The cat has warm ears – is it sick?

If your cat suddenly warms up ears can have a variety of causes, many of which are harmless and temporary. However, if the ears are hot for a long time and your cat also seems listless, fever and thus an illness can also be the reason for hot cat ears. Here you can find out why cats can have warm ears and when caution is required.

Cat has warm ears: Mostly harmless reasons

“>Cat ears are true miracles of nature: not only that cats can hear 3 times better than humans and therefore better than dogs. They can also turn their ears independently in different directions. And that by up to 180 degrees. This is how you can locate the rustling of a prey animal.

Cat ears can not only hear – the small predators can also perceive air movements and the finest vibrations.

By the way, these ears also help to regulate the cat’s body temperature. They can be supplied with a lot of blood and thus dissipate heat via their surface. In addition to panting and slight sweating on the paws, this is an important way of dissipating heat in cats .

So it’s not used Understand that cats often have warm ears, especially in summer. In hot weather or after a walk in the sun, warm ears in cats are a sign of hyperthermia, i.e. that their body temperature is too high due to external influences.

Hot ears in cats can also occur after great physical exertion. Her heart beats faster when, for example, she has exhausted herself while hunting or romping around. This will raise her temperature and warm her ears.

But your cat’s state of mind can also cause warm ears:

“>can also increase the cat’s body temperature and cause hot ears in the short term.

Beware of hot weather

“>The above reasons for a cat’s hot ears are all quite harmless. Once your cat’s body temperature returns to normal, her ears will no longer be hot either.You just have to be careful in hot weather in summer. If your cat is in the hot sun for too long, this can lead to heat stroke. Symptoms of this are panting, hyperventilation or even vomiting.

In this case, you must take immediate action: wet your cat’s fur and see your vet as soon as possible.

But cats are usually so smart that they instinctively prefer to lie in the shade when the temperature is high and take a long siesta during the day in summer.

Hot ears in cats: Is the cat sick?

Warm cat ears are often a sign of fever “>On the other hand, warm ears in cats can be a sign of fever. In this case, the ears are warm for a long time.

Fever can also It can be a symptom of various diseases in cats, but it is usually caused by a harmless infection.

Hot ears are just one of several indications that cats have a fever .

Other signs of fever in cats:

Warm paws Dry and also warm nose Remarkably warm body The cat is listless or apathetic She sleeps more than usual Loss of appetite The cat is drinking much more than usual “>Depending on the type of infection, symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting can be added to the increased body temperature. A runny or blocked nose would indicate a cold. Sneezing and watery eyes are also typical of a cat with a cold.

The cat is sick: what to do?

“>First of all, fever is a defense mechanism of your cat’s body. Raising body temperature helps the immune system fight the causative agent of the disease.

When cats have a fever have a wide variety of causes: from a fairly harmless cold to a gastrointestinal infection to inflammation and serious cat diseases.

Your cat has warm ears and shows clear signs that she could be ill?Then you should first take a fever.

For taking a fever in cats, we have detailed instructions here for you. Here are a few quick tips on what to consider:

In cats, fever is always measured in the buttocks Best in pairs: One person calms the cat, the other performs the measurement Use a digital clinical thermometer with a flexible tip and fast reading and a lubricant This avoids injuries and makes the fever measurement less uncomfortable “>The normal body temperature of cats is higher than that of humans. Only at over 39,2 degrees Celsius is called a fever in cats.

Your cat needs a lot of rest to recover

“>So, warm ears in cats are just a first indication that your cat might be ill. If you feel like she’s not feeling well, the first thing you need to do is give her plenty of rest.

Sick cats will look for a warm place where they can rest and sleep a lot. Check on them from time to time and otherwise leave them alone.

Sick cats need a lot of fluids

“> Always provide your cat with water, it is important that it gets enough liquid. For this reason, you should always feed wet food, especially since dry food is very unattractive for cats, especially if they have a sore throat.

A bowl of water should always be kept near the cat’s “sick bed” and you can encourage them to drink a little without annoying them.

Above all, sick cats need a lot of rest in order to sleep well When does the cat have to go to the vet if it has a fever?

“>If you have a slight fever, you don’t have to take your cat to the vet right away – if you rest enough, your cat’s body will fight the infection, and with fever and warm cat ears it will be over after a short time.

You should see the vet at the latest if you have a high fever with a temperature of about 40 Turn it on. Even if you are severely exhausted and If the discharge from the nose and eyes is not clear, a visit to the vet is advisable.

The vet will first try to determine the cause and type of illness more precisely.

Then the causes are treated, for example an antibiotic may be necessary. Many veterinarians also prescribe an immune-boosting agent for infections.

How to boost your cat’s immune system

“>Nobody likes having a sick house cat at home – fortunately there are measures you can take to strengthen your cat’s immune system:

Healthy, natural and species-appropriate Cat food

“> A healthy intestinal flora plays a major role in immune protection in cats. That is why a species-appropriate diet with lots of fresh meat and healthy offal is also the most effective protection against pathogens.

We recommend feeding high-quality wet food. This is not only more natural than dry food – it also provides the animal with sufficient liquid.

It is important that Avoid chemical additives such as preservatives, because these are harmful to the good and useful intestinal bacteria that are essential for a healthy intestinal flora.

How do you recognize a good one You can find all the information here

Your cat sol l stay healthy for long?

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Natural immune boosters

“>Nature offers several remedies that strengthen the cat’s immune system and have a proven antibacterial or even antiviral effect. The bee product propolis and the jungle plant cat’s claw are among the natural remedies that can also be given to cats to boost their immune system. Regular vaccinations against dangerous cat diseases

“>To protect your cat from serious and potentially life-threatening diseases such as cat epidemic or cat flu, regular vaccinations are highly recommended. You can find out which diseases you should have your cat vaccinated against here and, of course, from your veterinarian.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about “Cat has warm ears”

Why do cats have warm ears ? “>Warm ears in cats can have harmless causes such as overheating or physical exertion. But fever can also be a cause, especially if there are other symptoms such as fatigue.

Is she sick when a Cat has warm ears? “>Not necessarily. Has the cat just been playing, lying on the heater or coming in from outside on a hot day? Then its body temperature has briefly increased, causing it to become warm has ears. However, warm ears can also be a sign of fever, especially if the animal shows other symptoms such as listlessness and loss of appetite.

How do I recognize a fever in cats? “>Hot ears are just one possible symptom that a cat has a fever. A warm, dry nose and a warm body also indicate fever, for example. To be on the safe side, you can also measure fever in cats.

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