Unpleasant for cat noses: Which smells do cats not like?

“>When it comes to smelling, cats are way ahead of us with their sensitive sense of smell. While they put some scents in a high mood, they can’t stand others. But which smells cats don’t like – find out for a harmonious coexistence with your house cat .

That’s why cat owners should know which smells cats don’t like

“>Their sensitive nose is an extremely important sensory organ for cats With their help, they explore their surroundings and perceive far more than meets the eye. Smells play an important role for the velvet paws and influence their behavior.

Your cat perceives scents much more intensively than humans with its sensitive nose. Some smells the four-legged friends instinctively avoid because they can harm them. Smells Cats Don’t Like are often used for the self-protection of the animals.

Cats find these scents disgusting

“>Have you ever observed an inexplicable reaction from your velvet paw, such as spontaneously running away or nausea? She may have noticed an odor that was disgusting to her. But what scent do cats not like?

“>Find out which smells cats avoid most often and how to avoid them.

Plant fragrances and herbal aromas

“>The for us fragrant lavender is rejected by most cats. However, there are cats that don’t mind the smell.

“>The cranesbill also exudes a repulsive smell for cats and other geraniums species. Many gardeners take advantage of this and plant the pretty flowers to keep cats away from their beds.

“>Dangerous odors: Some odors are not only unpleasant but even toxic to Cats. This includes a number of essential oils. If your cat has come into contact with them, contact your veterinarian quickly if in doubt!

“>The same purpose is fulfilled by the harp bush, which is known as piss-off-plant As the name suggests, the smell is so unpleasant for the animals that they give it a wide berth.

Some conifers and their scent are not popular with the velvet paws. With their essential oils, the branches and needles of Spruce, Jaw and firs the sensitive noses of cats. Since these substances are poisonous for the four-legged friends, the deterrent effect also serves to protect themselves.

Cat avoid different plants because of her smell

Other fragrances from the plant kingdom that we like to use for their healing properties are essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint or Tea Tree Oil. If a cat lives in the household, caution is required – not only the smell disturbs the animals, if they accidentally ingest some of it, this could cause damage to their health.

“>Citrus scents are also among the smells that cats do not like. The peel of citrus fruits contains essential oils and acids that are inedible or even poisonous for cats. So the house tigers would do well to avoid Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit and limes close.

Household smells that cats don’t like

“>We like to surround ourselves with smells at home that we find pleasant and aromatic. However, some fragrances can irritate your cat’s sensitive nose quite a bit.

Caution is advised with room fragrances , scented candles and incense sticks Most of the time the smell is much too intense for the fur noses, especially when it comes to chemical scents.The same applies to perfumed items such as cosmetics , Deodorants and perfume.

Household cleaners also contain chemicals , which can smell extremely repulsive for kitties. Often cleaning agents are also used in the form of sprays and are distributed in the room air – an absolute no-go for cats.

That cats Smoke and find exhaust fumes disgusting, of course. Cigarette smoke is annoying and harmful to cats if they are exposed to it for a long time.

Do not use fragrances for the cat litter box. Most cats can’t stand the smell and prefer to stay away from the toilet, which smells bad to them.

Humans can also smell unpleasant for cats – for example through perfume Bad smells from the kitchen: food and spices

“>Does your cat like to keep you company in the kitchen in hopes of a treat or two? However, there are foods that your kitty would rather run away from because she can’t smell them.

Not well received Coffee grounds with house tigers, because it smells unpleasant for them due to the bitter substances it contains. You have probably already noticed that yours cat the smell of vinegar doesn’t like it at all. The acid irritates the sensitive cat’s nose and causes your darling to wrinkle his nose. Also the smell of some spices such as cinnamon or the pungent smell of Gingers avoid cats .

Cats also have a strong aversion to all types of leeks. The vegetables are intolerable for the velvet paws and they find the strong smell of onions, Garlic and chives to run away from.

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Tips to avoid unpleasant odors for cats

“>A few simple rules will help keep your cat away from unpleasant odors.

Clean odorless: There are many cleaning agents available on the market that do not contain any fragrances Environment! Natural fragrances: Pay attention to fragrances that they are of natural origin and do not smell too intense. Groceries: You can find out whether your kitty has an aversion to certain foods by closely observing them. If necessary, you can do without it for the sake of your cat. Airing: From time to time, annoying smells for the cat simply cannot be avoided. So that the scent can dissipate quickly, extensive ventilation helps and gives your velvet paw relief. Alternative options: Make sure your cat can avoid the smell if she doesn’t like it. Only use scents in rooms the cat can’t access and make sure she can retreat if she wants to. Keeping away cats: what smell keeps cats away?

“>If your kitty likes to use your vegetable patch as a litter box, it can put your love for her to the test. Harmless smells are a gentle way to repel tigers from certain areas.

In the garden the piss off plant which has a barely perceptible smell for humans, but causes cats to flee Lavender, cranesbill or other fragrant plants such as Lemon balm prevents the cat from using your beds to do her business. Scattered coffee grounds also act as a deterrent and are also a good plant fertilizer.

To discourage your cat from going to certain areas of the home, it helps to mix water and Spraying lemon juice Spread out a towel with a few squirts of vinegar on it will also keep cats at bay.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about unpleasant smells for cats

Cats find the smell of coffee grounds, vinegar or lemon juice unpleasant. In the garden, the piss off plant can be used to scare away cats.

Many essential oils are toxic to cats and can cause health problems. These include tea tree oil, eucalyptus, menthol, pine and spruce, as well as many other essential oils.

Cats don’t like the smell of vinegar as it irritates their sensitive nose. Most cats stay away from the smell of vinegar.

Most cats avoid the smell of lavender and avoid the plant. Some cats do not find the smell of lavender disturbing.

Cats should never smell tea tree oil. The essential oil contains toxic substances for cats and can cause health damage even in small amounts.

“>Cat owners should know which smells are unpleasant for their cats, so that there are no problems in living together with the velvet paws. Last but not least, some smells are also harmful to cats. House tigers feel most comfortable in a pleasant environment free of scents that the disturb sensitive cat nose.

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Angela Steinmoetzger

I became on detours to the cat owner. A stray cat showed up in the garden with her kittens one day and decided to stay. It goes without saying that cats and their fascinating nature immediately became one of my favorite topics as an author. Besides writing, I design websites and love life in the country, where I find new strength and fresh ideas through gardening and relaxing dog walks.

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