The 5 smallest cat breeds in the world – these cats stay small!

Smallest Cat breeds at a glance Singapore Munchkin Devon Rex Siamese cat American Curl 1. Singaporea – the smallest cat breed

↕️ Shoulder height: max. 20 cm ⚖️ Weight: 2 – 2.5 kg (cat), 2.5 – 3 kg (cat ) The Singaporea is not only an exotic looking beauty, she is also the smallest cat breed in the world . She’s only about half the size like other cats and is a real lightweight. Their cute appearance not only makes them popular, but also makes them one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. According to stories, the Singaporea descends from Singapore’s street cats who lived in the narrow sewage pipes of the metropolis. Therefore, the physique of the Singaporea is said to have adapted to the habitat. Hence her nickname “Drain Cat”. 1982 the Singaporea was introduced to the USA by a family, where it was 1983 recognized as a separate breed.

The Singaporea cat owes its exotic appearance and its human-related character to crossbreeding with Abyssinian and Burmese cats. Despite being a small breed of cat, the Singaporea is muscular and excellent at climbing and jumping.

2. Munchkin: Small cat breed with short legs ↕️ Shoulder height: 20 – 25 cm ⚖️ Weight: 2.5 – 3 kg (cat), 3 – 4 kg (tomcat) The the Munchkin cat to die belongs to the smallest cat breeds in the world, is mainly due to their extremely short legs. These originally come from a mutation. The cats from the USA were specifically bred for this genetic defect.

Munchkin are very affectionate and people-related. They are also very active, although their short legs make jumping and other movements difficult. Incidentally, the cat breed got its name from the “little people” in “The Wizard of Oz”.

Due to the inbred malformation, some Munchkin cats suffer from it shortened back muscles, changes in the spine, knock-knees or bowlegs as well as arthrosis.

In our opinion, the Munchkin is torture breeding – the short legs of this small cat breed may be cute, but you should not support the breeding of this breed with a purchase. 3. Devon Rex – Small cat breed, which is also suitable for allergy sufferers

↕️ Shoulder height: 25 – 30 cm ⚖️ Weight: 2.5 – 3 kg (cat), 4 – 4.5 kg (tomcat) Originating from the English county of Devonshire, the Devon Rex is also one of the smallest cat breeds. The goblin-like appearance with the large bat ears is typical of this breed.

The fur is also very special: It consists only of the downy hairs, which actually identify a cat’s undercoat. This makes it particularly soft. Due to this special feature, the Devon Rex is also a cat breed that is well suited for allergy sufferers.

The Devon Rex is closely related to the cat breeds German Rex, Selkirk Rex and Cornish Rex are related and have a lot in common with them. However, it is the smallest of these breeds and has therefore made it into this list. 4. Siamese – A real lightweight

↕️ Shoulder height: 018 – 30 cm ⚖️ Weight: 3 – 4 kg (cat), 4 – 5 kg (male)

The Siamese cat is also a small Cat Breed. She is not that small at shoulder height, but she is a real lightweight, which is why she definitely belongs in this list of the smallest cat breeds in the world. What is special: The Siamese cat is a small cat species with blue eyes. The dark point markings on the face, ears, paws and tail are also typical of the Siamese breed.

The Siamese cat was first introduced in the 20. Bred by the Thai king for centuries. 1975 she was shown at a cat show in London and has been very popular in Europe ever since. She is considered to be very “chatty” and is similar in behavior to dogs: She is very people-oriented and (for a cat) can be trained well. 5. American Curl – The one with the ringed ears

↕️ Shoulder height: max. 26-30 cm ⚖️ Weight: 3 – 5.5 kg The American Curl got its name from the outward and backward curved ear cups. This is a random mutation that causes 1983 was first discovered in a cat in the USA.Since that gene responsible for curled ears is inherited dominantly, the cat could easily be bred selectively.

The American Curl cat has a very manifold G enpool, so that there are also very small specimens of this cat breed. On average, these are medium-sized cats.

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