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Advertising – When I was with Charly at the dog-friendly Hotel Okelmann’s at the end of April, the wonderful weekend in Lower Saxony was about to begin all in the name of mindfulness: For the first time I not only experienced yoga with a dog, but also a sound massage – of course also with Charly.

Yoga is not a foreign word to me. Before Corona, I regularly attended corresponding courses. The combination of meditation, breathing exercises and asanas (physical exercises) has always been fun for me.

I’ve read and heard about yoga with a dog from time to time, but not really a thought wasted on it – at least until Maren (one of the hotel owners of Okelmann’s) invited Dina and Border Collie dog Holly from the outdoor blog Borderherz, Johanna and Nova Scotia Duck Rolling Retriever Nubi from Bellzaubernd and me and Charly to a mindful Petfluencer weekend in Warpe, Lower Saxony.

Yoga with dog โ€“ What is that?

Charly did a really good job doing yoga with the dog

Similar to classic yoga, yoga with a dog (often also called doga, as a short form of “Dog Yoga) the basic principle of “unity and harmony of body and mind” is in the foreground.

It’s not at all about the four-legged friend participating in every exercise (no matter how complicated it may be). Much more important is the closeness between the dog owner and the dog. If you calm down, your fur nose will usually calm down too, because he always feels exactly how you feel.

Benefits of yoga with a dog Anyone who is able to get involved in yoga at all and in yoga with a dog in particular, will certainly notice a number of positive effects (of course, Doga should be done regularly):

The bond between the human and the dog team is strengthened. Trust is created or intensified. Doga exercises relax two- and four-legged friends and of course reduce stress. Under certain circumstances, yoga with a dog can lead to a reduction in anxiety in the dog. Both two-legged and four-legged friends learn to consciously relax.Quality time and conscious pats for the fur nose Basically, yoga with a dog is suitable for (almost) every dog. When it comes to dog yoga in a group, the yoga dog should of course be sufficiently socially unfamiliar with dogs. Dogs that are young or very active should be taken for a walk beforehand so that the four-legged friend is not overexcited during the lesson.

In addition, every dog โ€‹โ€‹should have liability insurance. I was able to stop Charly from chewing on the yoga block in time… ๐Ÿ™ˆ …

Yin Doga with Maren

Holly and Charly pose relaxed in front of the big gong in the yoga room

The yoga room at Hotel Okelmann’s is large, flooded with light and has a beautiful wooden floor. Quiet meditation music sounds in the background, candles are lit and the smell of incense sticks.

Maren has prepared everything perfectly for us two-legged participants – a yoga mat is waiting for each of us, a blanket and various tools. The three yoga dogs Holly, Nubi and Charly are allowed to move freely in the room and explore everything in peace.

Charly has met the two dog ladies in advance, but can but can hardly hold back with enthusiasm and would love to romp around for a bit. However, the ladies are not quite comfortable with the large and heavy Rhodesian Ridgeback male. Holly confidently growls him away and Nubi squeaks a little.

At the hotel Okelmann’s Maren introduces us to Yin Yoga with a dog

After Charly has calmed down and lies well-behaved next to me, Maren introduces us to the topic of yoga with a dog and to yin yoga. This is a relatively slow style of yoga. It’s less about “sporty” and dynamic exercises, but more about conscious breathing, calming down and thorough stretching.

The aim is that Charly, Holly and Nubi can relax and lie quietly next to us mistress. This works quite well with Holly and Nubi. Charly has also made himself comfortable next to me and stays relaxed for a while.

But unfortunately only for a while. Then curiosity and his spirit of adventure will win. After all, it could be that Holly or Nubi are now ready for a little romp. But they are not. Now my yoga dog is on a leash. He doesn’t think that’s great, but at least he calms down and relaxes more and more.

The more Charly relaxes, the better I can relax. The 70 Minutes Yin Doga really liked it. I had almost forgotten how beneficial conscious breathing, rest and stretching are. Somehow also refreshing.

Sound bath with dogAfter the positive experiences with yoga with a dog, I was now very excited about the sound bath with the dog or the singing bowl meditation.

Maren explains to us what the sound bath with dog is all about has

As the day before at Yoga with a dog, Maren gives us an insight into singing bowl meditation or singing bowl massage. Special singing bowls are used for this. They are different sizes and each have a different fundamental frequency.

In the sound bath with dog, the singing bowl is placed on the stomach of the two-legged friend

The singing bowl is placed on the stomach of the two-legged friend (in the photo: Maren with Johanna and Nubi). In this way, the sound of the hit sound is transmitted to the whole body. It feels like a vibration in the body. In no way uncomfortable, at most unfamiliar.

The catchphrase here is “inner harmony” – a singing bowl massage is intended to provide relaxation and release tension and blockages. In addition, the self-healing powers should be strengthened and creativity stimulated.

The sound massage in humans is also a sound bath for the dog lying next to it. He feels the sounds and vibrations penetrating the cells and bone structure. Maren explained that in this way the โ€œcellular tissue is gently massaged and mobility can be increased. Existing tension can โ€“ just like in humans โ€“ be released. The nervous system is calmed, self-healing powers can be activated and the immune system strengthened.โ€

Charly was allowed to move freely in the room (on the second day he was also much more relaxed towards the two bitches ). But he stayed with me and didn’t let himself be impressed by the sounds and vibrations. He calmly accepted it all.

I couldn’t really imagine a sound massage beforehand and was pleasantly surprised at how pleasant and actually relaxing such a sound bath is .


Yoga with a dog and a somewhat unfortunate asana “The Tree”

I really liked both the Yin Doga class and the sound massage with the dog. Maren guided us with a lot of knowledge and dedication and patiently answered all questions. You can tell that she has “arrived” and is exactly where she wants to be.

I had the feeling that “yoga with a dog” was a special concern for she is and it isn’t offered at Okelmann’s because doga is trendy at the moment, but because it’s a matter close to her heart. Mindfulness, respect and love for dogs (or animals in general) is โ€“ as already mentioned in my first blog post โ€“ actually lived reality here.

I can with the sound massage don’t say much in itself. I found it very interesting and was particularly proud that Charly wasn’t irritated by the sounds. In order to be able to give a final verdict, I would have to do it a few more times.

My yoga dog Charly did a very good job. The fact that he sometimes went over the edge is certainly due to his young age and his exuberantly active character… ๐Ÿ˜‰ … he’s not yet 2 years old.

22685Yoga with dog at Hotel Okelmann’sOkelmann’s offers both the sound bath and yoga with the dog. This is how a “Personal Yin Doga lesson” for a human-dog team costs 80 Euro. In such an hour, time and space are created for relaxation together. According to the motto “Everything is possible, nothing has to be” the dog decides whether it is at the owner’s side the whole time or whether it would rather have a look at what else is going on in the yoga room.

A 60-minute sound massage (plus 5 to 06 minutes after rest) with dog costs 30 Euro. A full hour (also plus 5 to minutes after rest) beat with 60 Euro to book. The same applies here: the dog decides where it wants to lie.

Of course, group lessons are also possible on request.

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