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Dogs are among the most popular pets in Germany. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Labrador, Golden Retriever, Dachshund or one of the many other breeds – the four-legged furry friends are part of the family in many households. Whoever gets a dog, as a pet owner, assumes responsibility in all situations.

For example, even if the dog is injured in an accident or becomes ill. Just like with people, a visit to the doctor is often unavoidable to ensure appropriate care. Depending on the injury or clinical picture, the costs for interventions at the vet can be between several hundred and up to several thousand euros. With a dog health insurance you are financially secure in such cases . We have summarized for you what needs to be considered when taking out this policy.

The providers can choose between different tariffs If you want to have your dog health insurance, you usually have different options. Depending on your needs, insurers offer more or less extensive packages that differ in terms of the scope of services. There are basically three areas that can be covered:

OP Protection
This tariff option is usually a pure surgery insurance. As the name suggests, a reimbursement of costs will only be made if an operation has to be carried out by a veterinarian or in a veterinary clinic. Accident Insurance The dog kicks into a while walking Broken glass or eating a poisoned bait – accidents like this and others happen faster than you think. Whether in the field or on a walk in the city: accidents are among the most common reasons why dogs need veterinary care. With this tariff, the consequential costs in the course of the accident are secured. Dog health insurance with all-round protection
The most comprehensive, but also the most expensive in terms of the amount of the premium, are dog health insurance policies that offer all-round protection. These are combination tariffs that cover operations and accidents alike. In addition, the costs for medication and outpatient procedures can also be reimbursed. contract details check the binding conclusion carefully The specific regulations for dog health insurance vary depending on the insurer. It is therefore important that these are checked carefully before the contract is signed. For example, many providers have a waiting period. Only when this has expired can the contractually agreed services be claimed. A few tariffs are offered without a waiting period, but then often at significantly higher premium payments. In addition, it is important to note what applies to the respective insurer as the animal ages. Because sometimes the amount of the reimbursement is adjusted to the age of the dog. Experience has shown that serious illnesses often only occur in old age, which is why it is worth taking a close look at whether the contract includes a stable contribution or whether adjustments are to be expected for older animals.

Possible extra benefits for dog health insurance
Who travels a lot and always has his dog with him, protection abroad can be worthwhile as an additional tariff component. Depending on the provider, protection abroad can be agreed for the European area or worldwide. As a rule, this extra service only applies to trips that are no longer than a maximum of 12 months.


A visit to the vet can be expensive – insurance protects.

Which PET HEALTH INSURANCE is the best?

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