Scottish fold cats – character, traits and attitude

“>The mild-mannered Scottish Fold cat is characterized by its calm demeanor and its characteristic snapped ears, which are the result of a gene mutation. Despite the problematic breeding, the velvet paws are particularly popular with many cat lovers. Find out here what the cute cat makes – and why the purchase should be viewed critically.

Appearance: These are the characteristics of the Scottish Fold cats

“>Your folded ears make them unique and give the cat its name: the Scottish Fold.

Although the cute cats initially have ordinary ears after birth, After a few weeks, these don’t develop upwards like other cats do, instead they grow forward in a crooked manner, which is why the famous folded ears are formed.

The unusual development is due to a gene mutation, resulting in an impairment of the ear cartilage.

The medium-sized house cats have a compact physique , plump, strong paws and also a comparatively short neck.

While a kitten weighs about 2.5 to 4 kilograms, a Scottish Fold cat can weigh up to 6 kilograms With their large, round eyes, Scottish Fold cats carefully observe their surroundings. However, they often behave quietly and reservedly.

A notice: When considering buying a Scottish Fold cat, please bear in mind that the breeding of Scottish Fold cats as torture breeding is classified.

“>For the Scottish Fold, over should Color variants are possible and known. The variant blue-silver (blue/silver) is more common. However, there are also Prohibited Colors: Chocolate (Chocolate Brown), Lilac, and Siampoint.

“>The short, dense coat of the Scottish Fold cat has different patterns. For example, a tabby coat pattern is possible. Mackerel, Tortie and Tabby are generally allowed.

“>Even with the eye colors of the Scottish Fold cats, almost all are allowed. Basically, the eye color should harmonize with the fur of the cute cat.

Wanted poster of the Scottish Fold

Breed name and other designations: Scottish Fold, SF Origin: Scotland Size: 33 until 55 Centimeters (medium) Fur: Dense, short fur Colors: Diverse color variants, including blue-silver, red, multicolored Pattern: Various patterns, including tabby Look: Short strong neck, compact physique, round face, thick paws Particularities: Ears pointed and bent forward or kinked (“folded”) Character: quiet, intelligent, balanced, trusting Character of Scottish Fold Cat

“>The Scottish Fold is one of the more modest of its kind: It is cuddly, empathetic and family-friendly and enjoys staying with children, adults and conspecifics, but is not considered intrusive. However, an adjustment phase is often necessary if, for example, children live in the household.

Because of her trusting character and her low activity SF cats are usually good indoor cats, but the cats’ inactivity is often associated with pain , which many Scottish Folds suffer because of their genetic mutation.

Despite their quiet, easygoing and reserved nature, Scottish Folds are also alert and intelligent beings. The cat breed is also considered gentle and uncomplicated , which is why many families choose to own a Scottish Fold.

“>Above all, the Scottish Fold’s characteristic ears need the attention of their cat owners. Because of the shape, it requires a mild but thorough Care: It is important to clean the folded ears with a little warm water.It can also help to gently wipe away secretions with a cotton swab If irritation or inflammation of the ears occurs, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

The Grooming of the SF cats, on the other hand, is uncomplicated it is sufficient to brush the coat weekly, for example a soft brush is suitable.

“>Not only the ears of the Scottish Fold are affected by the gene mutation. Because of the inherited gene defect, Scottish Fold cats often develop S pain in the joints.

The disease behind this is called Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD). It is a defect that destroys the cartilage of cats and severely affects bones and many parts of the body. Both homozygous and heterozygous cats are affected.

Often this leads to chronic pain, which accompany the cute four-legged friends with the special ears their whole life and limit their mobility.

If the course is mild, symptoms can only be observed when the Scottish Fold gets older.If these appear at a younger age, for example stiffness, but also changes in the Characters of cats not uncommon.

Whether the administration of supplements, weight management or drug therapy: Basically, cat owners can do a lot to take care of their Scottish To help Fold have a better quality of life despite their limitations. Individual therapy, which depends on the severity of the osteochondrodysplasia, is important.

Discuss this with the treating veterinarian.

“>High-quality wet food should be the first choice for your Scottish Fold to provide it with all the important nutrients. Make sure that the food does not contain any additives. A high meat content also provides valuable protein, which is why this should not be missing either.

A healthy diet is important for the cute cats, especially because they often suffer from health problems. tend to be overweight. The higher the quality of the diet, the greater the potential to improve the welfare and quality of life of Scottish Fold cats.

“>Britain is said to be the origin of the Scottish Fold as we know it today.

At the beginning of the 1960 years were British Shorthair cats with a new discovered fold-eared cats paired, whereupon the offspring also got the typical ears as a special feature.

Even if the cute Scottish Fold were popular and still are are, they have always been controversial. Because of their genetic defect, the animals suffer, which is why it is a torture breeding.

In November 5049 decided the Bavarian court Ansbach, that no Scottish Fold may be bred.

Characteristics of the Scottish Fold

Interesting and worth knowing about the Scottish Fold

“>Because the Scottish Fold is so popular, there are a few things worth knowing. For example, did you know the following about the Fold Cat?

Expensive Scottish Fold: Pop singer Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold is standing officially on the Pet Rich List The market value of the cat named Olivia Benson is set at 104 million dollars estimated.

Scottish Folds can sit like humans: “Buddha pose” is the typical sitting pose that Scottish Fold cats often adopt, reminiscent of a human sitting posture but said to be due to their physical limitations. Two Scottish Folds are never bred together: Because of the Gene mutation Scottish Fold are always bred with a different cat species, because otherwise it can lead to greater damage to the offspring.

Buy a Scottish Fold cat

“> Before you buy a Scottish Fold, please note that it is a torture breeding We therefore advise against buying the cat that is offered privately and by breeders, because the demand for the cats increases and promotes the suffering of many If you think about a purchase, the question of costs arises: Usually the costs range between 250 and 1.163 Euro.

“> Tip: If you are interested in a Scottish Fold, you can also go to animal shelters to take in a house cat looking for a new home. This way you don’t support torture breeding – and do something good at the same time.

“>She is gentle, uncomplicated and intelligent: the Scottish Fold is popular as a house cat. With her extraordinary appearance, she differs from other cat breeds. However, please note: the cute animals suffer because of her illness and breeding is controversial. Before buying, you should Factors are therefore always taken into account.

Is every fold cat sick? “>Basically, all Scottish Folds are affected by OCD, although the severity varies. While some initially show few symptoms, others are particularly severe.

How old is Scottish Fold cat? “>Depending on the state of health of a Scottish Fold, it can live to an advanced age. Life expectancy is around 12 until 15 years.

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