The fascination of lucky cats: 10 exciting facts about the three-colored beauties

“> Surely the pretty velvet paws with their striking coat of fur have already caught your eye. With the red and black spots on a white background, lucky cats are not The pattern is unique to each animal – moreover, the tricolor fur occurs very rarely and exclusively in female cats.It’s no wonder, then, that numerous legends have arisen around tricolor cats, which make them lucky, mystical beings all over the world.

1. Tricolor cats are almost always females

“>How do cats get a three-colored coat? The answer is provided by looking at genetics. Because the information about coat color is stored in the chromosomes, more precisely the X chromosomes Of these, female cats have two, while male cats have an X and a Y chromosome, so the extra X chromosome is the reason female cats can have one more color in their coat than male cats . 2. A rarity: tricolor tomcats “>In general, tomcats cannot have more than two colors in their fur. Nevertheless, it can happen in exceptional cases that a tomcat is born with three-colored fur. In this case it is due to a gene mutation, which not only gives the coat markings, but also renders the cat infertile – so he cannot breed. Another reason that tricolor cats are so rare.

3.The lucky cat – a rare whim of nature

“>Only rarely is there a three-colored kitten with the typical colors of the calico cat in a litter of kittens. And valuable. Even today, tricolor cats with their beautiful coat markings are particularly popular as pets. The fact that they are supposed to bring luck also contributes to the popularity of tricolor cats to this day.

Caucasian cats are mostly female and can are not deliberately bred 4. Tricolored velvet paws are considered to be messengers of good luck

“>Tricolored cats were already considered a precious rarity in the past. Their special status gave rise to numerous myths and legends about the unique fur noses. In various cultures they were considered lucky charms . This is how they were supposed to protect the house from fire and ward off evil spirits in the Middle Ages. For a safe sea voyage, three-colored cats were taken on board as protective companions. Also well known is the figure of the waving lucky cat Maneki Neko from Japan, which goes back to a tricolor Japanese Bobtail cat. 5.The typical colors of the calico cat are red, black and white

“>All possible color combinations occur in tricolor cats. The patterns and markings are also diverse, so tricolor cats can also have gray or brown parts with stripes, tiger patterns and spots. The combination of red , black and white makes a tricolor cat a lucky cat.

6. Calico cat, Tricolor cat, Tortoiseshell cat – what’s the difference? “>Tricolor is another name for a tricolor cat with a red, black, and white patterned coat. The designation Calico or calico cat originally applied only to Persian cats with those three coat colors, however the term is now used to refer to tri-colored calico cats of all possible breeds.Tortoiseshell Cats, on the other hand, have a black and red patterned coat without white. 7. Lucky cats are found in many breeds of cats

“> It’s not the breed that makes a cat a lucky cat, but the typical coat color. Tricolor cats can occur in most cat breeds, regardless of whether they have short or long fur and are independent of other characteristics. Only point cats such as Siamese cats do not have them. Among Japanese bobtail cats, three-colored cats are somewhat more common – the so-called Mike-neko cats.

8. Breeding lucky cats: only if it happens to be “>Coincidence alone determines whether a kitten is born tricolor. And the fact that tricolor tomcats are infertile makes the breeding still more difficult Cat breeders are therefore particularly happy if a litter does contain a three-colored kitten, because lucky cats are known for their wonderful color combination of fur very popular and have their price. 9. Diva or cuddle cat?The personality of lucky cats

“> Again and again there are statements according to which the character of a cat should be related to its coat color – accordingly, lucky cats are often given a special Interesting being said. They are said to be more demanding, complicated and spirited than their fellow females. Studies have even been written about this – and also refuted. As for all cats, the same applies to a lucky cat – it has its individual character and wants to be seen as a unique, lovable personality. Famous lucky cats: Some lucky cats became legends

“>The beautiful creatures have always inspired artists and writers. They are omnipresent on social media, like the Instagram star Venus, the lucky cat with the two-colored face. A prominent lucky cat with millions of followers is Pudge, whose face also has a particularly charming fur pattern. In Japan, the lucky cat Tama, who lived at Kishi Station, to national prominence when she was appointed “stationmaster”.

“>ConclusionThe rare combination of red, black and white fur makes lucky cats special. A quirk of nature that only occurs in female cats is responsible for this. In fact, over time, calico cats have become lucky charms, so anyone who lives with a calico cat is definitely lucky.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Lucky Cats

Can tricolor cats bring good luck? “>Whether lucky cats bring luck to their owners is probably a question of personal attitude. In any case, a lucky cat enriches the life of its owner – just like any other cat 😸

Are there lucky hangovers? “>Most calico cats are female. Tricolor tomcats are extremely rare and cannot breed.

How do you keep lucky cats? “>The attitude of a calico cat is no different from that of a “normal” cat. In order for your cat to feel comfortable, it should be kept according to its needs.

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