The sadly short life of dogs

The dog is the most popular pet in the world. A dog can be found in more and more households, and this particularly affects German households. The number of German dog owners has risen sharply since the corona pandemic.

The reasons for this lie in the loneliness that people felt during this time and in the ever-increasing connection to nature, which is of course also linked to the love of animals.

The impressive thing about the whole thing is that the numbers continue to rise even though the corona pandemic is over and normal life is possible again. This shows that pets, and dogs in particular, are becoming increasingly popular. This change is also positive. Dogs are very beautiful animals that deserve a good home. Another positive effect of this development is the adoption of dogs from animal shelters. In the past, puppies were often taken from breeders, while nowadays more and more four-legged friends are “rescued” from animal shelters.

Living with the dog

Time with a dog is priceless and beautiful. All dog owners who have established a bond with their four-legged friend see every day as a gift. Dogs give back a lot of love and wear their emotions on their faces. It is always clear when a dog is happy, content or unhappy. These feelings drive a person and define life.

The sad problem with dogs is that they don’t grow old. Most dogs are between 8 to 11 years old, which unfortunately is a very manageable time in life of a human is. Dogs age much faster, which of course also affects them. The time as a puppy or young man goes by very quickly (1 to 2 years), after which the adult phase begins. Over the 10 years there have been many changes, some of which are sad to see. For example, many dogs get diseases because they are overbred or their breed is prone to them.

As a dog owner, you usually notice such changes quickly because the dog no longer acts the way he does has done before. If changes are noticed in the dog’s habits or if it is no longer reasonable, this is usually a sign of illness or discomfort. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted.

In addition, it is also helpful if the dog is given health-promoting additives. For example, some dogs have stomach or intestinal problems that can also be detected in their bowel movements. It is helpful for them if probiotics are bought. These can be bought on the internet, just like you can buy a thumb screw.


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