Why do cats sleep so much?

How long do cats sleep? Cats rightly have a reputation for sleeping a lot. With 15 until 18 Hours On average, cats spend around two-thirds of the day sleeping.

A cat’s need for sleep depends on several factors. Above all, the age, activity and character of the velvet paw are decisive here.

Very old cats and rather cozy house cats tend to sleep more. And even kittens need more sleep than adults.

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Cats don’t sleep long in a row Of course our house tigers don’t sleep Hours and more at a time. They take a lot of naps throughout the day and night, sleeping and waking phases alternate.

Cats often adapt their sleeping behavior to the daily rhythm of their humans. Then they can also rest at night and let their two-legged friends sleep at night.

In any case, the cat is not a nocturnal animal in the classic sense: house tigers are particularly active at dawn and dusk – because this is the perfect time for the small predators to hunt. Thanks to their impressive senses, they have the best chance of making prey at dusk.

So it’s no wonder that indoor cats get their wild “5 minutes” especially in the evening. Then they chase through the apartment with a crazy facial expression and don’t even know what to do with their energy.

Mostly cats just doze The cat needs so much sleep to have energy at the right time. Image: Mariia Boiko / Shutterstock.com Cats have two different stages of sleep. Most of the time they just doze. The slightest noise can startle her when she is dozing, she is always ready to hunt or flee.

In addition to these many little naps, your cat also needs 4 to 5 hours of deep sleep per day . In this phase of sleep she is not easily awakened. She usually looks for a sheltered or raised place and curls up.

Cats also have a REM sleep phase. REM stands for “Rapid Eye Movement”. And indeed: the cat’s eyes move quickly back and forth under the lids while sleeping.

Cats can dream too It has been proven that cats dream during such deep sleep phases. Of course, velvet paws cannot tell about their dreams, but they seem to be living through everyday situations or hunting experiences.

When your cat is dreaming, for example, its muscles can tremble, it meows or gives others noises by himself. Many cats seem to have very vivid dreams, there are quite a few videos of dreaming kitties in funny sleeping positions, tail twitching and paws wriggling.

That’s why cats need so much sleep Cats are still very similar to their ancestors, the wild cats. Even the most tame domestic cat is basically still a real predator.

Cats need a lot of energy to hunt. Due to the many resting phases, they gather their strength to be fit for hunting or an escape – because in nature cats originally had predators and are therefore hunters and flight animals at the same time.

Kittens and seniors have a particularly large need for sleep. Kittens sleep most of the day, growing requires a lot of energy, as does playing and romping. You sleep up to 15 Hours a day.

Old cats, on the other hand, need more sleep than regeneration, because everything becomes more strenuous with age, just like with us humans.

The perfect sleeping place for cats The cat loves raised sleeping places – Image: Cynthia Valdez / Shutterstock.com Cats prefer to choose their own sleeping places. Elevated places in the apartment are particularly popular because they also offer security thanks to the good view. Many cats also look for hiding places or dens to sleep. Warm places, for example near a radiator, are also very popular with cats.

Of course you can make your velvet paw happy by offering it particularly attractive places to sleep . To do this, you first observe their sleeping habits. For example, if she likes to lie on a radiator, a heater lounger would be a great gift. Cats that like to sleep in a box would certainly be very happy about a cuddly cave.

For many cats, however, there is nothing better than a human bed. In addition to warmth and a soft lying surface, it also offers the smell of the beloved two-legged friend. If your little friend feels safe, that’s a great compliment to you!

This is where the cat likes to sleep:

Windowsill Scratch tree Bed Sofa Cat Cave Radiator window lounger cat bed If the cat is just sleeping – is it sick? 1661795533720 In winter, cats usually sleep more than usual. At this time of year, they are more sluggish than usual due to less sunlight and the lousy weather and have a greater need for sleep.

In addition, autumn and winter are also cold season for cats. If cats sleep a lot now, an infection could be the reason. A runny or blocked nose confirms this suspicion. A fever, which you can tell from your pet’s warm ears and of course by measuring the temperature, is also a symptom of a cold.

Don’t worry, lots of sleep, rest and warmth will help the cat quickly back on its feet. Of course, a visit to the vet never hurts if you feel like your cat isn’t doing well. He will prescribe your cat an immune booster to help her recovery.

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