Testing the new mammaly soft snacks

Advertisement – Raban and Charly are currently testing the new mammaly soft snacks. And let me say one thing in advance: these are finally healthy dog ​​snacks that are ideal for Rhodesian Ridgebacks simply because of their size. Super!

Healthy dog ​​snacks from mammaly – a short review In February 2021 Raban and then still my dear Suri have six of the seven available hard snack varieties from Cologne company tested. At the time, I was convinced that these were so-called “snacks with benefits”. Each type of snack has special ingredients that can support the health of your four-legged friend with a wide variety of complaints. I also like that all products were and still are developed and manufactured in Germany in cooperation with veterinarians.

The treats themselves were relatively small and very hard. That didn’t bother Suri at all, though. She really liked these dog treats. Raban initially had a hard time with this. However, when he found that Suri easily survived every snack, he decided to try the treats too. And lo and behold – he not only survived, but ended up liking the snacks 😉.

Now mammaly has fundamentally revised and improved the recipes. This is how the new mammaly soft snacks came about.

The new mammaly Soft Snacks vs. the old “Hard” Snacks As already mentioned , in the past the treats were hard in consistency and very small. Since the feeding recommendation was one snack per kilogram of the dog’s weight, a Rhodesian Ridgeback male who was usually around the 40 kilogram weighs, 60 Eat treats. Well, I didn’t always count the little things correctly. Most of the time I packed a handful or two …

The new mammaly soft snacks compared to the ” old” Hard Snacks

The new mammaly Soft Snacks are a decent size – at least for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The smell has also become much more intense and Charly absolutely loves it. From a daily ration from before about 39 Pieces have now become 6 pieces (for a Rhodesian Ridgeback), because now there is a snack for every five kilograms of the four-legged friend’s weight. If you have small dogs, you don’t have to worry, because the treats can be easily divided with a knife.

Other advantages of the new snack variants are:

Compared to the old recipe, the mammaly soft snacks now contain even more functional active ingredients. They are significantly less Fatty than before: So far the fat content was 23 until 25 percent. Now it’s no more than six to ten percent. There’s an extra thumbs up from me for that! The new soft snacks are soft and juicy. They are also better for senior dogs to chew on. Of course, this also makes them more attractive when it comes to dog training (Charly knows exactly what I have in my pocket and comes back like lightning nine times out of ten when I call him. Unfortunately, Raban is not that easy to bribe …). In addition, tablets can now also be used in the treats hide.

The soft snacks can be whole just share

What I liked about the first test was the high proportion of chicken meat from Bavaria. For example, the “Relax Time” snacks had a share of 60 percent chicken meat. That no longer seems to be the case. Also, I can’t find anywhere that the chicken comes from Bavaria. However, it is pointed out that (almost) all ingredients and ingredients come from Germany. And actually it doesn’t really matter whether the chicken comes from Bavaria, Hesse or Lower Saxony.

In my post at the time I wrote that the products contain maltodextrin (maltose is malt sugar). , even though the products were advertised as having no added sugar. That added sugar is gone! Good this way!

This is what the new mammaly Soft Snacks promise The Snacks with Benefits are now available in 11 Sorts:

Relax Time (for more serenity) Lucky Belly (for healthy digestion) Lucky Belly Allergy Fit (for healthy digestion in allergy sufferers) Fresh Smile (for healthy teeth and fresh breath) Happy Hips (for strong bones and joints) Shiny Hair (for shiny coat) Super Protect (for a strong skin defense) Forever Young (more energy for dogs from 7 years) Puppy Power Pure Genius (for healthy brain function) Immu Push (power for the immune system) The following applies to the production of all mammaly soft snacks:

The treats are developed and manufactured in Germany. The company values ​​sustainability. The cans and outer boxes are certified with the FSC seal for sustainable forest management. The orders are sent climate-neutrally with DHL-Go Green. In addition, mammaly strives to 2023 climate neutrality an. Agreed Depending on the function of the snacks, the products contain prebiotics and probiotics and so-called superpowers from nature (e.g. Omega3). In addition, they are made without grain and without added sugar and do not contain any artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings.

The feeding recommendation is: One snack for every 5 kilograms of body weight. For dogs heavier than 20 kilograms, four soft snacks per day are recommended (although I spoil Raban and Charly with six of these treats… 🙄).

