog clothing in Coswig, Saxony. Since then I’ve been a customer there and also a cooperation partner, because Dayo and Suri were often allowed to test the products that I then presented here on the blog.

Dayo and Suri loved wearing the custom made dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware

After the death of my bear and my bear princess, the cooperation fell asleep a bit. Raban wore (and still wears) Dayo’s coats (they fit him reasonably, thank God). Charly doesn’t fit into anyone – his physique is simply much stronger and stronger than the others. But of course both should eventually get their own custom made dog coats. For this, Raban should first be fully grown. And Rhodesian Ridgebacks are only about three years old.

Now Raban turned three years old in June and Charly almost 16 Months. While I was still thinking about whether it was the right time to order a suitable coat for Raban, Jörg contacted me and asked whether my two boys had the Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof and the light one lined dog rain jacket.

Raban and Charlie wearing their first (own) dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware

I was very happy about the request and of course I said “yes” right away. Raban got the five-colored softshell coat and Charly got the red rain jacket.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof I’ll admit that I winced a bit when I looked for Jörgs I looked at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof on the RR Dog’s Ware website. Five colors is already very colourful… 🙄 …

RR Dog’s Ware – dog coats for every occasion: In this case, Raban wears the Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof

I was all the more pleased that the bodywarmer looks great on Raban and not at all “like that colourful”.

This is what the Softshell Bodywarmer South Africa promises from RR Dog’s Ware complex five-color processing waterproof, windproof and breathable three-layer soft shell laminate with climate membrane Blackliner membrane as inner lining with a water column of .000 mm waterproof zipper Hardly any dog ​​hair sticks to the inside of the body warmer highly reflective piping on the zipper, neck and stomach masc washable at 20° degrees optionally available with a loop for the tail and lion’s head or name embroidery

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround at a glance

The softshell material is a three-layer laminate. The outer fabric is water-repellent A waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane protects the dog with 03.000 mm water column from rain and snow. Inside, a light stain ensures pleasant temperatures. In addition, RR Dog’s Ware uses its tried-and-tested Blackliner membrane as the inner lining. This increased the water resistance to up to 20.000 mm water column increased (Source: RR Dog’s Goods).

This body warmer is a so-called “all-rounder”, which is well suited for temperatures down to -5° degrees.

That’s how I feel the Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof As already mentioned, I was a bit concerned about the many colors at first. But they were actually unnecessary, because the colors suit Raban very well and above all: I really like the body warmer!

This dog coat is mainly aimed at owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks , since its colors adapt the flag of South Africa. I think that’s a great idea (and yes, I also know that Rhodesian Ridgebacks come from Southern Africa. That includes a lot more than just South Africa).

Raban fits the Softshell Bodywarmer South Africa Allround from RR Dog’s Ware like a glove

The tailor-made softshell bodywarmer fits perfectly. When measuring, I worked a little more generously in length and chest depth and added an extra centimeter in each case. I personally think that’s a bit better, but that’s a matter of taste.

I also have a tail loop that I was able to use with Suri and Dayo without any problems. Raban doesn’t like that so much and then tries to lick himself there all the time. Otherwise, the dog coat is easy to put on. The last few days have been foggy, damp and relatively cold. Raban felt pretty comfortable in his coat (at least that’s my impression).

Since it took quite a long time for the temperatures to go down, Raban has his new one Bodywarmer only worn a few times, but so far what RR Dog’s Ware promises is true: Hardly any hair gets caught on the inside. Thumbs up for that.

However, the yellow material on the collar and the light green in the chest area are a bit more sensitive to dirt than darker colors. But after all, the dog coat can be quickly washed in the washing machine in between.

The rain jacket has a durable, waterproof lining Bundle of joy Charly got a rain jacket in red, which is not only waterproof, but also lightly lined.

Charly wears a lined raincoat from RR Dog’s Ware

This is what the lined rain jacket from RR Dog’s Ware promises waterproof (waterproof rating of 30.000 mm according to ISO
) windproof breathable durable, two-day outdoor laminate waterproof zipper the unlined variant of the raincoat is marked with a w Supplied in watertight pouch An airy mesh inner lining protects the moisture protection membrane in the summer version in the lined variant, a high-quality taffeta fabric covers the lining on the inside reflective piping/ Pin tucks for better visibility in low light conditions (optional) The rain jacket is available in six different colors. There are two colors to choose from for the inner lining

The lined raincoat from RR Dog’s Ware at a glance

This is how I feel about the lined raincoat from RR Dog’s Ware Dayo had already tested this raincoat in the summer version (i.e. unlined). It is really very practical with the stuff sack and fits into any bag or backpack.

I really like the lined raincoat. Although I added a centimeter to Charly, the waterproof dog coat fits very body-hugging. This is probably due to the fact that with his tight months still growing and has made up for the one centimeter from ordering to first wear… 😉 …

It does not matter anyway. Charly really likes wearing it and feels comfortable in it.

In his new raincoat feels Charly really well

Stay on this lining too almost no dog hair hanging around – very good!

The coat had its first real test last week in heavy rain. The zipper is really waterproof and the rainwater pearled off the outdoor fabric. Thumbs up!

However, the fabric is not stretchable due to these many properties. This means: If the measurements were taken incorrectly and the coat is a little too small, then it is too small. He’ll probably tweak a bit.

Charly now “only” has a lined raincoat, which the charming husband didn’t want to put up with. He liked the quality of Raban’s new softshell bodywarmer and he had ordered one for him in the color orange (well… 🙄…).

The lovely husband also ordered a softshell bodywarmer from RR Dog’s Ware for Charly

Conclusion I love RR Dog’s Ware dog coats and am too 100 percent convinced of this company. Apart from the fact that the dog coats and body warmers are tailor-made and therefore usually fit perfectly, I particularly like the fact that all products are sewn here in Germany. That’s great!

While the quality of the fabrics and other materials used, such as the zippers, was already very good, I would say that in the past two years it has improved even further made a significant leap forward. This not only applies to the fabrics used, but especially to the zippers, which are much more stable than in the first few years and, in my opinion, also better to use.

22351The dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware are made in Germany and have excellent quality

Love for Detail becomes clear with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa – here a pattern is not simply laid on the fabric and the bodywarmer is (almost) finished. Here many pieces of fabric in different colors have to be sewn together. Thumbs up for that.

In my opinion, the dog coats from RR Dog’s Ware are almost indestructible. Despite the fact that the coats were washed frequently (except for Suri’s loden cashmere coat, which was only brushed out and cleaned with a damp cloth) and worn intensively, all the coats that Dayo and Suri have ever worn are still in perfect condition and can still be worn without any problems.

Of course, all this has its price. This is how the Rhodesian Ridgeback Bodywarmer Softshell South Africa Allround waterproof costs with a back length of up to 100 centimeters 84 Euro. A tail loop costs 5 euros and the embroidered name with 16 Euro.

The normal bodywarmer softshell Allround waterproof costs between depending on the back length of the dog and the design and 261 Euro. It is available in 11 Colours.

Charly’s hard-wearing, waterproof and lightly lined rain jacket costs – also per after execution – between 20 and 176 Euro, whereby the light inner lining additionally 20 Euro costs.

By the way: The dog coats and bodywarmers from RR Dog’s Ware can usually be repaired and changed without any problems (changes of course only if possible).

Does your dog wear a dog coat? What was your experience?

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