Your cat pees on the bed? Wean yourself off now in 3 steps

Unfortunately, the bed is particularly common the target of cat pee attacks when a cat becomes unclean. This is because it is absorbent and soft. In addition, it smells like people and thus ensures safety.

You certainly don’t feel like cleaning your mattress and bed linen all the time – at some point you feel easy no longer comfortable in his own bed. That’s why we’re showing you here how you can stop your cat from peeing in bed.

The cat pees into bed – the most important thing in a nutshell

If a housebroken cat suddenly starts to urinate in the human bed, there is a special Trigger. The cause may be a illness , or the uncleanliness is caused by Stress triggered . To make the cat pee in the bed to wean , the cause must first be identified become. In this Guide tells you how to find out why your cat goes to bed is doing and what you can do about it. We also tell you how to cat urine smell can be completely removed from your mattress! Can’t I just lock my cat out of the bedroom?

Sure, denying your cat access to the bedroom is a way – but this can lead to other problems:

Scratching on the bedroom door Night “concerts”, i.e. constant meowing Another insecurity of your cat Your cat just chooses another place to pee Besides, your kitty will take every opportunity to get into the bedroom. So as soon as you leave the door open even once, you can expect cat pee in bed.

But most importantly, your cat doesn’t pee in bed without a reason – she has a problem. And you can only help her by finding the trigger and taking countermeasures!

You can’t get the cat urine smell out of the mattress? This special cleaner helps:

Finding the cause: Why is my cat peeing on the bed?

The better approach: Find out WHY your cat wets the bed. Because she probably didn’t always do that, right? There is a reason for this behavior and it is important to find out. You can only stop your cat from peeing in bed if you find out the cause.

You’re best

Step by step in the following order:

Step 1: Rule out diseases

If your cat is unclean, the first thing you should do is take your cat to the vet – Image: Libre / Various urinary tract diseases can cause your cat to suddenly become unclean: A bladder infection or kidney problems will make your cat constantly need to urinate. There is also pain when urinating and of course stress.

In hangovers, the formation of urinary crystals (small struvite stones or oxalate crystals) can irritate the urinary tract and thus lead to impurity.

In the case of uncleanliness caused by a urinary tract disease, cats unfortunately pee in bed very often: stressed and unsettled by the urge to urinate and the pain, they look for a place , which makes them feel safe.

So the first thing you should do is determine if a medical condition is causing your cat to pee on the bed.

Symptoms of
Urinary tract disease in cats

In addition to being unclean, cats show other symptoms with urinary tract diseases:

She only urinates very small amounts But she pees a lot Due to the pain, she bends over when urinating, and a pitiful meowing is also possible She cleans herself particularly often in the genital area Ultimately, a urinary tract disease can only be diagnosed by a urine test at the vet. So a vet visit should be your first step!

Step 2: Is the litter box the problem?

A clean litter box is a must to keep the cat from becoming unclean – Image: catinsyrup / Of course, you have to keep your cat’s toilets nice and clean. No cat wants to do its business in a smelly litter box. Daily shoveling out and regular changing of the litter is a must, otherwise your cat will look for an alternative – for example your bed…

Good litter box hygiene is important, but cats are also otherwise sensitive when it comes to their quiet place.

5 tips: How your cat accepts her litter box

You should always have at least one more litter box than you have cats.Put the litter boxes in quiet places in the apartment, preferably not next to each other.Open litter boxes are often better accepted than closed onesIf possible, do not change the Type of litter if your cat accepts it well. Shovel out the litter boxes at least once a day. Change the litter completely and clean the litter box every two weeks.Tip: Take a look at ours Article about the 6 most ingenious litter boxes on

Do you want your cat to stay healthy for a long time?

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009cat stuff Code copied! Step 3: Pee your cat in bed, because she’s stressed?

Fear and stress often lead to uncleanliness. Then cats often pee in bed. Your cat pees in the bed and were you able to rule out an illness and problems with the litter box as a trigger? Then you should take a closer look at your cat’s psyche.

Cats are very sensitive animals, even seemingly small things can trigger stress or anxiety, which in turn can lead to uncleanliness

Since the bed, as already mentioned, is a popular retreat, it often becomes a victim of cat pee accidents, even if it is psychologically unclean.

Following Events may include your cat unsettle and so to stress and fear to lead:

A moveA new personVisit from strangersA new piece of furniture / a beloved piece of furniture is disposed ofA new pet (whether cat, dog or another animal)Changes in relationship with another catIf you think about it, you’ll quickly figure out what is causing your cat stress or worry. What has changed in your life lately?

Changes are normal for us humans and often unavoidable. However, they should be done as cautiously as possible. There are also various tools to deal with stressed cats:

Artificial cat pheromones for calming

Artificially produced cat pheromones have a calming effect and have proven themselves in the treatment of stressed cats. A plug-in vaporizer is an easy way to create a comfortable environment for cats.

Bach flowers against stress and anxiety of the cat

Bach flowers are homeopathic remedies , which can be used to treat all kinds of problems in cats.

There are also special Bach flower mixtures for anxious or stressed cats. In acute cases (e.g. moving house), emergency Bach flower drops can also be administered.

An insecure cat needs a lot of human affection. You are her most important caregiver!

That’s why it’s particularly important that you don’t scold your velvet paw when she urinates in bed or has some other mishap happens. That would only make her even more insecure and only make the situation worse.

Because cats are sensitive and complicated animals and because there can be many different reasons for being unclean, you should consider seeing a cat psychologist.

At the Association of German Animal Trainers you are guaranteed to find a cat psychologist or trainer in your area.

How to protect your bed from your cat’s urine attacks

It will take you a while to figure out why your cat pees on the bed. Until then, of course, you’ll want to protect your bed from cat pee. Who feels comfortable on a mattress covered in pee, even if it has been cleaned well?

Often it is enough if you put your cat’s bowl on the bed – because very few cats do their business where they eat (yes, there are exceptions…)

Very effective: Use a rescue blanket as a “bedspread” – The crackling annoys every cat, so that it will avoid the bed in the future.

In the case of an unclean cat, it is of course also advisable to use mattress protectors that are as waterproof as possible to use.

How to get cat pee smell out of mattress and sheets

2297439 Cat urine stinks not only horrible – the grouchiness lasts for a long time, especially when the urine has soaked deep into the mattress.

Neither upholstery foam nor normal household help -Odor eliminator, cat pee just stubbornly stinks.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to throw away your kitty-stained mattress: if you want to remove the smell of cat pee, you need to the right remedy.

BactoDes Animal is a perfectly suitable odor remover for cat urine, which is also used in veterinary surgeries or animal shelters.

The remedy contains specially cultivated Microorganisms that produce those substances in the urine cats that are responsible for the disgusting stench: including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and amines.

This not only masks the smell for a while , but permanently and completely eliminated.

If you want to treat a mattress with BactoDes Animal, you have to make sure that the agent penetrates deep into the upholstery. Spray the product wet on wet several times on the affected area. After drying completely, the smell is gone.

You can spray the bed linen with BactoDes Animal before washing. Leave the remedy at least 26 minutes before you wash the laundry in the machine as usual .

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