Raban and Charly test 5 Varieties of mammaly Soft Snacks

Raban and Charly are testing 5 varieties of the new mammaly Soft Snacks

Raban (3 years and 3 months old ) and Charlie (almost 15 months old) have received five cans of the new mammaly Soft Snacks for testing. Since the two boys are healthy, basically everyone can eat all the snacks. However, the “Relax Time” treats are exclusive to Raban, who has made progress over the past 1.5 years but is still very insecure, often excited and frequently anxious.

The following list gives a brief overview of the respective functions of the soft snacks and the special ingredients (it is a brief summary that only includes a selection of the ingredients):

Lucky Belly: They are mainly supposed to be the Support digestion and promote intestinal regulation. This is achieved with easily digestible chicken meat and easily digestible insect and pea protein. Rosemary, turmeric, ginger have a positive effect on non-specific inflammation. Fennel and psyllium support intestinal regulation. Relax Time: L-tryptophan has a mood-enhancing effect and camomile has a calming effect. In addition, hemp flour and Valerian powder (valerian) are said to have a calming effect on the central nervous system. Shiny Hair: The main players in this soft snack are linseed oil (omega-3 fatty acids), seaweed meal, biotin and copper. They are said to improve the structure of fur, skin and claws. The treats also contain hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. Fresh Smile: Sodium salt, sodium hexametaphospate, seaweed and peppermint leaves are said to prevent tartar and bad breath. As a supplier of calcium, eggshell powder promotes dental health. Happy Hips: Here glucosamine and green-lipped mussel powder are supposed to prevent joint problems. In addition, chondroitin sulfate and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) support musculoskeletal health. Charly is crazy about these snacks. However, I have to admit at this point that he is a living compost bin that devours everything that gets in its way. However, if he is offered the mammaly soft snacks, he immediately starts to salivate extremely. A sign that he finds these treats a little tastier than others.

And with Raban, it’s the way it is with Raban. It could still be that I want to poison him. That’s why people usually wait and see whether Charly will drop dead after enjoying it or not. That’s how long he’s been carrying the snack around in his mouth. He also likes to spit out the “Shiny Hairs” or despises them completely. He thinks “Fresh Smile” and “Relax Time” (thank God) are great and even eats them without watching his taster.

Both boys tolerate the mammaly soft snacks very well – none Farting, no stomach upset and above all no loose stool. Perfect!

Conclusion I am from the enthusiastic about the new mammaly soft snacks. As mentioned, I particularly like the size of the treats, which fits well on a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My favorites are “Relax Time” and “Lucky Belly”, which I will definitely order again. But “Fresh Smile” also has what it takes to become a “must have”.

My dogs like the new mammaly soft snacks

I still like the idea of ​​using certain Providing ingredients with functions that support canine health is very good. I also like the corporate philosophy. Point.

Then I browsed the mammaly website and came across a completely different, new product, namely “Lucky Belly Acute”. This is an instant intestinal powder that strengthens the faeces in diarrhea, supports the development of the intestinal flora and replaces the loss of electrolytes. Since I still remember Raban’s last gastrointestinal problems very clearly, I spontaneously sent out an order right away. I’m curious how it works and will report when I get a chance.

This is what the healthy soft snacks for dogs cost The new mammaly Soft Snacks are no bargain, but at least they still cost the same as they did a year ago: a can of these Snacks with Benefits beats 40,40 Euro to book. The capacity is with 60 Grams stayed the same but instead of about 300 small and hard snacks are now available 60 Large and soft snacks.

However, it is also a bit cheaper . For example, anyone who opts for a so-called savings plan (regular, automatic delivery of the desired products) can up to 30 Save percent.

Here are the dog owners of small and medium-sized dogs have a clear advantage. If I give my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks 6 mammaly Soft Snacks a day, one can will last me exactly 5 days… oops… so that’s why two cans are already empty? So I don’t want to calculate that exactly. But from now on I’ll stick strictly to the feeding recommendation and only give everyone 4 of these treats a day …

22219And of course you can also share the mammaly soft snacks for a Rhodesian Ridgeback

In times like these, when the cost of living has risen extremely and will probably continue to rise, that is of course a lot of money. That is clear. But the four-legged friend’s next birthday, Christmas, Easter and other special days are always just around the corner. And then the four-legged friend deserves something really tasty, doesn’t he?

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