The cat flicks the tip of its tail when lying down – that's what it wants to tell you!

This is how cats communicate: body language and meows

“>Our house tigers have adapted to life with people and even to the way we communicate. Cats meow a lot more when dealing with people than with each other.

However, the velvet paws have a much wider range of expressions They use their entire body to communicate and can thus communicate perfectly with their fellow cats “in cat language” without meowing.

Including the whole cat’s body serves as a means of communication.Eyes, ears, the posture and the tail is pressing the mood of the cat. It is therefore worth taking a closer look and getting to know the diverse ways of expression of our velvet paws.

For a harmonious coexistence it is important understand your cat and its signals Here you can find out what a cat tells you can tell the tip of her tail anything!

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The tip of the tail as a mood barometer

“>The cat’s tail is an important element of cat body language. Surely you know it when your cat runs towards you with its tail erect – it shows you its Happiness But your cat’s tail can express so much more.So let’s take a closer look at the cat’s tail and how our kitties use it to communicate.The tail is a clear indication of how your cat is feeling – both tail position and tail movement are signals to the environment.

Whether joy, excitement or fear – all these feelings you can read from the tail of your fur nose. The cat uses the whole tail or just the tip of it and thus signals its current mood. The posture of the cat and the situation in which it is currently located also provide information . The cat lies and wags – what it means

“>Maybe you’ve experienced it before: Your cat is just relaxing in her favorite spot and you start scratching and stroking her. Suddenly the tip of her tail starts moving and wagging restlessly twitch – and in the next moment your furry nose gives you a courageous paw slap on the hand.

Did your kitty’s behavior surprise you? However, she gave you a clear signal beforehand that she doesn’t feel like being petted at the moment, because the twitching tip of her tail can do one But there are also other messages that cats can use tell the beating of the tail tip. The cat is focused or excited “>When cats are lying down, they appear to look calm and relaxed. However, it may be that something grabs their attention ties up. Then concentration or slight tension is expressed by beating with the tip of the tail.

It makes a difference whether the kitty slowly and relaxed wags the tip of her tail or whips it nervously and quickly This is how she shows the cat owner whether she is just curious or tense and excited .Observe your cat in different situations: If a familiar sound wakes it from its slumber, then it probably just wags the tip of its tail leisurely of a bird, the flick of the tail becomes much faster, the position of its ears changes and its eyes are wide open – for now all senses are ready for activity and hunting! Even when lying down, the cat’s tail is part of its body language Hit along the tip of the tail as a warning signal “>Also bad mood can be shown by the tail position of cats. The beating tail tip can be an indication that the cat is not feeling well, is angry or aggressive.If the velvet paw is lying comfortably curled up in its favorite place and will be woken up because you want to pet her or play with her? In that case, you should pay close attention to the cat’s body language and see if her tail tip stays relaxed or she upset hits with it. If she shows her displeasure with her tail movements, then let her sleep better – otherwise she could stretch out her claws.

Even when cats lie and see something they don’t like, they smack with the tip of their tail. At the sight of an unsympathetic fellow, they express their discomfort or aggression with their tail position and body language.

In such cases, the flapping tail tip is a serious sign that it is better not to approach the cat, otherwise it will attackabove.

When cats dream: tail positions while sleeping “>Whether a cat is in a deep sleep or just dozing can be revealed by the flicking of the tail tip. During sleep, the cat’s body is completely relaxed, as is the tail. However, sometimes the cat will start flicking the tail, paws and paws while sleeping to move your eyes.Even if we can’t know for sure – you can assume that your darling is having an exciting Dream lived through.Beating with the tip of the tail while sleeping is part of the normal behavior of house tigers.

“>ConclusionTo understand your cat, you should be able to read their body language. A cat uses a cat’s tail to express its feelings. Especially those The tip of the tail is a mood barometer and a sign of whether your cat is relaxed or excited.

How can cats communicate? “>Cats communicate with meows and body language. They use their ears, eyes, muscles and tail to do this. Posture also plays an important role. Why do cats wag their tails? “>Cats wag the tip of their tails when they are excited. You can tell from their body language and demeanor whether they are excited or excited by their body language. Image sources:

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