Tears in Cats: Can Cats Cry?

Can cats actually cry? “>In humans and animals, the eyes are an extremely important sensory organ. The organism has a clever function to protect the eyes furnished: The tear fluid, which keeps the eyes moist cat’s eyes also have a tear duct that can secrete tears – so they basically have the ability to cry.For emotional reasons such as grief , anger and joy or even pain only humans cry. But that doesn’t mean that cats don’t emotions The four-legged friends only have their own way of expressing feelings and showing sadness – even without tears.

The answer to So the question “Can cats cry” is yes – only the reasons for this are purely practical and not caused by emotions.

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Watery eyes in cats – the signs

“>What does it mean when cats cry and shed tears? The main purpose of tears in cats is to protect their eyes and visual function In order for a cat’s eyes to function properly, they must always be moistened and kept clean – this is ensured by the tear fluid. In healthy eyes, no visible tear fluid normally escapes. However, if cat eyes are irritated or penetrate Foreign bodies , but the lacrimal glands secrete more tear fluid to clean the eyes. Also with infections the eye tries to flush out the pathogens with tears. Then the tears may not be clear, but cloudy or purulent.

When cats cry: That can be behind it A watery cat’s eye can be carefully cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Even nourishing eye drops can help with various causes “>There are a number of causes for tears in cats. In many cases it is tearing is harmless and temporary. However, illness or injury can also be the cause of tears, so watch your cat closely if her eyes suddenly start to water.Possible causes of tears in cats:

Eye irritation by drafts, sprays or dry air Allergies Foreign body or contamination Eye diseases (e.g. glaucoma, retinal detachment, increased intraocular pressure) Conjunctivitis Eye injuries (e.g. corneal injury after cat fights) Infections such as cat flu, colds etc. Diseases (e.g. thyroid disease, kidney damage, tumors) Breed by short snout Changes in the eye such as curled eyelid or blocked tear ducts “>When to the vet? Problems with the eyes are always to be taken seriously. If the tears are discolored or cloudy, you should take your cat to the vet. Are watery eyes in cats from swelling, reddening of the eye, pain and other signs of illness, this is also a case for the veterinarian. “>Watery eyes in cats and cat flu – everything you need to know at a glance: },”classic_row_gap_tablet”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:””,”sizes”:},”classic_row_gap_mobile”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:””,”sizes”:}}” data-widget_type=”posts.classic”> This is how cats behave when they are sad “>The loss of a companion or a Relationship person can also cause problems for cats. Some four-legged friends suffer and grieve when they lose a partner. Even if they don’t cry in such situations, they express their grief in many ways – but in ” Cat language”. How can you tell if your cat is sad?

Often a Change of character noticeable in the house tiger: Some cats withdraw, have little appetite and lose zest for life.It may be that your cat is very becomes clingy and expresses her sadness by meowing frequently. You can support her by giving her time give and meet her with understanding until she finds her zest for life again. You might also be interested in:

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When cats mourn, they usually withdraw and radiate significantly less joie de vivre. Tears in cats: You can do this

“>First, the cause for your cat’s tears must be clarified. Many triggers of Watery cat eyes require veterinary treatment. Most eye diseases are treated with eye drops or ointments. The vet will give you the appropriate medication and instructions on how to take care of the cat’s eyes and help with pain.Is the cause harmless, then the increased tear flow usually disappears quickly without additional treatment. If necessary, you can simply carefully remove the tears with a clean cloth. Care Drops Supply the eyes with moisture and can improve the flow of tears in the cat.

Especially in pedigree cats prone to eye problems, it is helpful to introduce an eye care routine from an early age, for example Persian and Siamese cats. “>ConclusionCats can cry, but not for emotional reasons. You don’t recognize grief in your cat from a tear, but from its behavior. The cause when the cat cries can be a harmless, temporary eye problem or a more serious illness. Your veterinarian can best assess what is behind this. The cat’s eyes are very sensitive, you should have your animal examined as soon as possible if there are any abnormalities.

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