What is dog grooming?

As the proud owner of a dog, you cannot avoid taking good care of your four-legged friend in the long run. No matter whether cutting claws, brushing or even shearing the dog. These measures ensure that the dog feels comfortable and leads a long, happy life. Everything that goes into dog care and how to do it best can be read here.

In the beginning there was education

Yes exactly, training is also part of dog care. On the one hand, well-behaved dogs are easier to care for and, on the other hand, good training can protect the dog from illnesses and injuries. For example, it is not beneficial for the dog to pounce on anything that even remotely resembles food, as this can result in an upset stomach or even poisoning.

Regular visits to the vet for a healthy dog ​​

As with humans, regular check-ups are part of the animal life. The animal should be reported to the veterinarian for a check-up at least once a year so that diseases typical of the breed and other diseases can be quickly identified and treated. Dogs tend not to show any signs of pain because, evolutionarily, showing weakness is not beneficial. For many people, it is often simply not recognizable whether the dog is in pain or not.

The veterinarian also takes on many smaller tasks such as cleaning the ears or cutting the dog’s claws. This also contributes to the dog’s attitude towards life and improves its well-being. However, cutting dog claws is not that difficult, so you can do it at home.

Important: The claws must not be cut too deeply, as there are sensitive nerves in the nail and even it Severe bleeding can occur on the nail if it is cut too short.

Proper food for a long life

Almost more important than the vet is the right food. Which form of feeding is right varies from dog to dog. It is best to obtain information in advance from the breeder or from breed-knowledgeable dog professionals. In this way, you can find out from the start whether intolerances or allergies can occur due to race.

Daily care

Daily care includes checking the dog thoroughly for ticks after every walk. As with humans, the small bloodsuckers can quickly become dangerous to the beloved four-legged friend and should therefore be removed quickly.

Regular brushing also ensures a good coat and removes hair that has fallen out and dead skin cells. In the worst case, both could lead to inflammation and skin irritation in the dog, which is very unpleasant for the dog. Unclean fur can also cause unpleasant odors. A full bath is usually not recommended for dogs, if only with a pH-neutral shampoo that does not damage the sensitive dog skin.

In winter, in addition to the already obligatory claw care, there is also the care of the paws to. Cold and road salt can damage the sensitive skin, so it is advisable to clean the paws regularly and rub them with a moisturizing cream.


There is not much to consider when taking care of the dog. For a long and happy dog ​​life, however, sophisticated care is essential. As with humans, there are various measures that should be taken regularly. This includes grooming and trimming the dog’s claws. Overall, however, as a dog owner you should also deal with the upbringing and feeding of the animal. These two aspects have a direct influence on the health of the animals and are therefore not worth neglecting.


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